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Mon 23rd Jan 2012

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Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

I never said the situation was life or death, I never even implied it. I wouldn't even care if they included it in the next game. But no, I'm not going to begin this the same way I have by saying the same thing I always say; this has become an endless battle.

Hypothetically, it has been stated that two people would be able to trade their Pokemon via the StreetPass function. Players would place their Pokemon that they wanted to trade in a special "placeholder", and place filters for what they want in return for the stored Pokemon. If two players were to pass each other and managed to fill such requirements, the trade would commence.

On a technological standpoint, it could work, and that is where you are misinterpreting what I'm saying. You believe that I'm saying that somebody couldn't add a StreetPass function into the game because the technology doesn't exist or that the programming would screw up, but that isn't what I'm saying. If somebody were to manage to fill such requirements to StreetPass trading, technically, it would work.

But my argument isn't that StreetPass trading couldn't work technically, but that the function doesn't guarantee the accessibility for a reliable medium of trading. Note that I said accessibility, which does not mean that it would be 100% impossible. But there are already 649 Pokemon so far. If I said I would trade a Pokemon on StreetPass for something as simple as a Fire Type Pokemon, there are 51 Fire Types in the game, so generally speaking, a 51/649 chance that somebody has what you're looking for, which rounds off to a 12% chance of trade success. Considering this feature would hypothetically come for next gen, and on average there are about 150 new Pokemon per gen and about 10 Fire Types per gen, this would lead to an approximate 60/800 chance which rounds off to a 7.5% chance of trade success. Calculating scarcity of the type and other filters into the equation would further reduce that percentage. That's a very basic calculation though, there are way too many factors to state of.

To further solidify my statement, I shall give an example of Puzzle Swap, which acts in a similar fashion to your hypothetical StreetPass trading. While getting a new piece in Puzzle Swap can be scarce, what would happen if people could trade pieces online? Would anybody ever use StreetPass to get the pieces then?

Now I would appreciate it if you would answer my question, which you have ignored with sheer lack of consideration for this whole time. How would a StreetPass trade's requirements get filled with a good chance of success? And while events may be the only saving factor to a system of trading that isn't impossible, but not as reliable as internet trading, why wouldn't they just limit the StreetPass function to just events so there is a 100% chance that if you StreetPass somebody, that the event will occur, as opposed to a much smaller scale as stated in the example given?

(No really, I would appreciate it if you just answered these questions. I don't need another lecture on how StreetPass trading would work again. I obviously know what you're saying in terms of your theory by now).



Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

I guess you could call me an extensive arguer.
When you've been talking to a brick wall for a while and have become frustrated, having someone else come along who gets you is quite the relief. That said, the first to get uppity with the internet shouting was you. Knock it off, please — TBD

Technically, the Pokemon that is offered cannot be withdrawn unless you're connected to the GTS, as well as deposit it. Sorry, but the GTS is, in fact, a network. Meaning you have to be connected to the GTS to do a trade. Even if you're not there when the trade is done, in order to pick up the Pokemon, you'll have to be connected to the GTS. So it may not exactly be real time, but it's a system that works similar to real time.

I thought since simply telling you about the components of a trade is too difficult, I'd show you in video proof:
@2:50: He is using the "Search" function, searching for a pokemon he will fill the request for.
@3:28: Alas, there it is, the request made available to him. Now that he knows the request, he could pick up said Pokemon from his PC and trade it if he wanted to.
How would one do that via StreetPass with a good chance of success? Especially since StreetPass is an event that takes place once? That is what I have been waiting for you to answer.

Anyway, I respect your purpose for making this article.



Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

Regardless, I don't know why I'm wasting my time on this. I have no doubt in my mind of my claim; I calculated the statistics of a successful StreetPass trade vs. an Internet trade based on population number for each category, and I've even considered the feature internet trading possesses that StreetPass couldn't, considering StreetPass isn't connected through a NETWORK. But ohh well, I've burnt myself out on this anyway.



Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

"I'd imagine the StreetPass version of this would really only work in urban areas where you'd get lots of StreetPass hits anyway" Exactly, why? Because StreetPassing is scarce, compared to the 1000's of available people on the internet ready to trade.

So let's say you want to get picky via an internet trade and search for a specific Pokemon. It's easy to find the Pokemon due to 1000's of people submitting Pokemon already. Now tell me, if I were to Streetpass and request a level 50 Charizard with specific stats, what are the chances that the one Streetpass on average I get a day would have that?

Though if you're still not sure about what I meant when I said "But if one player were to be so picky, then nothing would ever get traded in the first place due to the requirements being so strict." then allow me to recap in numbers so nobody gets confused.

INTERNET: 1000's of Pokemon available. 1000's of chances that somebody will have what you're looking for

StreetPass: 1 person average

Also, with internet, if somebody posts that their Pokemon and their requirements, and you witness it, you could search your PC or something and get the Pokemon ready and submit it. How would you do that via StreetPass? There would be no way to view another player's Pokemon wants in advance in order to prepare a trade properly.

"If no one has exactly what you specify, the trade is not conducted" That's exactly what StreetPass trading would be. Nobody would have what you specify because they would never know what you want. It would be a bunch of people requesting Pokemon but nobody would ever know that there is another person who wants that Pokemon so they wouldn't bother to place such a Pokemon up for trade in the first place. And it can't be like internet trading because internet trading ISN'T an automatic event for both sides of the party. One side of the party CAN witness the requirements and trade.

Let's recap again:
To trade properly, there are three main components.
The "offeree" and requester, the one who fills the request, and the ability for one to know what that request is.

That ability does not exist in a system where the one who fills the request does not know what the "offeree's" request is, therefore not being able to satisfy the trade. That is the one lacking feature in Streetpass that makes it impossible.

In your defense, it is possible, but my point remains, the chances are very scarce, and it's simply more convenient to trade via internet connection.

And I didn't notice the edit button, sorry for that.

So you want an example of somebody who wouldn't rely on your "revolutionary" idea? The same person you are hiding behind. "i know I wouldn't want to try and rely on it for a 'mon I needed". So good for you, your idea is possible, but absolutely useless. It's very ironic indeed.



Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:


I have already read that part, thank you. I should point out, there is a DIFFERENCE between an Internet connection and a Streetpass connection. Internet Pokemon trading works because the submitted Pokemon are distributed through a NETWORK, where both players Pokemon are traded in REAL TIME.

However, a StreetPass connection is NOT conducted in REAL TIME, it is conducted through a single event, where what takes place afterwards both players will not be experiencing simultaneously or in real time.

Let me map this out:
Internet connection:
Player 1: Submits Pokemon on a network, and what he/she wants in return.
Player 2: Has Pokemon Player 1 wants, and trade is conducted.

Streetpass connection:
Player 1: Submits Pokemon to be sent via Streetpass connection, and what he/she wants in return.

Players 1 and 2 pass each other with their 3DS' closed, with Streetpass. When players open their 3DS', they are far away and are NOT CONNECTED IN REAL TIME.

Player 2: Has Pokemon Player 1 wants, and trade is conducted.

PROBLEM: How can a trade even BE conducted in the first place when both players aren't even connected in REAL TIME?

Result: Player 2's trade would go through if he/she accepted, but since Player 1 isn't connected to Player 2 in real time, then it wouldn't go through for Player 1. Therefore, cheats.

Your possible counter for this: But a trade would be conducted automatically right when the players Streetpass each other.

My counter for that: That would eliminate the ability for players to view their trades before they were conducted, meaning they could get ripped off if one player wasn't picky enough to say he wants a certain moveset, etc. But if one player were to be so picky, then nothing would ever get traded in the first place due to the requirements being so strict. All because automatic trading in this fashion would mean that the Players would not be able to view the Pokemon they are recieving/trading for.

Another major point to make against your possible counter is that in order for two players to trade automatically via Streetpass, they would have to have the exact Pokemon the other player wants, ready in advance, which is literally impossible, because nobody can predict what Pokemon a possible "Streetpassee" would want. But with internet trading, where players are connected on a network, players can literally SEE what pokemon another player wants, can view the Pokemon's status so there would be no fraud, and since it's all conducted in REAL TIME for both players, then there would be no possibility of a duplication glitch.

ONE LAST POINT to make, just in case you think there's any slight possibility that StreetPass trading would work without either being completely broken or impossible to conduct, why would anybody want to trade via StreetPass anyway, when somebody could trade their Pokemon and get faster, more accurate, and non-broken results?

So since you apparently are an expert at StreetPass via your claim, tell me, how would this "revolutionary" StreetPass trading work without being impossible to do or broken? I rest my case.



Krishaa commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

These "ideas" for a Pokemon game are... "fantastic" and all, but barely any of these ideas are practical. You have this idea that anything can just be thrown into the game, but don't even consider if it would make the game broken or not.

"Why not extend this idea to StreetPass?" How the f--- would you trade Pokemon via StreetPass? And who would want to anyway? Ex. somebody would trade a Charizard, hoping to get a Pokemon of a similar status, but another person would put in a Rattata that they randomly caught, thus the trade would begin and the Charizard owner would get screwed in the process.

"How about a system that lets gamers gamble in-game money or — even better — Pokémon, with the winner staking claim to the prizes?" Maybe in-game money, but why would anybody want to ante their Pokemon for a Pokemon that would most likely be of no interest to gamble for? All it would lead to is one person trying to rip the other person off, or hackers screwing people over.

"Actually, while we’re at it, why can’t Pokémon gain experience whenever they battle against other human players?" Because a friend with level 100 Pokemon would set up the battle so their Pokemon die to allow another player to quickly give their Pokemon a bunch of experience. Summarized: BROKEN.

I think a graphical change from sprites to 3D Models would be good though...



Krishaa commented on Nintendo Wants to Keep Old Titles Fresh with DLC:


Nintendo already stated that while developers can do what they want with DLC, Nintendo will be making their games complete experiences. Assuming that, DLC will only be sprinkles on the birthday cake rather than part of the cake itself. I assume that their DLC updates will most likely be free.

Anyway, instead of repeating what everybody has said, which is pretty much made obvious that it is the interest of most 3DS owners including myself, that they should add online functionality to Star Fox 64 3D or a Co-op mode in Super Mario 3D Land.