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Wed 14th May 2014

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KodyDawg commented on Rumour: SEGA Teases More Information for Sonic...:

Ha, I love the Game Grumps. Anytime they play a Sonic game, it never fails to make me laugh my head off.

Anyways, onto business; it's got to be April 1st of this year. Keep in mind that that's April Fools' Day, so don't get your hopes up!



KodyDawg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:

I really want to see more GameCube games, specifically Super Mario Sunshine and Four Swords Adventures. I haven't had the chance to play either due to their GameCube exclusivity, but they could both make fantastic use of the Wii U's unique features.



KodyDawg commented on Fresh Serving Of Super Mario Happy Meal Toys C...:

The Mini-Mario reminds of a Yoda toy I got from McD's several years ago that could 'use the force' (aka a magnet) to move an object up and down. Man, those were the good ol' days...greasing up my DS after consuming more than enough burger and fries...



KodyDawg commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2016:

Besides the obvious AAA titles listed, I'm personally hyped for all the Disney Infinity content coming out this year. I've been a fan of the franchise since Day 1, and the upcoming Marvel Battlegrounds playset is guaranteed to be a good time. Not to mention the soon-to-be-released Boba Fett, Zootopia, and Peter Pan figures, among others.



KodyDawg commented on Giveaway: Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Li...:

@Dark-Link73 I'm well aware. But I have no interest in the bundle, so why don't I have the option to get just the game? That and the fact that there's no console-exclusive content (yet) has made me decide to pursue other games on the Wii U that play similarly, such as this one.



KodyDawg commented on ​505 Games On Bringing Terraria To Nintendo ...:

Terraria shouldn't be compared to Minecraft as much as it is. While they may seem extremely similar to each other, they're actually very different experiences. I've spent many hours with both, and they're both fun and unique in their own way.



KodyDawg commented on Nintendo Download: 10th December (North America):

Booo, what a horrible week for the eShop!!

JK, JK, this is pretty great. Steamworld Heist, FAST Racing NEO, and Terraria, with Minecraft and (presumably) Smash DLC next week? While I sadly don't have the cash to get all of these right away, consider me extremely pleased. This almost makes up for Nintendo's numerous disappointing AAA releases this holiday.



KodyDawg commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Will Allow You to Find...:

I can dig it! I'm glad they're really putting some effort into Legends, rather than simply making it a port of the Wii U version. Still slightly peeved I spent $80 on the Wii U version, DLC included, when I can get all that and more on 3DS for half the price.



KodyDawg commented on Minecraft: Wii U Edition Will Support the Wii ...:

A game on a Nintendo console with voice chat? That's new.

I really hope they utilize the GamePad post-launch, though. On top of inventory management, I'd love to see a control method akin to the PC and mobile versions of the game, using the touch screen to build, break, and control the camera.



KodyDawg commented on Video: Here's What Luigi Mansion Arcade And Ma...:

I don't go to arcades a whole lot, mostly because they're glorified money-grabs with more cruddy prizes and 'ports' of mobile games than you can shake a stick at. But I may have to make an exception once these make their way west. I quite enjoyed the arcade Mario Karts, despite their simplicity, and of course there's always Pac-Man if I get bored.



KodyDawg commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (North America):

The Cyber Deals are a bit disappointing, but I highly recommend picking up Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Kid Icarus: Uprising if you haven't already. Both of them definitely deserve more attention than they receive.



KodyDawg commented on Square Enix Offers Black Friday Deals, Live No...:

Dang it. The World Ends with You, the Kingdom Hearts games, Theatrhythm Curtain Call, and Chrono Trigger are all games I've been wanting to play for a long time now, and I'd totally grab them if I wasn't on such a tight budget. Ironically enough, what I'm saving my money for is Cloud in Smash next month.



KodyDawg commented on Review: The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adve...:

Watching the Peanuts specials has become a set-in-stone tradition for my family, which means we'll be revisiting the Thanksgiving special next Thursday! I honestly didn't expect much from this game, but I may pick it up if it goes on sale. Next time, though, can we get another Snoopy vs. The Red Baron sequel?