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Tue 15th Jan 2013

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Kiteleon commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@ Doma
I have to completely agree with you; Brawl was a nice game (hell, I bought my Wii for it!) but when I had it hands down, I quite playing the game when I had all characters unlocked. I just didn't feel the urge to complete and finish every little challenge in Brawl. In Melee however, I would 'fox' around every little corner of the game, making sure I had every trophy out there. And Brawl's little adventure mode never made much sense to me: was I playing Super Smash, or another (spin-off) entry of Mario? Last but not least, I really hated Brawl's minigame for trophies. The idea was great, but it resulted in playing the shooting the same enemies and using the same mechanics all the time.
As a side-note, I would rather have the new Super Smash focus on a balanced and diverse character roster, than simply having as many characters as possible. I prefer quality over quantity, since having more characters means it's more difficult to balance physics, speed, movement and power. Let's hope it'll work out anyway!