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Mon 11th Jan 2010

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Kuronkochan commented on Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii):

ok, so from the perspective of what i have heard and being a silent hill addict. i am having mixed feelings, for 1 wii, i have found has had a horrible time trying to bring out games that intirest me, it seems as though all the great games like Left4Dead and such are going to the other consols, to be honest i would have been very disappointed if we had lost silent hill to them as well, so that is my main thought as someone who is trying to remain loyal to wii, seriously kudos to bringing a well known name to the system. OK onto my next thought Silent Hill to me is a game that i liked for the awsome creepyness of, the puzzles and the low amount of combat. the fact that they took the gunplay away makes me a little dissapointed cause everyone likes a good critical shot to the head once in a while, but in the past with SH games it almost seemed.... needless? i have never played a game like the way they have it layed out in the new SH, i am kind of intirested, i have a feeling the boyfriend wont like it due to the fact that he wouldnt be able to use our many wii guns with it. the other thought i have about it is.... it should be cheeper! i am running the cost through my head and am trying hard to justify it... my poor heart is torn. thanks for the reviews guys and perhaps as i read on i can make a decision.