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Tue 27th Nov 2012

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koopa_Trooper79 commented on BioShock Creator Has A Wii U, But It's For Ple...:

This is not good news, I thought they were porting the new bioshock to the Wii U?? I cant see why any of the third parties dont want their games on another console....doesnt make any sense unless they still see nintendo as a kiddie console, and with news of this adult time restrictions set for downloading, they aint helping themselves at all. i just wanna get Nintendo n shake them!!!



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Nintendo Network Premium Website Goes Live:

@Koto Yeah that would be a great idea have eveything on one website rather than the way it is at the mo, im quite disappointed with the stars catalog, it was taken down and I thought they were gonna update it with new items buts its still the same. ;o(



koopa_Trooper79 commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

I love Nintendo but this is crazy, so say I want to dowload one of those games ive got to wait till after 11pm.....they need to change this and change it fast......they aint gonna win over hardcore gamers pulling crap like bezerker99 said they are keeping this kiddy image.....I can understand the reasons behind it but they need to find a different sloloution to the problem!!! Nintendo needs to grow up I think...



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Wii U Update Will Be Available Out Of The Box ...:

I didnt mind waiting for the update, didnt take too long....just like MariosLoveChild I had major problems gettin connected to the internet.....Tried the maual connection with no effect. Ended up rining the Nintendo Hotline wa on for 20 mins while he told me what to do, I dread to see the bill.
Apparently there is problems with certain routers, mine being one of them (virgin Media Hub)... the joke is I upgraded to this so I could connect to the Wii U lol



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Feature: Taking Off to the Miiverse:

Its great so see all the mii's running towards the game they r playing, i like using the trigger buttons to move the game icons just to see them all run about makes me smile every time. yeah its great thats its all clean aswell....ive seen a drawing of a arse but thats it, again made me laugh......i went to write a comment on a leval and started with Oh God.....and got told i cant say that lol



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Feature: Taking Off to the Miiverse:

I think they need to market it better in the adverts on tv and the net and show it off better. when i first heard about it i thought hmmmm ok sounds cool......its far better than Cool, Nintendo have done it again as they alwsys do, they create a new trend that every one then copies (lazy xbox n Playstation)....

Think ive spent the same amount of time looking at posts n doodles (amazing doodles at that) as I have playing on the games.....Just need an option to see ppls profiles and have the ability to comment back on posts seen in Mario Game Map (ballons)......apart from that its brill and i know they will keep adding to it and making it even better



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U):

Finally Nintendo going HD....its a long time comming, the last Nintendo product I bought was the Gamecube and was quite disapointed with it. I never bought a Wii as the graphics were shocking and put me off from buying......I love Nintendo and what they come up with, I cant wait to play Super Mario Bros U and return to my childhood......added bonus of finally being able to play Mario Galaxy and its sequal...............Come on TNT Hurry up with my Wii U



koopa_Trooper79 commented on Rumour: Yoshi's Land Coming To Wii U:

Lets hope this one is alot longer as I remember playing Yoshi Island on the SNES and it only taking like 5 hrs!!!!
Would be great if they do it ala Mario 64 and make it a 3D adventure....fingers crossed.