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Fri 1st Aug 2008

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Krueger commented on Eternity's Child Demo Now Available!:

I mean this whole thing is like the most sad thing I've seen. No I have not played the game, but that the developer has to defend the game on many different forums and make constant excuses like "no...this demo was bad, the next will be great" is just...sad. Really, really sad.



Krueger commented on Euro Update: Wild West Guns and Defend Your Ca...:

I Downloaded Wild West Guns and have played through Normal-mode.

I must say that Im pretty disapointed. It starts of really good but after three levels there are no new challenges, only old ones remixed. The level-backgrounds also starts to repeat. And seriously...I got platinum medals on all six levels the first time I played them. Now I have unlocked hard mode, and of course it will be much more challenging, but it just feels like I have seen about everything this game has to offer after 20-30 minutes of very repetitive playtime.

And also, the achievements which may sound fun, is nothing more than a typical statistics screen with small icons (emblems) and text that tells you how many objects you've destroyed or how much money you've earned total. Nothing impressive.

It's not bad, but I can't really say that it's very good either. Links Crossbow training is better. And Umbrella Chronicles, one of my favourite Wii-games which I've played for 25 hours and still haven't unlocked close to everything in, is much, much better. And yes, I know that they are both more expensive and bigger games. But after 30 minutes I allready feel bored with WWG. I don't think that it's worth 1000 points.