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klautrec commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

I can't believe a company like microsoft can bring words like "Legacy" on their conference, and don't give support to their old consoles. I think I get the deep concept of the Xbox One, and it's not about being a all-in-one device, it's about re-writing the Xbox brand. I love my 360, and i'm not getting the new one, I don't share their visions for my future gaming experiences, I hope Nintendo never do something like that talk about social when you can't even borrow your REAL friends game to play, The Xbox One is a sad news for every gamer.



klautrec commented on Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In S...:

I actually love Nintendo Directs. It means we don't have to wait a full year to hear about the upcoming games. That January's ND was better than Nintendo's last E3 alone. We'll be hearing about Retro game, Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Smash brothers, and bayonetta might get an actual gameplay trailer and maybe a few surprises, so I'm still hyped for their announcements.



klautrec commented on Violent Video Games Blamed for Knife Attack in...:

Problematic kid plays violent games because their parents are careless... that wouldn't end up well. The game could have influenciated on his act, the same way if he was watching a show or film with explicit violence, but the problem is certainly his parents, he is already a father, I"m sure this family have no dialog or care for each other.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Virtual C...:

@BrightBeing That's what I think. As I said, violent games don't make kids grow up being violent persons. but to get the perfect example: just try playing some COD on the 360. Many kids want to be adults, its an insult for them being a kid, if you give them a 18+ game they'll think they are actual adults and will "try" to act like one, screaming bad words on everyone's head. That's influence of a violent game, it doesn't mean they will be violent persons. That's why I replied to the other guy, that my kids will have to learn how to play games with the classic ones. lol



klautrec commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Virtual C...:

@EaZy_T Kids these days seems to be more interested on Call of Duty and other violent games than anything else. The marketing is so strong that it reaches all the audiences, and parents these days, at the same time, do anything to make kids shut up and let them in peace.

As much as I think that games don't make kids, violent adult persons, I wouldn't expose them to it because it's their first experience with games, and games are really strong. When I was a Kid I remember being a huge fan of Sonic, all my favorite games with my friends involved "running", I wanted to be the fastest boy, If my mother asked me if I could buy something on the grocery for her, I would do it running as fast as I could! It can influenciate, for sure how kids act. or maybe I had issues. lol



klautrec commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Virtual C...:

Great article. In fact the catalog of old school games on Nintendo eShop and even in the Wii shop is better than in any other online store, it's an advantage in therms of what's being offered beyond Wii U and 3DS exclusive games.

For me, it has a high value, I'm from the 80's I love those games untill these days, and in my opinion it's a better entertainment than a vast number of "new" tittles.

If one day I get married and have children they'll not be allowed to play any new tittles, untill they finish the first Zelda, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Mega Man and other classic tittles. No Let's Play YouTube videos allowed too.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Changing the Media G...:

@sonicfan1373 My thoughts exactly. It is boring as hell to hear about those numbers and things that I don't even know what means.

Also, Nintendo might be traditional when it comes to "making games", but we have to remember this is the company that made NES, Wii and the DS huge sucess consoles, breaking all the traditional formats. You can't expect them to stay the in the same format. Good or Not, they are in EVERY gaming site today.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Changing the Media G...:

I was shocking at first. as always, the media in general, is covering this news in a very odd way, like saying: ''were you expecting Nintendo games this E3? this is why you shouldn't''

After reading Iwata, and most recently NoA press, It may be a good new way.

Also, Nintendo is already making a huge buzz with this "no press conference" thing, I guess this may be a way of getting atention from the media which was concentrated on Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles. If a News like this is getting all covered by game sites, I don't see why big games announcements won't be.



klautrec commented on Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and ...:

I love the part that says: ''We plan to concentrate on proactively releasing key Nintendo titles from the second half of this year through next year in order to regain momentum for the platform.''

Seriously, that's all that matter to me right now. Playing fantastic games on my Platforms, I like the ''guessing game'', but we don't have a clue what's like being a CEO, so let's hope they make the best decicions.



klautrec commented on Rumour: Batman: Arkham Origins to Include Mult...:

I care only about the single player campain in games like these. I don't get why every game now wants to offer online multiplayer. I think it might be a way of covering up the fact that, despite pretty graphics and movie cinematics, a lot of games these days don't offer even 10hs of gameplay.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

Great article, while I agree that Nintendo should try harder to make a proper ad and show off all Wii U funcionalities, I don't think that ''Hardcore'' gamers need ads on TV to know about a videogame, or its games.

Nintendo is doing well advertising to the mainstream public, because that's what the Wii U is in the first place, a console for everybody. and the confusion is with the mainstream audience.

Also, I just want to point out that ''casual'' gamers are not idiots like the general media make it look like. Casual people are interested in games, but they just don't make it their lifestyle.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

I agree that Nintendo needs to get third party support for the wii u, and that the console is in deep need for quality software. after all the "launch window" games were not delivered.

But they still excites me when they show a new mario game, or a new zelda, I still love the company (maybe too much).



klautrec commented on Review: HarmoKnight (3DS eShop):

I was not expecting to buy this game when it was announced, but that demo sold me from the very beggining. GameFreak is very tallented for sure. great review by the way.



klautrec commented on Guide: Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ulti...:

@tanasten Unless, (that's what i'm hoping for) the save on WiiU is not shared between accounts. I hope when my brother logs into his account on WiiU his save file will be there, alone. And once I log into my Nintendo ID my save file will also be unique to me. If its shared, the multiplayer will be screwd :/



klautrec commented on Guide: Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ulti...:

The problem for me is: I want to play on both systems, but also multiplayer with my brother on the WiiU using my 3DS. If I transfer the Data from WiiU to my 3DS, he won't be able to begin his game, not to metion that while i'm off home he can't play the game because there will be no data. I think for the sake of multiplayer I'll have my WiiU save and my 3DS save, I won't be transfering data. =/ which means I have to play it twice, LOL



klautrec commented on Broken Rules Has A New Game In The Works:

I think Chasing Aurora had plenty of potential for a single player adventure, there aren't many games where you can play as a bird. the artstyle is charming and music is nice. I would love to enjoy an adventure that way. but, I also undertand what they did with the game embracing the asymetric multiplayer on WiiU launch. Seems like they realised this potential, I wish them the best luck, they're very talented.



klautrec commented on Nintendo Loses 3D Patent Case Against Former S...:

2 years after 3DS launch. I doubt Nintendo has break any patent. If they were interested in his technology, they would have bought from him, isn't that the purpose he showed Nintendo his patent? It happened with the Wii remote too, but this time Nintendo wasn't luck, who's next? gamepad broken patents?



klautrec commented on Sakurai: Online Play Will Be Improved in Upcom...:

If it is lag free, It will already be improved! good luck to master sakurai. Smash bros U/3DS is gonna be great. I still find hard to believe we are getting 2 versions of the best modern fighting game of all time!



klautrec commented on Apollo Justice Returns in Ace Attorney 5:

The games I spent most of my time playing on DS is back!

That's one of the reasons I still love capcom, they have such interesting games. I only hope we don't have to make a petition to get an western release...



klautrec commented on Nintendo Download: 14th March 2013 (Europe):

I would love to try the Need for Speed Demo, they should release before the game, because, after march 18 people will be a LOT busy playing monster hunter to care about that game

Edit: I'm gonna try Chasing Aurora. it's one of a few games that I still didn't purchased from WiiU eshop.



klautrec commented on Team Meat: We'd Work With Nintendo If Meat Boy...:

as much as I love super meet boy, I don't see the point of that character on smash bros U/3D. I also don't see the point of Nintendo giving money for them, to develop for WiiU eshop, because it's self-publish and they can price it whatever they want.



klautrec commented on Developer Interview: Uncade's David Byers Talk...:

I like the ''random'' idea, let's see what comes out of it. It might have a great replay factor, its a short game but different everytime you play it. If its fun, then the game will be absolutelly fantastic!

I'm looking forward to this game. great interview.



klautrec commented on Ubisoft Is "Optimistic" About Wii U, But Would...:

@LDXD I love your avatar! hahaha

Well, The thing is, the WiiU needs games! Nothing will sell a system like good games. I'm really happy that Ubisoft is embracing the console, not only on launch but now we have ACIV and watch dogs, that's great I love their games.



klautrec commented on Miyamoto: Harnessing NFC On Wii U Is Our Prior...:

@DrKarl He said Nintendo is already developing games that supports 2 gamepads, that will make people look for another gamepad to buy, if in the future, a lot of people have 2 gamepads in their homes, they can make the experience even better developing content that will focus primarily on the use of multiple pads.



klautrec commented on Doesn't Look Like Minecraft Will Be Coming To ...:

I don't get it. The WiiU is the only home console that has self-publish content for indies on eshop. If they don't embrace iniciatives like this, I don't get this market anymore. Also, the WiiU gamepad would be the perfect tool for crafting and exploring the world. They might have already a new contract with sony, that's the only resonable reason.



klautrec commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Revised Approach to E3:

@aaronsullivan Yeah, that's why it's very unlikely. People would be somehow frustrated with the lack of detail, or gameplay bugs. Journalists are well aware that those experiences are still under development and the demos are showcasing the concepts of the game. Unless they make these demos already thinking about releasing them on eshop and these games are almost on gold stage. But i'm really happy that we'll be playing a 3D mario and mario kart soon on WiiU! Something tells me this year is gonna be the BOMB!



klautrec commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Revised Approach to E3:

The announcement of Monolith's ''X'' was totally unexpected. Also, even at e3 2013 I wouldn't expect a playable 3D mario game. You know what would be great? If we could get a taste of these new games at the same time of the Journalists on the show floor at E3 2013, downloading the same WiiU demos they are playing, in our houses.