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Sat 23rd Aug 2014

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Kuhang commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

  • 3D Mario : Definitely Would love something like Mario 64.
  • Zelda : It's Zelda and I love the game.
  • Pokemon main series : It's time Pokemon went all out with a gorgeous looking open world Pokemon game on home console.


Kuhang commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

Also to everyone worried about the new Zelda moving to NX and not releasing on Wii U. One thing it's sure, the New Zelda is gonna see a Wii U release and of that I'm 110% sure about it, so just RELAX. Now is it gonna be a dual release and get the Twilight Princess treatment with it also releasing on the NX as well? I don't know, but I'm leaning more towards it.



Kuhang commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

  • Not really, I think it'll be an underwhelming year for Wii U : I don't think either Pokken and Zelda are gonna change my opinion, though both games are gonna be epic and worth having the Wii U for. I'm not sure of SMTxFE but i have my eyes 👀 on it, like really close. Totally not liking Star Fox. I wont write it off just yet but my gut says its going to be slightly above average at best, definitely not gonna be bad but no hype either. Zelda:TP is gonna be great, though justa remake. The Wii U's lineup is poor, and too little to even keep me engaged so all thanks to my PS4 which is my secondary console, which was a Panic buy due to Wii U's shortcomings. And With NX upon us this year i can optimistically assume (lol) that there are no further plans for Wii U. Maybe some but too few. Not enough to make the Wii U's year awesome. Frankly, the end is near for Wii U, how near? All depends on what the NX turns out to be. But the Wii U has already proven its worth, atleast to me, it's going down as one of my fav consoles.
  • I think it'll be a solid year for 3DS : I don't own one but Nintendo definitely wants to keep 3DS atleast for the near future so there are definitely plans for 3DS.
  • Sure, I'm quite interested in what Nintendo and DeNA is working on : I'm really interested on what's been cooking all these while. Want to have Nintendo's companion app on my phone that'd be super cool. Also wanna get my hands on their smartphone games.
  • Yes, but I won't board the hype train quite yet : I'm super interested in what the NX and I'm quite intrigued to see what it turns out to be. I won't even mind if it launched tomorrow. Atleast that would mean more Nintendo games.


Kuhang commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

Also I had voted for Bayonetta......multiple times 😁 so this couldn't make me happier I read here somewhere a guy voted 50 times for Bayo haha. So us Bayonetta fans did our job it seems. And people need to stop crying over it. She seems like she's gonna be an amazing fighter with AWESOME moves So why all of these nagging and that too on Bayonetta, one of the best Action/fighting games' protagonist getting included on a fighting game doesnt get any more sensible. STOP WHINING, NAGGING ABOUT EVERYTHING. JUST STOP!



Kuhang commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

Bayonetta for the Smash Climax? Couldn't have asked anything better. Bayonetta and Smash were meant to be and intact I'd have thought She would already be included in the roster upon release. But now that it's done, its just perfect for me. The best thing that's got me pumped for someone. Totally Awesome.



Kuhang commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

What 😨 Whaat 😳 Whaaaaaat 😱 OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! Hell Jyeaaaaaaaah!!! Dats how i reacted to the announcement. Dammit still getting the goosebumps. Oh god this is going to be so awesome



Kuhang commented on Fascinating Patent Shows Nintendo Portable Uti...:

Hell to the No! Just NO Nintendo ! This would equal to sticking sticky joysticks on a smartphone.

Something like this:

My hands would take up lot of space from the screen and that's definately not comfortable for playing most of the games either way, unless it has SPECIFIC games catered for the hardware, which only nintendo will put effort on and we're on the Wii U situation again but this time only worse. I don't like this gamepad be it for a portable or a home console. So for me a BIG NO.



Kuhang commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

With this I am crossng Minecraft Wii U from my game wishlist. The little interest I had in this game is all but gone. But I'm sure people who only have a Wii U to play on and really want the game will still enjoy the game because it will hopefully still be a solid full port from the other counterparts.



Kuhang commented on Minecraft Finally Digs Its Way Onto the Wii U ...:

This is a great news people. C'mon... Minecraft is finally heading to Wii U and if the port is handled well it has the potential to be the definitive version. You can imagine the possibilities with the gamepad, they are meant for each other.
Since the announcement few screenshots of the game have been published and having checked the resolution for myself it seems that the Wii U Edition will be running the game natively in 720p, let's hope it has a solid framerate.

Now what's not really great is the Price. It's overpriced comparing to what other platforms are offering the game for. I understand about the Packs but I don't want them, and many others wouldn't want them either. So give people the choice. I don't know if it's gonna do well because nothing is guarenteed but Price it competitively and it's gonna do better. I will not be picking this anytime soon specially with FAST Racing Neo right round the corner, but will definately pick it down the line.



Kuhang commented on Xenoblade X Developers Talk About the Game's C...:

Xenoblade Chronicles X is everything I ever wanted Final Fantasy to be as a kid. So this definitely excites me even though I haven't played a JRPG in a long long time. This might just kick start it for me. Already Pre-Ordered it, You should too. This was my most awaited game from Nintendo this year (Along with Mario Marker) not much to wait now



Kuhang commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

If the NX it's backwards compatible its going to be really interesting because doing so will attract all the PlayStation and Xbox gamers that were attracted to Wii U but hesitated to get the system due to price and third party situation. Because then they'll have the whole of Wii U's library and also everything that of NX. Which will let the catch up with everything that they missed and ar the same time secure the future. And IF it's more powerful than the PS4/Xbox One (Specially if gap is distinguishable) than the decision will only be easier on them because NX then will have the superior 3rd party ports. Even if not superior graphically, they'll be guaranteed a better framerate. Which is a big deal with all the current gen games struggling to hit 60fps without graphical degrade. Or if at all.



Kuhang commented on Rumours Surface of Android Emulation On The Ni...:

@dres "Nintendo does not need to have anything to do with Google if they decide to fork basic Android, and use it as a building block for the NX. They don't need Googles permission or partnership for that"

Yes I know that for a fact but it has everything to do starting with Play Store and that is what I said and what is the use of emulating Android without an app store. Either Nintendo has to start with their own Android store or go with the established Amazon Appstore. Nintendo would definately benefit from the hardware sales or some kind of royanty could be arranged among the conpanies considering how Amazon Appstore has 100's of thousands of Apps already or probably could opt to implement Android Apps on Eshop but thats a lot of work. But yeah it will definately benifit Nintendo if they did that.



Kuhang commented on Rumours Surface of Android Emulation On The Ni...:

What people here are not getting is that we are talking here about a console EMULATING Android and not a console BASED on Android. That means you can actually run all the Apps and Games of Android while not having to use Android as your base OS for the Console. With this you can have the best of both world. For example let's take the BlackBerry 10 OS, it emulates Android and it can run all the Apps and games from Android yet it doesn't run on an Android OS. Also this is where the Amazon deal comes into play, since Google would not allow the Play Store to be on a Nintendo Console since it will not be running Android OS natively, you would have access to the Android Apps and Games through Amazon's AppStore.Totally makes sense. This sounds logical and I don't see the problem with this move. I'm interested.



Kuhang commented on FAST Racing NEO Details Finally Exit The Garage:

One of my most anticipated games. Anyone who want's an Awesome Arcade racer just buy the damn game when it's out guys. Awesome developers, Quality games over the times, very supportive towards Nintendo platforms. Now all Nintendo fans have to do is be supportive towards them and lets stop crying over Project Cars, FAST Racing Neo is where we should be commited. Lets show some love FAST!



Kuhang commented on No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA:

I don't know know if EA's statement that FIFA doesn't sell on Wii U is true cuz most of the times I see FIFA 13 on Wii U's top 10 selling games and that is three years after the game's release. So there definately has to be some politics going on. And I was hoping FIFA made a return this year. It's time PES steppped up to the plate and released PES 16 on Wii U cuz I think it would sell well. PES can build their own fan base on the Wii U if their smart enough and those fans would definately be carried forward to NX or whatever the next system.



Kuhang commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I'm sorry @ikki5 this is unaceptable, and I'm amazed how everyone here are IDK accepting or defending Nintendo blindly for this. Im with @ColdingLight and totally agree with what he has said. This news would chase any/many potential Wii U owners away from buying the console and the NX announcement didn't help either. People like me have nothing to play for Wii U, I have already cleared all the backlog of Wii U library and what now? I haven't bought a Wii U game in like 3 months and that's not even changing anytime soon untill Splatoon which is few months away, followed by the same pattern again?????? Can you imagine the gap? The Wii U lineup for 2015 is already thin and now I have even less games to look forward to for 2015??? Specially considering it's THE LEGEND OF ZELDA which was THE game to look forward to for Wii U in 2015? Now I have like what 3 games to look forward to for the entire freaking year? when I usually finish like 2-3 games every month or two???
Awesome! I get to wait more.



Kuhang commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

My Most Wanted Games (Based On The List Above) :

1.The Legend of Zelda
2.Xenoblade Chronicles X
3.Devil's Third
4.Star Fox
6.Yoshi's Woolly World
7.Mario Maker
8.Affordable Space Adventure
9.Mario Party 10
10.Kirby And The Rainbow Curse



Kuhang commented on Watch Dogs Stares at a November Release Date o...:

Hmmm...I've noticed one funny thing...Ubisoft's releasing Just Dance on the exact release day of Bayonetta 2, and Watch Dogs around the same time frame of Smash haha can anyone tell me what happens next...???



Kuhang commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:


I know exactly what you mean and what you're going through bro but we're different person with diferent personalities, but sure we're both consumers.I know exactly what you mean bro, I just have a different view to this situation but I totally get what you mean.I'm really bored right now to explain in detail.In short, If you can take all that spanking and still ok with it...umm...seems u're the Jeark ! haha