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Fri 28th Aug 2009

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Klapaucius commented on Rumour: Donkey Kong 3D Swinging Into View:

This is very interesting... while America and Europe got that message a couple of weeks ago on SwapNote saying 'I hope everyone's looking forward to a new Zelda' or something similar, here in Japan we got a message teasing a new Donkey Kong game.
Hope it's DK643D, or at least a game in that vein.



Klapaucius commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

What I really want is something that can backup my savegames from my old N64 cartridges, possibly combined with a machine that can play N64 cartridges long after my N64 bites the dust. Anything like that around?



Klapaucius commented on Review: iSpot Japan (DSiWare):

The photos and trivia sounds good for anyone interested in Japan (I like that description of Nebuta), which is probably a large number of DS users / Nintendo's fanbase.



Klapaucius commented on Rumour: Japanese Developers Moving from Vita t...:

Had a look at a Vita and some of its games today. Took some finding - no big posters or anything, while the 3DS still has a big presence in the shop. Nothing really interesting on it, especially when compared to the games available for the 3DS now. The shelf space dedicated to the 3DS is also 4 times more than the Vita's.
Either Sony needs to do more to sell the Vita, or the shops aren't confident in it.



Klapaucius commented on Bit Boy!! ARCADE for eShop is Halfway Done:

Buying continues with Play Coins is a great idea. I wish more developers, especially Nintendo, would do more with the Play Coins. I was disappointed that Mario Kart 7 made no use of them whatsoever.



Klapaucius commented on Kid Icarus AR Cards Come with a Tasty Treat:

Selling cards and figures with a small sweet is common practice in Japan. Most supermarkets have an entire aisle dedicated to these. There's a higher tax on toys than on confectionery in Japan, so by adding something inside the package they cut back on paying taxes.



Klapaucius commented on Genius Sonority's eShop AR RPG Looks Mad:

That looks awesome! Shame I don't have enough money on the eShop at the moment. Definately keeping an eye on this.
I don't suppose Nintendo Life will review it unless it's released in Europe/NA



Klapaucius commented on First NES Game Hits 3DS Virtual Console in Jap...:

The icon now has a little Famicom next to it
edit: on closer inspection, the 'icon' for the game is now a TV, with a Famicom next to it (should be a NES outside of Japan).
@22, no cool artwork, sadly. Just screenshots and many sprites with explanations.

Can't wait to get the rest with save state.



Klapaucius commented on Help Professor Layton Find the Lost Future on ...:

I wonder why they have to keep changing the title.
In the 2nd game, it was Diabolical Box in NA and Pandora's Box in the UK. They did call mention Pandora's Box a lot in the game by name... I'm curious if in the NA version the dialogue was different, so there was no reference to Pandora's Box.



Klapaucius commented on Start Saving as Famicom Box Surfaces on eBay:

@Prosody , Ah, yes, I can see Donkey Kong in there. If it was higher res I could read what other games are locked inside.
Unless you can find some more special carts for it, no need to get the old crowbar to work
If its only 10 games, unless any of them are incredibly rare and/or not on the VC, then it would be much cheaper to buy the games seperately or on VC even. Still, nice bit of Nintendo history



Klapaucius commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

I love F Zero X on the N64.
I wanted this back in the day, but other purchases got in the way and I never got it in the end. I played a little on a friend's copy and found the steering to be rather loose, but I'm sure I would have gotten used to it. A possible retro purchase in the future