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Tue 20th September, 2011

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KryptoKrunch commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

So when Nintendo announces a sequel to an existing franchise they need to start making new IPs. When they announce a new IP, no one asked for it and they need to make a sequel to an existing franchise. facepalm

Intelligent Systems is an awesome developer, this should be good.



KryptoKrunch commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

lol At the people freaking out. We don't even know how the NFC feature will be implemented. My guess is that you can enjoy the game without anything to do with the NFC or the toys. But whatever, if negativity and skipping out on a game because a minor feature makes you happy, so be it.



KryptoKrunch commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

The battle mode complaint is the only that isn't click bait. I myself don't really care about battle mode too much but some people will be a bit disappointed about being changed in 8, which is fine. But yeah, other two, prime examples of click bait.



KryptoKrunch commented on Nintendo Download: 15th May (North America):

Nice games this week. Moon is my #1 choice but I also want to grab Scram Kitty and Mega Man later. Nice little ATLUS sale on 3DS, CoP is a really fun brawler, worth the sale price imo.

I might get Devil Survivor for that price.



KryptoKrunch commented on Cult County Kickstarter Ends Without Success, ...:

It's a shame CC didn't meet its goal. To be fair though, that was a mighty goal to reach considering the game. Hopefully we still get this game on 3DS as originally planned and possibly port it over later to other platforms.

At least we still have Treasurenaunts and Moon Chronicles still in the pipeline.



KryptoKrunch commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

"North American Trainers will be able to introduce their Pokemon to the Kalos region soon!"

Hmmm according to some people, Pokebank was cancelled.

Delay =/= cancelled. Anyway, it's good to hear. Can't wait till we Americans get it, which will probably be within the next few days.



KryptoKrunch commented on Nintendo Planning to Offer "Flexible Price Poi...:

Nice. I imagine this will tie into Club Nintendo in one way or another. There have been some good discounts on the eShops lately; I can see that continuing and maybe even them offering eShop credit if you buy X amount of games/spend X amount.



KryptoKrunch commented on Preview: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze:


Excellent post. All I care about is the fun factor/good gameplay and I don't need ultra realistic graphics or a high powered machine to Wow me. I was wowed by A Link Between Worlds not because of the graphics but because of the music and gameplay(among other things).

Anyway, TF is looking stellar. The additions of Cranky and Dixie have me the most excited.



KryptoKrunch commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

I could do without SE for sure. I mean I played it a lot but that was only because I was hunting for unlockables. The story itself wasn't anything special and it got tedious.

If the story mode/arcade mode is more like Melee than I'll be happy.



KryptoKrunch commented on Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issue...:


Err.. Left 4 Dead was already offered for free before Steam went down.

PSN was down for over a month and people had their CC info stolen. Sony was pretty much forced to offer a free game.

The Nintendo Network was down for a couple days, yes and Nintendo should've better prepared for it but this was minor compared to the PSN fiasco.



KryptoKrunch commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

Haha, wow people need to calm down. The whole VGX show sucked. The only "new" reveal was the Borderlands game by Telltale(correct me if I'm wrong). I remember reading that Nintendo won't reveal Zelda U until e3 next year. By some people's logic, Sony, MS, Ubisoft and other VG companies are "d00med" too. The show didn't even announce all the awards and had a bunch of filler stuff with the co-hosts.

Too many people had their hopes set WAAAY too high for this.



KryptoKrunch commented on Interview: Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirss...:

SteamWorld is definitely my favorite 3DS eShop title. I'm really excited for what I&F has in store for us in the future.

I'm not surprised that they chose the 3DS over phones. I can't imagine this game controlling well at all using touchscreen only.



KryptoKrunch commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I think a lot of people here are misunderstanding. This has NOTHING to do with the game not on Wii U.That's why most gamers own multiple gaming platforms so they can experience different types of games/series etc..

Damo isn't the first person I've seen that feels the way he does about the GTA series.



KryptoKrunch commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

I voted Kid Icarus Uprising. My top 10 would something like:

1. KI:U
2. Fire Emblem
3. Luigi's Mansion
4. Ocarina of Time 3D
5. 3D Land
6. Mario Kart 7
7. Re Revelations
8. Star Fox
9. Paper Mario SS
10. Dead or Alive

Honorable mentions: NSMB2, Re Mercs 3D, Prof. Layton

Good library for a system that's barely two years old.