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Fri 7th Mar 2014

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Kujibiki commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

Oh Nintendo, you're so nice, paying attention to the VC!
Does that mean that you will finally stop porting garbage nobody wants to play like Donkey Kong Jr. 3? Does that mean that you will finally bring us some decent games on the 3DS VC?
It probably doesn't...



Kujibiki commented on This Is What The Box Art For Mario Golf: World...:

This game is a complete letdown for me, as was Mario Tennis Open.
I guess it's my fault for expecting to have the glorious RPG mechanics from the GBA games instead of terribly bland games with dumb "unlockable content!" (What are you talking about, we're totally not just throwing this in to pretend there's even a bit of replayability or extra content!)