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Kroisos commented on Ubisoft Expects Watch_Dogs To Be One Of The Bi...:

It won't happen. I expect too many gamers will be like me, growing more disinterested after being hyped, and believing all the delays indicated problems with a mediocre game. We may be wrong, but it will still hurt sales.



Kroisos commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

I love being able to help produce games that deserve some help, but since gaming doesn't rise to the level of charity I won't donate unless I will be able to play the finished product. That means that when Wii U is a stretch goal I'm not pledging until the stretch is met and I'm guaranteed a copy for my platform. So the lower goal doesn't change whether or not I'll look at it, just the odds of me doing so.

If it does hit the stretch goal, I could pledge, or I could wait until it releases, so there's no effect on whether the game comes to Wii U at that point, and it's basically a preorder. There's one key difference, though, that may get me to pledge, and not wait--if you pledge, they get your money early enough to put towards the game. If you wait, it will hopefully be a well-earned profit, but it can't affect the game.



Kroisos commented on Actos Games Announces Special Promotion for AP...:

I wish them well. Word puzzles aren't my thing, but then again neither are FPSs, MMOs, or sports games. This looks like a well-made game that would appeal to people who do like word puzzle games, so I hope it reaches its target.



Kroisos commented on Subtle Character Design Changes Spotted for No...:

It just looks like the character designer felt like switching things up, or alternating between two essentially equivalent designs. I don't see enough room to read something into, nor any indication of what that something would be.



Kroisos commented on Video: Silicon Studios Shows Off Tech Demo of ...:

@Yorumi I remember reading an interview with someone from Vigil Games who said he was happy that he wasn't part of the team working on the Wii U version of Darksiders. Obvious bias, but not my ultimate point. I played the original on PS3. It was completely unimpressive visually (and had a horrible art style). It couldn't have been done on PS2, but it could have been done on Wii with some work. I can only conclude that Vigil wanted as much power as possible not so they could do a lot, but so they didn't have to work. I guarantee that most of what we're seeing on the 4Bone could be done on Wii U--with work and skill. But AAA devs don't want to work on Wii U, and apparently they're not actually working on the 4Bone either.



Kroisos commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

First, you missed Earthlock, which is in its final week and can really use the late exposure to get it to its goal. I'll let you embed the Kickstarter link and video.

Of the ones currently listed, I'll be backing Cult County and Twisted Fusion. The former because I love Renegade Kid (and really enjoyed ZombiU), the latter because the developer seems so passionate that I'd like to give him a bit of help. Obviously I hope its a good game, but that's not my primary purpose. Some games just deserve a chance to get made.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

At home I'm still working on Bayonetta on normal. On the go it's time to start getting serious about Bravely Default, but there will be a few moments I'll find to stock up my boutique in Style Savvy: Trendsetters, a guilty pleasure I don't in the least feel guilty about.



Kroisos commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

I'm really starting to get annoyed with people complaining about the price. It's a full retail game that in terms of production and content is comparable with other full retail games, not typical download-only titles. In Japan it had a physical release; here it is download-only because it's such a niche title it couldn't exist otherwise. The price should reflect its true nature as a game, and not be constrained by some false belief in what download prices should be. And to those who would argue that the price should be lower because they didn't have to pay to produce cartridges, it is lower, by 25%. That seems far more reasonable than the 50% or 75% off that $20 or $10 would reflect.



Kroisos commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (North America):

Yumi for me, eventually. I'm considering buying it now even if I don't download and play it immediately (I'm Bravely going through my backlog as we speak), because I want to show that there is an audience for these kinds of games, and the only way to do that is to be part of it. I understand waiting for a sale, but if too many people do that, this will be the only time this series comes over, and others won't be following it.



Kroisos commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Casting Into North American...:

I really don't see the problem with the pricing. It's a full retail game at 75% of full retail price. I'm sure the price will drop fairly quickly, so hold off if you will, but the more people that do, the less likely games like this will get localized, so consider whether it's worth it to you to demonstrate a western market for these titles.



Kroisos commented on Swoon! Style Savvy: Trendsetters Is Getting "D...:

I'm on the fence with this one, mostly because I don't do a lot of sim gaming, but this might actually push me into getting this game if it comes west. I usually play as female characters anyway; might as well help one get a boyfriend.



Kroisos commented on Platinum: Nintendo Has Been The "White Knight"...:

@btao Where do I even begin?

If it was okay for Nintendo to target kids in the 80s, why isn't it okay for them to target kids now? Saying they should grow up with their audience is like saying Pixar should now be making action films.

Indie games as a major segment of gaming are recent enough that there simply isn't enough time for you to ever have been into them and moved on.

It's called anime now, and it's better than it's ever been. Robotech is nostalgia-awesome. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is actually awesome.

Nintendo needs to see to Nintendo's long-term profitability, not Google's short-term profitability.

Finally, this was an article about Bayonetta 2. Any thoughts on that, or did you just see an opportunity to provide the same rant we've seen countless times before?



Kroisos commented on KnapNok Games and Nifflas Collaborating on Wii...:

The combination of the trailer and the devs' attitude has me very excited. Of course studios are businesses that need to make money, but it's refreshing when smaller ones take the view that they need to pay themselves and fund the next game, but don't need to try to squeeze out all the profit they can. We get better games when the only factors involved in the design are game-related.



Kroisos commented on Hush Is An RPG All About Courage, And It Could...:

I'm intrigued enough to check out the campaign. I'll see what they display--concept art, screenshots, hopefully some gameplay footage--and then decide if it's worth it to me to support early. I don't mind doing so, because I figure the more money they have early the more they can spend on development. If I wait to buy the finished product, all it can be is a hopefully well-earned profit.



Kroisos commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

I don't listen to music much except when it's part of the other media I'm consuming, like video game music or anime openings/closings, but when I do it's almost exclusively video game soundtracks. Sadly I have a meager collection, since I'm mostly limited to preorder bonuses, which is something I don't do much. But those I do have, like Fragile Dreams and Solatorobo, would have worn out long ago if they were on vinyl or tape.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Xenoblade. I racked up more than 200 hours over 5 months, in part because there were times I'd just wander around to listen to the music. Satorl Marsh at night when I wanted to be mellow, Mechonis Field if I was feeling more amped up, and so on. I'd pay a pretty penny for that soundtrack; just not the pretty hundred dollars on eBay.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Wii U has plenty of 3rd party support. Just look at what indie devs are trying to bring to the system. They aren't scraps; they aren't 2nd tier; they aren't what you play when you're done with GTA and waiting on CoD. They're legitimate games with legitimate gameplay. The only difference will be that they don't have multimillion dollar budgets, and won't need to sell 5 million or more to be profitable. Saying Wii U is only 1st party and indie is actually more insulting than what people are saying Ubisoft is being.



Kroisos commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

@I-AM-REGGIE This is exactly what pisses me off the most about this story. 3rd parties refuse to help Nintendo build a viable platform but have no problem helping Sony and Microsoft (and Apple while we're at it). 3rd parties that were taking a wait-and-see attitude two years ago when Wii U was coming were eager the following year to help PS4 and The Bone start strong--and consequently didn't have the resources to develop for Wii U.

Most of the rest of the story doesn't bother me in the least. First, Watch Dogs has looked less and less interesting every time out, and the only thing keeping my interest was the ability to show AAA devs some of us buy 3rd party. Second, Wii U does have plenty of 3rd party support; just not multi-million dollar budget AAA support. Nintendo Enthusiast put together a list of indie titles coming (or at least intending to) to Wii U, and I guarantee the $60 that I'm no longer spending on Watch Dogs will get me 4 or 5 better games instead. I'm going to spend it, help indies become profitable, and watch the eShop become a place where the best games are found. Not the best textures, or polygon counts, or anti-aliasing, but games.



Kroisos commented on Interview: Renegade Kid on Moon Chronicles and...:

I'm not the biggest of FPS fans, which is why I never got around to either Dementium or Moon, even though both were on my radar. Moon was always the more intriguing of the two for me, so with the episodic structure, and potential for a more expansive story, it looks like now is the time to give it a try.

Control-wise, I vastly prefer the stylus, and I'm very thankful Nintendo included a stand with Kid Icarus: Uprising. My hands still hurt from Metroid Prime Hunters.



Kroisos commented on Ubisoft's Updated Line-Up Still Includes Watch...:

To answer your question: no, I am not excited to play Watch_Dogs, but I am ambivalent enough that if it gets reviews that are at least good, not even necessarily very good or great, then I will take the opportunity to show 3rd parties that some of us buy their games.

I am, however, excited to play Child of Light, and I would love for it to sell better on Wii U than the other consoles.



Kroisos commented on Child of Light Set to Begin its Tale on 30th A...:

@Haxonberik Better that Ubiart replace Unreal, because Unreal is awful.

Hopefully this won't suffer two major delays and Ubi will turn a profit on the Wii U version, so we get more games like this, and I mean both that they are made in the first place, and that they come to Wii U.



Kroisos commented on Video: World 2 Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropica...:

@Frapp If you don't like Retro and their games that's one thing, but I'm amazed that you're amazed that Nintendo works with them. Let's ignore the Metroid reputation, as you will undoutedly dismiss the series as overrated. But DKCR was a multimillion seller; why wouldn't Nintendo want a studio that can do that?



Kroisos commented on Final Fantasy VI On Android Is Pricey and Look...:

I don't really have an opinion about the visuals. As for the price, mobile gamers are the loudest whiners I know if a game cost more than 2 and 99/100 of the local currency, so I love a publisher refusing to rush to the bottom. If it can be found elsewhere, that doesn't mean 15 is too high; it might just not be the best deal.



Kroisos commented on Bravely Default Producer - No Need for More Im...:

This reminds me of the saying, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." There comes a point in any creative endeavor where you have to consciously decide that the improvements to be made cannot outweigh the effort, and to stop. That is exponentially truer when it is a business endeavor as well and there is a literal cost to continuing. The creator has to move on, whether to make a product available for sale, or simply to begin creating something new.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

@Bulbousaur I wasn't asking why Nintendo should support 3rdred parties; I was asking why, from a business standpoint, they should bother with those 3rd parties that don't add value to their console. Ubisoft has or will have given Wii U Rayman Legends, ZombiU, and Watch Dogs. Those are games that help make Wii U attractive, and Nintendo should encourage and cultivate that. EA gave Wii U ports with features removed and Mass Effect 3 at the same time everybody else got Mass Effect Trilogy. Nothing that EA has done helps Nintendo, so why shouldn't we allow them to use the same argument we allow EA, that they aren't making money? For every article I read about how 3rd parties are having trouble with Nintendo I want one about how Nintendo is having trouble with them, every time I hear how Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games, I'd like to hear someone suggest that maybe that means only Nintendo understands that audience, and every time I see 3rd parties allowed to make business decisions I'd like to see Nintendo given the same opportunity. All things being equal, the more 3rd party support the better it is for Nintendo; but do you honestly believe they don't know that? Of course they do; and maybe Nintendo is concluding that things aren't equal, that the support they do get, at times, doesn't make it better for them.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

Allow me to present another argument. If 3rd parties don't develop for Wii U because they don't make money, why should Nintendo work with 3rd parties that don't help them make money? Nintendo isn't in business to make EA or Activision a profit.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

What bothers me about the article isn't that it isn't true, but that it seems that Nintendo gets the lion's share of negative press, when I'm sure there were similar stories in similar proportions for PS4 and the Bone as well.



Kroisos commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

@bonham2 My guess is Darksiders 2. I remember an interview on with one of the Vigil guys, and he called the Wii U a 360 7 years late, even though he also admitted he hadn't worked on the system, and was happy that he hadn't. The thing is, I played the original Darksiders on PS3, and nothing about the game suggested any sort of technical effort. Rather, I got the feeling they wanted as much power as possible so they could do what they wanted with minimal work.



Kroisos commented on MercurySteam's New Next-Gen Title Isn't Coming...:

I've played enough PS3 games to realize most developers want as much power as possible to save them the hassle of working. The Wii U can handle what they'd be throwing at it. I'd give developers a pass on the install base issues if they hadn't rushed to PS4 and the Bone before they were available a year after not rushing to Wii U so they could wait and see how it did.



Kroisos commented on Review: Orion's Odyssey (DSiWare):

I Kickstarted this because I loved the character designs and art style, and while I'm generally not a puzzle gamer, it seemed like the kind of puzzle game that should be made. I've played it a bit now, and yes, the puzzles aren't geared to me, but I'm having a lot of fun watching the story, so I'm quite happy with how this turned out.



Kroisos commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

The problem seems to be that nobody likes the second screen until they try it, which makes selling a system based on that concept difficult. I just finished The Last of Us, which like ZombiU had the characters doing things like crafting and inventory in real time, with the threat of enemies still present. There is a big increase in tension when you have to take your eyes off the TV. The second screen adds a lot.