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Fri 17th Apr 2009

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Kriqxz commented on New Lord of the Rings Game is, You Know, For Kids:

@ #7 opeter

The Middle Earth books already contain several childrens stories. Even 'The Hobbit' is a childrens story based as a prequel to the main Trilogy, so what's wrong with having a childrens game based on Middle Earth?

They haven't released any screenshots, nevermind anything other than a few very vague details.

Stop being so prejudiced... it causes enough problems in society already...



Kriqxz commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

@53 "we at XGen see these thresholds essentially as protection for Nintendo against having their time and money consumed by titles that simply don't perform well on their service."

This was the point I was trying to make. Ninty has a set amount of games they can release per week without overflooding the market. They need some assurance from the developers that they are pushing a product that people will buy, and they need to be compensated by those that don't.

We all hate to see good games fail to sell, but this is just how it goes sometimes.

Look at the music industry. Pop music is mostly crap, but it sells. Kick and scream all we want, it won't change.



Kriqxz commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

Honestly, if a developer cannot push 6000 units in N.A. in 2 years, they're not making money off that game anyway. 6000 is almost nothing, and that's the highest threshold. The money Ninty keeps is just the recovery of losses they could've made had they released a different game that would've sold 6000+ units.

And from a development standpoint, the score on metacritic is irrelevant. Developers make games to make money. Nintendo just want's to stop cheapskates from making a quick buck at their expense. They have a set number of games to release each week (so they don't flood the market) and why should they let a piece of shovelware through instead of something that will actually sell. If it sells, it was a good idea, if it doesn't then the metacritic score is meaningless, even if the game is Toki Tori (my favorite wii-ware game btw).

You can argue your ideology all you want, but reality trumps ideology all the time, just look at politics.

As to how Ninty can improve it's wii/dsi-ware marketability so that EVERY game sells more units is a completely different issue.

But... The idea that people on this site are arguing for MORE shovelware is mind-boggling...



Kriqxz commented on WiiWare Sales Targets: More Details Emerge:

Seriously, if a developer can't push 6000 units in 1 single region, over a span of 2 years, they don't deserve to be paid. Assuming a 1000 point game, 6000 units is only $60 000 in sales. With the 65/35 split that barely covers the cost of 1 single employee.

I find it really odd, especially on this website, that people are actually defending the makers of shovelware...



Kriqxz commented on High Voltage: No DLC for The Conduit, More Wii...:

It's not the idea of DLC that bugs me so much, but rather the quality of current DLC. With a 'FEW' exceptions, most DLC just isn't worth it.

Ideally, DLC should be a replacement for the old 'expansion packs' that used to come out for most popular games. Instead of paying $40 for an expansion you pay $2-$10 for the parts of the expansion you want. However, it seems that a lot of companies are simply using it as an excuse to milk a few extra bucks off their consumers.

Map packs, extra levels, etc. are what I'd like to see in DLC (ie. the things that are traditionally in expansion packs), but extra costumes/weapons is kinda lame...