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Thu 12th Jul 2012

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Knight-byFate commented on Monster Hunter 4 Director Says It's All About ...:

When it comes to a new MH game coming out; We have to foucs on what really matters, sure we can give it all its praise it deserves, the game would set the expectation, then there would be thous who see what is neccecary for a new game to have. Wheater it is new dragons, new gameplay, all the little things that are only metioned by those few who know why they must comment. To say it simple.. Those who have been chosen to create the next generation of MH should see it as if MH4 "is" the last game the ever going to make, which means to know how to do it right, make the game how its suppose to be, yet the closes to perfect, not just an opportunity to change themes. Personaly I cant wait for this game yet not for the facts that stand alone, but by fate. Yet going pass all the resonable seriousness... as far as I know about the game, all I ask for that should be changed is; One. Let it be for Ps3, as it should be. Two. Aftr playing both MHTri and MHunited, I seriously find the little cat partners really annoying. & Three, which I see very unlikely to happen is., for the Al to be a baby version of any Dragon, hmm.. now wouldn't that be awsome. "Hope your reading Capcom"