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Mon 3rd Sep 2012

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Koopatroopa64 commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island ...:

This games had possibly one of the biggest impacts a game has ever given to me. It remains as my second favorite game OF ALL TIME! My first being Loz Majora's Mask. The soundtrack in Yoshis Island was absolutly incredible and every time I play I get the warm childhood feeling I got o so many years ago.aaah glad to be back =)



Koopatroopa64 commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I have learned that I am not one of the only people that liked metroid other m, so that's a relief. And i still fail to see how the story was so bad. I personally really liked the story. However, a flaw I MUST point out is that stupid part in the game game (not hard hard just stupidly planned out) where you have to run through the lava sector taking damage from heat. Why samas didnt just switch to her varia suit is still unbelievable, regardless of adam's authorization. Still fantastic game besides that one mess-up.