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Wed 23rd Mar 2011

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KrazyBean commented on SEGA Is Hoping To Win Back Platforming Fans Wi...:

@Wesker Mario ran on airborne logs in the Galaxy series...just sayin'.

@AugustusOxy ...You clearly haven't seen or played Sonic 1. Go look up Marble Zone, that stage is SO FAST. Sonic was ALWAYS about platforming since the very beginning.

In the classic games, speed had to be EARNED with skill and it was not handed over to you on a silver platter like in Sonic Unleashed with the boost. That philosophy is being translated into 3D with this game. With the parkour, spin-dash and the tier-based speed system, you can traverse the stages with speed and finesse when you've acquired the skill and memory of the stages first. Sonic games need more substance, and slowing him down to allow for more intricate and interesting platforming is the way to do it.



KrazyBean commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Dashing Onto Platforms In 2013:

@Knuckles There's no way Sonic Colours (DS) and Sonic Generations (3DS) are as good as Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure. Sonic Colours (DS) was OK, but Generations (3DS) was just lazy to be honest.

@Neram But Colours and Generations we're pretty good, people have not been "disappointed" with them though...not everyone is going to like them, but they are GOOD games and have appealed well to a lot of people and have also done Sonic a hell of a lot of justice. But meh, if we're still gonna bring up Sonic's past downfalls every single time something Sonic related pops up then "more power to you".

@sinalefa Try both...or get the Sonic Generations demo if you have PSN/Xbox Live. He has had 3 good games in a row now, I don't think Sonic has to prove that his games are "good" anymore. Yes we know he has had a hard time back in the past and yes we know that Sonic 06 was a BAD game for the millionth time but jeez, this is 2012 now, not 2005-2009, cut him some slack.



KrazyBean commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Dashing Onto Platforms In 2013:

Well, no offence but this is very obvious. As for Classic Sonic returning again, I say no...the nostalgia riding is enough for now, just make another unique Sonic game like Sonic Colours.

We will get a Sonic game for the Wii U, PS3 and 360...or we'll get an exclusive Wii U Sonic game and an exclusive Sonic game for the PS3 and 360 and have all three platforms have a downloadable Sonic game. That's how I think it will go anyway.

What I would REALLY like though is a 3DS Sonic game made by Sonic Team themselves, not Dimps...a Sonic Rush 3 would be very nice.



KrazyBean commented on Rookie Developer Shepherding Mass Effect 3 Ont...:

They should've made a Mass Effect Collection for the Wii U, including Mass Effect 2 and 3 (Mass Effect 1 is partially owned by Microsoft, so it's an Xbox 360 and PC exclusive).

If you really want to get involved in this franchise, then do yourself a favor and play the trilogy on the 360 or PC...Mass Effect 3 will not feel complete without transferring your Shepard from the previous games (seriously, I'm not kidding).

But hey, that's my two's your valuable paper.



KrazyBean commented on Sumo Digital: Wii U "Looks As Good" as HD Plat...:

@Incognito_D: I do have to agree here...but hey, Nintendo is FINALLY in the HD zone, so that should count for something.

I don't mean to sound like a Sony or Microsoft 'fanboy' but the people who are waiting for raw graphical power to arrive on a console will be better of waiting for the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

Current gen consoles still look great for 7 year-old tech anyway...the Wii U is slightly more powerful that current gen consoles, so that's A-OK in my eyes.



KrazyBean commented on UK Chart Results Are Less Than Golden for Nint...:

What I don't get is why everyone thinks that only Europeans play CoD, don't Americans (not all) buy and play the damn games as much? I live in London I haven't purchased a single CoD game.

The games aren't selling here and I guess that's because people are spending their money on the bigger triple A titles, maybe the games are just plain unappealing to people. I don't like minigame compilations, so why should I buy Mario Party 9 and Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics? I'm not a huge fan of JRPG's so why should I buy Pandora's Tower?

Don't come and categorize ALL of Europe and say that ALL Europeans only play CoD. I've seen that statement like 6 times on this site and to be honest, it's ticking me off.



KrazyBean commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Fails to Fly in UK Charts:

@JarvanZheitk Yeah, the UK and Europe really are the only countries who only play FPS's and Violent/Gory games and think that they are too 'old' or 'cool' for Nintendo games and such... [/sarcasm]

It was hardly advertised here anyway and none of the main game stores seem to have stocked it. Not everyone here is a stereotypical FPS addict and such y'know. I've bought only one FPS in my entire life so far (no, it's not Modern Warfare 3) and I'm of legal age, I don't care what the genre is, as long as it's a good game I'll plan to buy it.

It's looks like a damn good game and it's a shame that it didn't sell well in this region, but that's no excuse to put all of us European gamers in the same book.



KrazyBean commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

The Xbox 720 will most likely have DirectX 11 support...see some Crysis 2 DirectX 11 gameplay to see how good it makes games look. I'm stoked for for the Wii U, well, I'll see. Unless home consoles are as or more powerful than the most powerful PC currently available, there's still room for improvement.

Also, why would Microsoft copy the Wii U's controller? They have Kinect, which is very unique in the motion control department...they just need to use it in more unique ways. As for Sony though, well they blatantly copied the Wiimore with the PS Move so I can't really say much about what they're going to do.

It's a codename, y'know, like how the Wii U was called Project Cafe.



KrazyBean commented on SEGA Confirms No WiiWare Outing for Sonic 4: E...:

Sonic CD didn't come on the Wii because of the soundtrack. It's too big for 40MB. The Wii version of Sonic 4: Episode 1 can't even handle the music the PS3/360 had (which is kind of LOL worthy), let alone the Japanese AND American/Europe versions of Sonic CD's soundtrack.

About the Episode 2 thing...I've repeated myself enough times. I'm fed up.



KrazyBean commented on SEGA Confirms No WiiWare Outing for Sonic 4: E...:

Oh wow, you're seriously saying that the Wii isn't getting Episode 2 because you Wii only gamers didn't buy enough copies of Sonic Colours?! LMAO, OK then! I might as well just say that the HD consoles didn't get Sonic Colours because HD gamers didn't buy enough copies of Sonic 06 and Unleashed.

I can understand that you guys are upset that Episode 2 isn't coming on Wii because Episode 1 is on there now and that makes sense but please find another reason because that's just invalid. I'm not trying to be an a** but I really don't know what else to say.

Episode 2 is probably going to be 1 - 1.5GB in size this time...please explain to me how they're going to compress that to 40MB? That RIGHT THERE is a valid reason why Episode 2 isn't coming on Wii. Sonic 4 is a multiplatform game and if Episode 1 can fit on the Wii and Episode 2 can't then what can they do? They are trying to make a better game and that file size limit is hindering them from doing that.

Oh well, I'm done. If this doesn't make sense to you then carry on dissing Sonic and SEGA you guys, Imma gonna play some Generations on my 360 with some Battlefield 3 to boot. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



KrazyBean commented on SEGA Confirms No WiiWare Outing for Sonic 4: E...:

You guys want to know WHY the Wii isn't getting it? It's because of the Wii's ridiculously stupid 40MB download size limit for WiiWare games.

Episode 2 is going to be bigger and better (new graphics and physics engine, probably more levels, new character animations, better sounding music, etc), and it'll most likely exceed the limit, this is the same reason why the Wii didn't get Sonic CD (and a crapton of other games for that matter). If you want to blame someone, blame Nintendo for making such a silly decision in the first place.

Sonic Generations (HD versions) says Hi.

Reason 1) Look above and read my post.
Reason 2) Believe it or not, the Wii's time is up.

Also the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics franchise is for the CASUAL MARKET (emphasis on the casual). Casual games always sell a crapton anyway, it's just a cash cow and nothing more.



KrazyBean commented on Wii U Controller Patent Reveals Interesting Fe...:

Can it also give me a back massage?

Seriously...that controller will explode with all those features in it. A HD Mario and Zelda isn't enough for me to buy this thing, but I'll still get it around 1-2 years time...but then the next Xbox will be out, hmm...choices.

One thing that ticks me off is that when I sell my Wii for a Wii U, I still have to buy an entire set of Wii accessories AGAIN because you can't buy another one of these darn controllers!