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Fri 21st December, 2012

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Kroisos commented on Gone Home Console Versions Are "Not Actively i...:

People aren't focusing enough on the economic implications of this announcement. Games that you think are mediocre aren't the only ones that will struggle as the industry tries to adapt to changes that occur more quickly than it can possibly handle.



Kroisos commented on Nintendo Confirms Japanese eShop Release Dates...:

There might be issues with Pandora's Tower coming to NA, since Xseed published it here. (Since I already own it personally that's a nonissue.) If it does perhaps there will be a patch...

One of the things I loved best about the game was how it genuinely made me care about Elena's plight. The second boss took me forever and I made it back with literally moments to spare, and rather than feeling satisfaction at succeeding as with most games and bosses, I felt like I had betrayed her for allowing her to suffer so much. It even changed the way I played--later on I'd return to the tower more frequently, just to avoid taking that risk again. It's about as strong an emotional connection as I've felt for a fictional character.

Plus the Wiimote is a whip.



Kroisos commented on Mobot Studios Aims for High Quality Fun at a B...:

Mobot is absolutely right: there's a place for these games, and they--and the players--deserve just as much polish as larger titles. And NL is right as well; there's reason to be optimistic at this point that this will be one such game.



Kroisos commented on Adventure Bar Story is Your Typical RPG and Pu...:

Looks interesting enough, and the one major irrational fanboy stance I allow myself is hatred for mobile gaming, so I try to support devs who move back to dedicated handhelds. I'll keep my eye on this, especially since I need 5 coins to hit platinum for the year.



Kroisos commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

As much as I want to see what Hashimoto can do with his own IP, what matters the most is the gameplay, so if he gets all sorts of crazy ideas for Bayo3 or a Jeanne spinoff, then I want those games made.

To everyone who wants TW102, that game will never happen. This is Platinum; they'd make TW1001. And that is another game I want made.



Kroisos commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Gives an Update on Devil’s ...:

If this game has half the personality Itagaki has it will be a must-play for me. As Jules Winfield says, personality goes a long way. Even if it's flawed, it will be a must-play; with Itagaki's resume I'm sure the game won't be bad, and I'll take soul with flaws over soulless perfection any day.



Kroisos commented on Mario Party 10 Official Website Prompts Specul...:

I'd get Rosalina, but I don't need DK and I hate Wario. Daisy is at the top of my wish list, and I will preorder from every place I could to make sure I got one. And you know what? To share the Daisy love I'd sell any extras on eBay at cost. I will not sully the Princess's name by profiteering.



Kroisos commented on Sneaky Ninja Infiltrates Kickstarter:

I haven't had a chance to look closely enough yet to know if I will pledge, although "stealth platformer" has me intrigued and I'm receptive to the idea. That said, I worry that the goal is too low; it doesn't seem like enough to abate any risk the game would have of not being finished, nor enough to improve the game much. Like I said, I haven't looked closely yet, and I will, so maybe my concerns have already been addressed, or I will like what I see enough to take a risk. We'll see.



Kroisos commented on Ubisoft's Unreleased and Finished Wii U Game H...:

Ubisoft, do you want sales on Wii U? Make an effort, and make good games. I've got an idea for you, one you can have for free, which will guarantee you a profit on Wii U: Beyond Good and Evil 2. You're welcome.



Kroisos commented on First Impressions: We're Really Feeling It Wit...:

There's an article on that states XC 3D has a jukebox mode that works even while the system is asleep; it includes a screenshot that clearly states "Manage Streetpass." So they're doing something; just no idea what.



Kroisos commented on Hollow Knight Hits Stretch Goal to Confirm Wii...:

I'm quite excited about this. I first heard of it just a few days ago and was hoping they'd hit the stretch so I could pledge. It may be hard to tell the caliber of gameplay, but I absolutely love the art direction.



Kroisos commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

@WingedSnagret They probably know more than you think. The demand for Marth comes from the small but very vocal minority found on sites like this. It doesn't represent the market as a whole. Nintendo will make more money by focusing on more popular characters instead of chasing the profits of those exploiting the resale market.



Kroisos commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Horrifying Halloween ...:

I'll be sitting in my apartment, happy that no little rugrats, or kids who are too old to go trick or treating, can knock on my door, rocking Bayonetta 2. When the Gamepad is about dead, I'll grind for a few levels in Bravely Default, so I can power through the endgame.



Kroisos commented on Atlus Finalises Persona Q Premium and Limited ...:

As much of a fan of the Etrian series as I am, between the cost of this edition, not having played all the Etrian titles fully, not having played any Persona titles before, and having an RPG backlog a few dozen deep, I have to pass on this title. It is appealing, to be sure, and my gut tells me to get it, but this is one of those times my head needs to overrule.



Kroisos commented on Nintendo Download: 9th October (North America):

I consider everything Platinum has done to be enough of a demo for me; I don't need another one to convince me Bayo2 is a day one purchase. (Although it may not be a day one play if I'm still completing Adventude More in Hyrule Warriors.)



Kroisos commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

I may buy this day one simply because my backlog is large enough that many games I put off buying because I won't play them immediately I end up never buying, because something new comes along, or I get the urge to finally get around to some game I do own, or more often both. Of course day one in NA is also Bayo2 day, and I might not want to drop 100 bucks.



Kroisos commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I pledged for Nefarious, and it was ridiculous watching the totals change over the last few hours. I could hardly watch, and I was just a backer.

I'm still on the fence about Warlords, not because I'm not interested, but because with two of the other Kickstarters that have been funded, and a significant number of major releases from last week to the end of this month, my gaming budget is pretty much shot. On the flip side, I think I've already bought enough games for 2015 and 2016, so at some point by budget will return to normal levels.



Kroisos commented on Book Review: Boss Fight Books - Super Mario Br...:

Quite timely from my perspective--I just started (re)playing the game two days ago. I've had quite enough of the NSMB series the last few years, and thought I was burnt out on 2D platformers, but I had too much fun with Shovel Knight for that to be true. I just needed a break from the mainline 2D Mario titles. SMB2, however, is quite far from the mainline, so I'm using it to cleanse my palette--quite enjoyably, I might add--and I'll eventually come back to SMB3, SMW, and the rest.



Kroisos commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

I take that tweet as meaning it's Nintendo's decision if and when to announce anything, and that they're abiding by that. Also, if you say '"no" whenever the answer is no, and "we have nothing to announce" when the answer is yes, people will pick up on that pattern, so I also assume there's nothing to be read into non-answers either way.



Kroisos commented on Review: The Keep (3DS eShop):

This is exactly the type of review I was looking for before buying this. Since, to my shame, I haven't played all the Etrian titles yet, I have plenty of quality dungeon crawling available to me; so more of the same doesn't cut it, in part because I just don't have enough time for more of the same. But I can find the time to crawl in ways I haven't done before.



Kroisos commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

I played the original recently enough that I will jump right in to Bayo2, although I'll play this a bit; I want to see Daisy Bayo in action, and I'm curious to compare PG's work to the infamous PS3 version.



Kroisos commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

Sim gaming is one genre that is heretofore haven't gotten into, so I may give this a go. I'd also considered RF4, but I think the mix of elements in this title would be more interesting to me.



Kroisos commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

A) I'll still be playing Bayonetta 2. B) I decided long ago I was never getting this game, on any system, whenever it launched.

But yeah, this is one of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen, even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they know they're going up against Smash half a year late and don't think it will affect sales.



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

I'll get this not on day one, but on the day the first game that requires it is released in the US.

And I really really really really hope it ends up being in a Xenoblade bundle. Anybody got 200 hours I can borrow?



Kroisos commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Sony will eventually produce enough exclusive content to make a PS4 worthwhile, so when they do that will be my second console. The Bone has exactly one exclusive that looks interesting to me, and even Kamiya isn't good enough to make a game worth buying a console just for. I'd get a PC but I won't pay that much money for high ends I don't care about, or for something I'd have to configure and program myself. But none of them are necessary now, because the vast majority of 3rd party content right now looks like dull, spiritless gameplay dressed in flashy graphics.



Kroisos commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

I personally agree with the "breaks the magic" comment; those who don't feel that way will have an opportunity to modify their game in a way which doesn't affect gameplay. But an Ubisoft employee telling Nintendo to be careful about what they do mere days after their CEO ticked off legions of their fans shows that they just don't get it. You know what also shows they don't get it? The non-existence of Beyond Good and Evil 2.