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Thu 9th Sep 2010

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kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

I have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, the Xenoblade face plates, and a shiny new memory card all hanging out in my house just waiting to be put to use... but MAN, Nintendo really isn't giving me a lot of incentive to shell out a ton of cash for the New 3DS.



kurtasbestos commented on Weirdness: Super Mario 64 Expert Collects a St...:

@Arcanum If I had the know-how, ability, free time, and desire to do something like this, then maybe I would, too. But then I'd think of ALL the other things I'd much rather do with my life (or at least free time) and it would be put on a list of projects that I'll most likely never get around to. I don't think that @Danrenfroe2016 meant "what a waste of time" as an insult so much as something along the lines of "out of all of the possible ways this person could spend his free time, there is apparently nothing higher on his list than doing this, which is kind of a shame because he's clearly a very intelligent person, and it seems like there are other more rewarding ways that he could use that intelligence (personally or otherwise)." At least, that's how I see it. Because to me, even typing a comment feels like a waste of precious seconds out of my life, but I was surprised to see someone so very angrily defending this guy's use of his free time that I felt it was worth wasting a few seconds of my own. Now to go back to doing things with my time that I don't consider meaningless...



kurtasbestos commented on ​The Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Port is N...:

I didn't know about this game, and I never really had any interest in the Oddworld series before, but knowing that people who DO want this game for Wii U are going to boycott it totally makes me want to download it on Day 1. Thanks, angry Internet people!



kurtasbestos commented on Weirdness: Conceptual Artist Attempts Tetris W...:

Years ago, I had a friend that called himself an "artist" because he made "art". Really, what he made was uninteresting, narcissistic crap that he slapped a super-expensive price tag on and added a pretentious description that inevitably makes the viewer ask the question "am I being fooled into thinking this joke is art, or is this fool's art just a joke on me?" (unless the viewer was one of his pretentious artist friends who also create crappy art for the sake of calling themselves artists). This "Tetris world record as a metaphor for capitalism" project totally reminds me of the kind of stuff my friend would do. If you want to set a high score in a game, then great, do it! Do it for the fun of playing the game and out of respect for the people who made the game and the other people out there chasing high scores. Don't do it so that you can attach a barely-logical meaning to it that makes you look like a revolutionary thinker and a brilliant artist.



kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: Each Super Mario Maker Update P...:

I love the idea of best times for stages, but I would love to see high scores even more, because then there would actually be a point to collecting coins and 1UP mushrooms. Actually, I'm really kind of surprised that Nintendo didn't add scores in along with times.



kurtasbestos commented on More People In Japan Saw Yo-Kai Watch The Movi...:

My wife and I went to see Star Wars in the theater on the 19th, and there were a billion kids sitting on the floor eating popcorn in the lobby. They've been going nuts with Star Wars on TV recently, but we kept thinking there was no way Star Wars could be THAT popular. Then I realized that they had Star Wars playing on like 4 screens, and Yokai Watch playing on 3 screens, and we figured out the mystery of the billions of kids. Well, not entirely... I still don't get why you'd want to hang out in the lobby eating popcorn while you're waiting when there are a billion other interesting things to do in the general vicinity of the movie theater.



kurtasbestos commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

Imagine playing the game in Japanese! I speak (and can listen to) the language just fine, but my reading's not so great... so every time I play this game I feel like I'm taking some horrible proficiency test and I end up ignoring most of the tiny, tiny text. Which is too bad because I have great vision and would love to try to read everything, but laziness prevails.



kurtasbestos commented on Corrin Chooses to Fight in Super Smash Bros. f...:

I'm too lazy to read what other people are saying about this character because I imagine there are a lot of "ANOTHER sword fighter???" comments. But personally... man... ANOTHER Fire Emblem character? Actually, I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume that there are a lot of those comments, too. Anyway, I love Smash Brothers 3DS (I haven't played the Wii U version yet), but I get such a Pokemon vs. Fire Emblem vibe from the game that I was really hoping Nintendo would try a little harder to dip into their back catalog instead of picking another Fire Emblem character. Or that jerk from Final Fantasy. I hate that guy so much. Oh well, I feel like Bayonetta was actually a pretty good choice, so I'll just have to let her cancel out the characters that I'm not happy about (but will still end up paying money to download).



kurtasbestos commented on Digital Foundry Gives a Thumbs Up to FAST Raci...:

@greengecko007 Yes I watched the video, and no, I didn't miss those parts. I'm simply wondering what the point of their technical analysis is... whether they say good things about the games or not, the way the break a game down into a bullet list of technical feats and then assign a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" based on that list seems to completely miss the point of playing video games as a form of entertainment. If a game is fun but it doesn't hit an arbitrary target number of frames per second, does it get a "thumbs down", thereby implying that it's not a "good" game?



kurtasbestos commented on Digital Foundry Gives a Thumbs Up to FAST Raci...:

Bleargh, these videos bother me. Do the people at Digital Foundry actually PLAY video games, or do they just critique them based on the general gaming public's current graphical expectations? If the game looks beautiful and is fun to play then complaining about the low resolution seems really arbitrary and ultimately pointless. Also, not being able to find enough people to try the 4-player mode seems just plain sad.



kurtasbestos commented on Xenoblade X Art Designers Created the Game's A...:

I've had a personal rule when playing video games ever since I was a dumb little kid: "when choosing a character/vehicle/outfit/whatever in a video game, functionality is irrelevant. ALWAYS choose the coolest-looking one."

Now that I'm a dumb adult playing Xenoblade X, my party is totally decked out in badass-yet-probably-not-at-all-effective gear, and I couldn't be happier!



kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo is Right to Move On Fr...:

The main thing that I've heard about Wii U a billion times that I don't understand is this:

"how difficult it is to explain to the consumer base what is different and new about the new hardware."

I've owned a Gamecube, a Wii, and a Wii U, and even though I bought them all well after release, I understood enough about Nintendo that if I managed to find a bunch of great games on one of their systems, I would be very likely to find a bunch of great games on the next system, with new ways of playing and new experiences as an added bonus. So what is it that makes Playstation 4, for example, different than Playstation 3, when it seems like most of the big-name games that get released for PS4 ALSO get released for the previous system. Or what makes Xbox One different from its predescessor... as an outsider, I see pretty much the exact kinds of games (and tons of yearly sequels) get released, but I honestly can't tell them apart from games on the previous generation. I suppose it's the same thing with smart phones for me, too, though... I can't for the life of me figure out why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars every couple of years for something that basically does the exact same things their previous phone did. But just looking at the box for Wii U I can tell that it's pretty different then Wii, and I would like to think that I'm not the ONLY person smart enough to figure at least that much out.



kurtasbestos commented on Video: We Might Melt Your Face Off With This S...:

This brings back wonderful memories of playing F-Zero GX and yelling out "too fast! TOO FAST!!!". Eventually I got good enough at that game that I didn't panic when the game started going totally nuts, so I only hope I'll have the patience/free time to get really good at this game, too, because it looks fantastic.



kurtasbestos commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

NOOOOOOOoooo I hate FF7 and I especially hate this character. But I want to have a complete collection of all the crap in Smash Brothers so I'll probably end up paying money for a character I despise anyway. Obviously Nintendo chose Cloud because they completely ran out of characters from their own games to use. Bleargh.



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

Oh hey, I didn't realize you people didn't have this thing yet. Be prepared to be very frustrated very often. Especially if you want to collect all of a particular set of badges but don't want to pay money (hint: it's NOT worth paying money for these things)... the first few months I was able to get 2~3 free plays every day, and sometimes as many as 5, but after some recent updates I'm lucky to get a single free play. But I still go for it every day because it's pretty satisfying when you actually manage to complete a set (even if I'm too lazy to ever actually decorate my home screen).



kurtasbestos commented on Mitsuru Hirata Expresses Interest in Pursuing ...:

Woah... I JUST bought the soundtrack and a guide book (hoping for artwork... which seems to be mostly contained in the other, much more expensive guide book) a couple of days ago. This was one of the most memorable games I've played in many, many years, and as much as I never thought a sequel would happen, I've always secretly hoped for it. MAKE IT HAPPEN, Atlus!!!!



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

I'm not going to read through the comments because I'm afraid of the disturbing things I'll find. But I will say that while I don't think Nintendo's careful over-censoring of games that make it west is always entirely necessary... in the case of XenobladeX, I'm well over 100 hours into the game now and I still cringe every time I see Lin on screen. There's no reason to make a character 13 years old in a game that lets you dress up your characters in ridiculously revealing clothing right from the start (and no, I don't dress her up in sexy outfits, I'm mostly just offended by her age). I actually wish they would change the Japanese version to be less creepy, either by making the outfits less revealing or by increasing Lin's age. And I'll admit, years ago I probably never would have given a single thought about something like this, but now that I'm an elementary school teacher I'm absolutely terrified that one of my 12-year-olds (or even younger) is going to show up on the news one of these days because of someone with creepy fantasies who doesn't know the difference between fantasy and reality.



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

Stupid Amiibo. What a waste of money. I hate those stupid things and I refuse to buy them. Other than the three that got released today that I bought on my way home from work. And all of the other ones I bought before that. Also whatever characters I like that get released in the future that I'll feel obligated to buy. But other than all of those.... stupid expensive useless Amiibo. Oh god I hope they release more characters that I like.



kurtasbestos commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

Jeez, who cares? Even if I recognized the reference (which I don't because other than this site I try to avoid the internet and the terrible things that people say there as much as possible), I hardly think it's worth freaking out over.



kurtasbestos commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

Neat! All of my levels will be getting checkpoints so that maybe someone will attempt to complete at least one of them! Except for the level that takes less than 10 seconds to complete. That one might not need a checkpoint.

Also, as I was typing that message @GoldenGamer88 posted that gargantuan thing above me and confused the crap out of both myself and my computer.



kurtasbestos commented on SEGA’s ChuChu Rocket! Arrives On The Japanes...:


I just logged into the Japanese eShop and saw the announcement. I was absolutely obsessed with the Dreamcast version (and even though I don't have a system to play it on, I still have the game), to the point where I was ranked #3 in the world (in stage challenge mode, mind you, not battle), and even created a soundtrack album. Then the GBA version came out and I bought the system for the game. I managed to solve 2499 of the user-built puzzles, and absolutely refused to resort to using the internet for the last one. But then I loaned the cart to someone and sadly never got it back (though I still have the box). But now it will live on in my WiiU! YAAAAY!!!

...sorry for the long, boring story to anyone that actually read my long, boring story.



kurtasbestos commented on Video: Take a Look Around the Interior of Nint...:

@nintendomasterr THOSE are the words I was looking for! Also, as neat as it is to see a little bit of the inside, I feel like him just waltzing right into private property that he knows is not open to the public is kind of not cool. I suppose he's lucky that that lady was so nice about it. Also also, I wonder how many people watch that video and wonder "what's a 'my space'?"



kurtasbestos commented on Random: Excitable Fans Face Disappointment Whe...:

My thoughts:

1) People are dumb.
2) People who like video games are especially dumb for making unreasonable demands without bothering to think about the people involved in making the games.
3) Twitter is dumb.
4) Seriously, I will never understand why Twitter is useful. Or even slightly interesting.
6) Mostly, people are dumb.



kurtasbestos commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

Yup. Everyone's just going to have to remember that "自動" (spelled "じどう” (and pronounced "jidou" (as in "gee, d'oh!" (in the world of an extra-annoying Homer Simpson I guess)))) means "automatic" (as in "don't touch the controller, yo" (minus the "yo")). I tend to skip these stages because once you've seen one, you've gotten the idea. It was neat the first time, but I have a hard time figuring out why people go nuts over them. Meanwhile, though, my levels keep turning out way harder than I intend them to be, so people don't want to waste precious nanoseconds out of their lives to give me stars, so I guess no one will ever go nuts over my levels.



kurtasbestos commented on Hardware Review: BitBoy Lets You Back Up Your ...:

Maaaan... I had a ridiculously complicated method of saving the pictures from my Game Boy camera many years ago... so complicated (or at least tedious) that I probably never finished backing them all up. Also I stopped using the Game Boy Camera. But if I had had this thing back then, I probably would have kept using it.



kurtasbestos commented on Review: Star Sky (Wii U eShop):

Dang, we get so few western games in the Japanese eShop, and it looked interesting enough that I was hoping for a good rating. But... now I'm not so sure if I'll for it or not. At any rate, the "only need one finger" and "about as relaxing as a video game will ever be" things just makes me want to play Art Style: Orbient all over again.



kurtasbestos commented on Rumour: Sega 3D Classics Such As Golden Axe Co...:

Gyylleaaaarrrghghhh any one of Shining Force, Toejam & Earl, and Columns would be enough for me to find a way to surgically graft my 3DS to my hands. Even M.U.S.H.A. would make me consider some kind of body modification involving velcro. I have half of those games on my Wii, and have been seriously considering getting the other half, but since I'm not able to find much Wii-time these days, having them on my 3DS would guarantee that I'd actually play them regularly during my daily commute and get my money's worth. I'm going to go download the other 3D classics that I skipped now in order to make this dream ever so slightly closer to reality.



kurtasbestos commented on Gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editio...:

Whaaaaat??? This looks WAY Better than the Xenoblade X Wii U Box set I bought. Seriously... even if it's not a full soundtrack it's AWESOME, and my art book only has like... 20 pages. I'm kinda tempted to buy this even though I can't actually use it...



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

The time unlock thing seems like a pretty awesome idea... partly because it tricks/forces you to get to know how to use the tools a little at a time, but also because it'll trick/force someone like me with a short attention span into playing the game enough so that I get good enough to not forget about it and stop playing. Assuming that made any sense. The important thing is that, holy crap, this game is looking more and more awesome all the time!



kurtasbestos commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Has Limited Impact in Jap...:

Awwww, after rushing to the store to pick up my copy (and a Yoshii Amiibo) on day 1, I was hoping (unrealistically) to see Yoshi at the top of that list. I've seen plenty of commercials for it, too, and typically games that get TV time sell well over here. Oh well, maybe I'll go buy another 70,000 or so copies so that it can at least hit 6 digits. Also, I still haven't gotten around to playing it so maybe I'll do that in the near future, too.