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Wed 26th Nov 2008

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Kknight commented on US Holiday Wii Sales Top 3 Million:

@15 - I think the whole "people only buy the console with Wii Sports and no other games" is a fallacy. I don't have a link at the moment, but every time I've seen attach rate numbers, the Wii has been higher than PS3 or XB360.



Kknight commented on Wii Fit Doesn't Improve Fitness?: OWNING Wii Fit doesn't guarantee results? Well neither does OWNING a bicycle or a bowflex. You have to actually use the thing. It seriously sounds like the "study" consisted of "here we will give you a copy of Wii Fit and check on you in 3 months, then take it away and check on you in another 3." It would be far more meaningful if they said, "in order to participate in the study, you have to USE Wii Fit for 60 minutes a day" or whatever.



Kknight commented on It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed:

@shinkukage09 - As pointed out by buffalobob (#47) this is not aimed at you. It is not a move by Nintendo to screw over people who already bought a DSi. This is a DSi aimed at the older generations and/or those that don't have the best eyesight. Calm down. That goes for a number of other people too.



Kknight commented on Excitebots Crashes Out At Retail:

As a couple people have pointed out, it is not valid to compare this to Mario Kart...they are nowhere near the same.

Anyway, I had pre-ordered this and when I picked it up at Game Crazy they told me that I was the only one that had ordered it and it was the only copy they got in the shipment. I haven't paid attention to whether they've stocked any on the shelves since. Very disappointing. It is fantastic fun and lots of people are missing out on it. I've never had a problem getting into a game online though.



Kknight commented on WiiWare Games Now Available On Amazon:

I wonder if this could have the positive side effect of raising awareness? How many "casual" Wii owners are out there that don't realize that the Wii can connect to the internet, or that they can purchase games from the Wii shop, etc? Yet these same people are more likely to be familiar with purchasing things from Amazon.



Kknight commented on Capcom: Mega Man 9 is Best Selling WiiWare Title:

"Best selling" can have several different definitions. Keep in mind there is a fair amount of DLC available for MM9, so if they are totalling those downloads as seperate "units" that could boost the numbers significantly. It would make a difference if they are using dollar amounts or wii point amounts as the measurement as well. "Best selling" doesn't necessarily have to mean that MM9 sold more copies than any other Wiiware game.



Kknight commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (26th Nov):

@Tony - I'm not too worried about the future of Wiiware at this point...I don't think the situation is anywhere near that dire yet. I only count 5 or 6 games in the Top 20 that could be considered complete shovelware that is not worthy of anyone's points. There are a few other games that I have no interest in personally, but that aren't necessarily shovelware. Also, the fact that the Top 5 is pretty consistently solid from week to week should give you hope. I think most developers should get the right message.

On another note, does anyone know which game is the current record-holder for most weeks at #1 (either consecutive or not?)