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Sat 9th Feb 2013

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KonataIzumi commented on Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Has A Little Less...:

85 percent of dubs are fine it is the fact people hear a lot of things in Japanese first and just think its better even when they don't understand it. It is just human nature to thing exotic things are better then what your culture gives out



KonataIzumi commented on Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is Confirmed Fo...:

Even if this is becoming CoD as long as the story is good thats all that matters. A game series can pump out a new game ever year and that is ok with me. It is how CoD is the same thing all the time plus the horrible CoD fanbase which gives it the bad taste ya know? If CoD had a new story in the games and the fanbase wasn't annoying 12 yr olds or sexist men I'm sure it would not get so much hate.