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Sun 26th Feb 2012

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Krotar commented on Feature: 3DS Games You'll Probably Never Play:

Believe it or not, there are still some people who don't know about this, so I'll leave this link here:
It's a group of people trying to convince Capcom to restart production on ML3, or at least release the prototype to gauge interest as initially intended. For those who want to go the extra mile, there's lots more to do besides like the page. Most of it's taking place in the still-standing Legends 3 Devroom on Capcom's site:
Say what you like about the effectiveness of fan-movements, there's no harm in giving the page a like. And they've gotten some cool people to voice their official support like Inafune himself, the vocalist for "Another Sun", Legends's japanese theme song, and some mysterious supporter from inside Capcom Japan that's being kept under-wraps until a later date.

As for the other games, it looks like the Bomberman one could've been pretty fun. Would the "single player" mode've just been multiplayer fights against AI opponents, or would there've been some sort of story to it? We may never know.
DJHero's appeal lies in the crazy controller, I think. Swapping it for a touchscreen probably wouldn't've worked out well.
Can't say much about Saint's Row, and at least the Assassin's Creed was reinvisioned instead of outright canned.