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Male, 33, Sweden

Getting older and less time for one of my favorite pastimes. Still trying to indulge myself in gaming, and big N is usually the company that serves up the quality

Wed 2nd February, 2011

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koelboel commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

Too right, it is summer for crying out loud. People raging about their consoles not offering enough new experiences during summer should be kicked out of their lazy-boys and into the sea (because it´s bloody marvelous in the sea during summer, not as a kind of penalty).



koelboel commented on Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart...:

I myself am freaking out. I'm having friends over, what if my online retailer sent it too late? Then what? Think I might go home over lunch just to check, if it's not there I might give my buddy a call telling him to bring his. Long time since the launch of a video game made me neurotic.



koelboel commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

I always go Yoshi, but I have a soft spot for Shy Guy. Since I don´t own a portable, this will be the first time I get a chance to play with him. Guess I´ll end up alternating between the two. The wait is killing me, more so than for X, Bayonetta and Smash. Fancy that.



koelboel commented on The Wait for Mario Kart 8 Is Filled With Sunsh...:

Yea, good looking track, I've got mine pre-ordered. As for the Sunshine discussion - love it, the FLUDD is an alright addition but man the attention to detail in that game, like how you can spot the different levels from one another. Pure class.



koelboel commented on GAME Drops The Last Story Limited Edition:

Can´t stand GAME. If I´m in the shops I sometimes wander into GAME to check out news, but when I see the poor stock and the insane prices (charging used as online retailers charge new in Sweden), I get disgusted and leave feeling all dirty.
Anyway hope to see people online, I think it will be a laff.



koelboel commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Hits North America on 6th...:

Nothing but to chime in, it really is a brilliant game. I blush when I think of the hours I put into this game. It´s almost like the hours I put into big games when I was in school and had the time for games the rest of the day.