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KiroX777 commented on $1.2 Billion Wiped Off Nintendo's Market Value...:

@Kolzig i Know it may seem crazy, but i play super nintendo and n64 games as well as gameboy on my smart phone just fine! no need to wait for nintnendo to release these old games on their console which takes them FOREVER! also i mostly play killer instinct for super nintendo, on my phone. (Thats something nintendo can NEVER do for you!) They have to jump through hoops, we as consumers and our internet dont need to worry about those things, we just buy/download and play! simple.

And btw i learned how to use the touchscreen to do all kinds of combos on a slightly sped up killer instict. THAT says a lot! But if u want buttons... that can be aranged. just sayin.
I want nintendo to keep making consoles too but they need to stop being so damn closed minded and stubborn!! We almost want them to fail too, just in hopes that they get the picture and wake tf up! And stop half-donkeying everything!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

Subspace was fun, i only had wished i could have been able to link up with my friend online who was on the phone with me as we played through subspace together (no online voice chat really sucks sometimes...)

I hoped similar to how i saw my friends play, native offline multiplier games, online with their 360. That something similar could be in the works with nintendo games, where we have more options to play online, with normally offline games and modes. nintendo fusion should be able to pull off online feat. such as that!



KiroX777 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

What i would love is for Nintendo to take the Ouya/PSMobile Dev ect. and allow their consoles to have more freedom. The same reason the galaxy android phones are so popular is the ability to download apps made by the community, instead of restricted to 1st party only with few selected 3rd parties here and there. The 3ds and wiiu or rather the ULTRA Nintendo and Ultra NDS! ^.^ Should have an excellent app/game maker built in as one of the main functions of the machines. in 2014, unity should be a norm. IMHO.. Just saying.



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Zombie_Barioth but it thought it was easy... its called items! lol

i know im too good for my friends to beat sometimes, but like with melee, it was easily solved when we would start the game with items on accidentally, and said, screw it lets just play with it.. and its a lot of fun! really funny stuff goes on. and sure i can wavedash and combo but whats that going to do against a super star opponent lol or when my opponent somehow manages to magically call out both a ho-oh and lugia from the only 2 pokeballs on the stage.. NOTHING! lol

and i know what "im only human" means lol i was just trying to open some more minds. same way i say yolo is a fxckin joke! false terms need to be called out.



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

the next smash bros confirms random tripping gone, and ive noticed while analyzing gameplay trailers that hitstun seems to be back! therefore meaning combos are back. if thats the case, then im happy either way at this point (poor online features like missing online leaderboards and no choice of having ranked or custom "with anyone" 'quick matches' wifi matches might change that though...)
So as long as i can combo your burro i'm happy! muahaha! melee eliteists will rise again! >=D lol



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Williaint Basketball should be played for fun aswell but we have the NBA for those willing to play by a set of balanced rules to have serious competitions, sure its still fun, but serious at the same time. once again a person can play basket ball how he wishes. i can make it interesting making players hoola-hoop while playing all typa stuff. and thats just fine! its casual play. but nothing wrong either about competitive play, i say if the game gets competitive, dont feel bad, GET THAT WIN!!!!

i love brawl just cause it was new and on the wii, and it was so hype with snake and sonic, which ended up pulling in ALL the "sony drones" new players in my school for that snake alone! For making smash bros so popular to the point where i can actually find girl players, even the good looking ones! play. For that i love brawl.

But when it came to where the game mattered most for us pro smash vets, it fell short. random tripping was the fiery passionate rage that turned brawl into the 3d mugen we see today. and sakurai is to blame ( or thank donno which project m ftw and Khaos ftw too, (coming soon) )



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

and not to turn this into a political youtube comment section lol but I'm glad Sakurai knows more than just being a troll sometimes

Labels in general limit things, not just in a gaming genre, but in virtually everything. Calling yourself, black, white, hispanic, indian, chinese, republican, democrat, AMERICAN, ect... has some of societies infinite possibilities, problems and solutions contained and limited by these labels. think about it.

i for one know i'm consciousness, contains all this IS in that label lol. a spirit WITH a human body. NOT a human meat suit WITH a spirit. "I'm only human" is a lie!



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Ernest_The_Crab well no.. you got that wrong. sakurai even admitted that he knew wavedashing was in melee, "Of course, we noticed that you could do that during the development period." -Sakurai (and the part about chain grabbing... major FACEPALM! smh its a part of the game! you cant stop a person clever enough to realize you can do these things (-__-') and it was made worse in brawl!! ice climbers, falco, dedede, marth grab release chains on ness.. worse part is you cant escape it! atleast in melee you can make it hard for him to chain throw you by way of DI.)

not only that but since n64 what casual players might not realize is Smash Bros ALWAYS had secret advanced techniques to keep players getting better. What is today known as L-Canceling in melee was in smash bros since DAY 1! it was official called "smooth landing" before! which brings me to my point... did casual players care? that players could play more advanced if they so choose? to the point where today people like Isiah have the ability to pull off zero to death combos in smash bros 64.. actual legit combos where you have to put the control down cause their aint no escape cause he's too good, combos!

At least melee balanced the competitive aspects keeping smooth landing as well as the obvious airdodging sliding trick we call today "wavedashing". And again.. did casual players care when the game first came out?? or did they just have fun playing casually with items... it wasnt until the game was pushed to its limits that players started getting butt hurt, cause they themselves cant play well enough to compete. Its just like basket ball in a school gym. sometimes people want serious games to test skill, while others just want to have fun. neither is wrong! but seem to both hate each other at times for not playing like how they themselves do.



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Caryslan i agree with the no gimicks thing, but i doubt that will be an issue. if anything the only "gimmick" imo was on the casual side, the smash ball. an item to try to encourage no item pros to use items or something.

But i do understand the concern with noobs not being able to play cause the pros occupy the court atm. but that should be motivation to get better! not fold your arms and frown and say its not fair! it does get a bit boring too when your too good and your friends dont have much of a chance. they be like "... well.. time to play another game?" Nooo!! lol just learn how to win! as long as competitive players have somewhere to all meet up online in the next smash bros and casuals have one too, there should be no problem!

but for offline, if you cant beat me offline, maybe we can join forces and play adventure mode, ect or just put on items on. its not as complicated as people and sakurai is making it seem. competitive players are here to stay! dont ignore them, and everything will be fine. casuals will be fine playing the game casually until they shelve it after they beat it lol while competitive players will keep the meta game going, blowing your mind pushing the game to its limits, creating combo videos, and making money coming out on top in tourneys... jus sayin'.



KiroX777 commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

@Trippinator but fans dont mean brawl was inferior in every way when they say it sucks. Its just the transition from melee to brawl was horrible for those who got to love the competitive aspect that melee offered. Just imagine all the added brawl upgrades of graphics, stages, characters, SSE, ect. ect. WITH THE COMBOS AND COMPETITIVE ASPECTS OF THE SERIES INTACT! WHO COULD HATE THAT GAME? no one! melee would have been just old memories, instead of a still relevant smash game like it is now making it to EVO over casual brawl all typa stuff.. and the competitive aspects is such a loved part among the die hard fans (yes the "loudest" ones) the ones i think should matter most imho.

It's like trying to make the perfect new Basket Ball game, to appeal to ALL fans of the game, and you ignore the "loudest voices" saying they want alley-oops, and various other competitive tricks added in a realistic way. and you pay more attention to the casual "silent majority" and add random tripping and remake the rules to best suit newbies who prolly dont know the rules of the game very well and dont know the technical aspects of competitive basketball where things get a lil more serious. It can be done right, yes, but what are the chances of that kind of game succeeding when the ones who play it more cant stand it.

Why cant the next smash game offer a choice between play styles, i mean that could be interesting. choose 1 melee airdodge and wavedashing vs unlimited brawl airdoges and no wavedashing. i've personally always wanted them 2 play styles to vs each other on the same screen. And the same way ssf4;3d edition lets you choose between the casual easy 'lite' touch controls or the 'pro' balanced touch controls and even lets you chose which control scheme you want to allow to vs you online. The next smash bros should do something similar.

So i say, If people love to show how much their training paid off with 1v1 matches and items off, let them! but dont limit the fans to ONLY play casually, with things like random tripping and removing combos as well as all the competitive aspects the series always had! its just plain wrong. the same way melee and n64 doesnt LIMIT a player to ONLY playing competitively is the same way it should be for ALL Smash Bros Installments!!



KiroX777 commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

@Philip_J_Reed but the wiiu 'single touch' touch screen isnt even top notch over a smart phone's 'multi-touch' screens anyway... I mean if nintendo had some type of new upgraded touchscreen that supports multi touch as well as pressure sensitive (just off the top of my head) then yea! nintendo could dominate, but they chose to use the same ds touchscreen and we call it next gen? i have to agree with the article.



KiroX777 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo 3DS Direct Summary:

idk, i think this video is right
its time these guys resign or something. nintendo is too out of touch with gamers over here. ps4 and 720 is on the way and looks like the wii u will be in the same position as it was when the 7th gen was going on. ps3 and 360 were the only systems taken seriously while wii was that console sitting on the sidelines... smh we need a genuine petition. i want nintendo to be the great company it once was. but seems like these two arent doing it any justice... have an opened mind with this thing



KiroX777 commented on Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console:

ok all this VC stuff is cool, but its not good enough imo. why cant we get retro games like the Xbox live arcade has it? where we can play these old classics ONLINE! I dont see the point in rebuying these old games like say smash bros melee, and there is nothing new at all added to it. is it really that hard to code a program that allows 2 players to be played through your internet connection? i mean cmon. is the Wiiu attempting to catch up to the competition? or surpass them?... which one?



KiroX777 commented on Satoru Iwata: 'We Have Not Changed Our Strategy':

exactly thats why i say nintendo is a street hustler, creating a cheap 150$ console with pretty much nothing in it and getting people to buy it for 250. the 3ds was worse $100 console selling at $250 (which i bought like an idiot. but w/e got burned by nintendo yet again) and we buy it because its coming with nintendo games?

and like some1 said b4, if only nintendo was cranking out the golden 1st party titles that made up for the lack of power. but we only had like 1 to 3(at most) amazing games per year when it came to wii. super mario galaxy, smash bros, twilight princess, xenoblade(which was a hassle just to get with nintendo's stupid region locking nonsense(hacking ftw?))... i cant think of others atm. but other than that your wii was just collecting dust.

but 360 and ps3 are still filled with way more top quality games to come out round the clock becuase they have the raw power to handle what ever developers want to throw at it. and wii gets the watered down port... even if a game was missing something or wasnt complete they have updates to fix or add to their games.

simply put, power only adds to the possibilities or great games, not just limits them to being shiny looking shovleware. If nintendo says they dont care about their rival's 'beef' that should be concerning because the last thing nintendo needs is to repeat what it did to be so called #1 like the wii turned out to be.

sales doesnt equal best similar to how on youtube most views dont equal best video.
i think of wii as one giant rickroll video we all got tricked into watching LMAO xD



KiroX777 commented on Iwata Expects Wii U to Last a Generation:

the only real posts came from #14 - #21 i stopped reading after #22 because it seems everyone else is str8 ^ nintendofanbois. "we dont need power nintendo! give us another 6th gen console and we're happy! who needs graphics anyways!" lol i once used those words too once opon a time, to make myself feel better the fact that i only owned a wii lol grow up.

I will be buying my Wiiu after they release the black one. Knowing nintendo its best to wait as long as possible before buying their product. My 3ds mocks me everyday when i knew for a fact they would release a new version of the 3ds. but nintendo lied when they said they weren't going to release a new 3ds and how it had everything already. something like that. idk why i trusted them -__- but i couldnt care less anymore with nintendo's false hype, i hope others will have the same patients as i do. its for your own good!



KiroX777 commented on Square Enix: Nintendo Works With a 'Different ...:

well said @gundam00 i agree they each bring something valid to the table. but yet, is it too much to ask that each other learns from one another and makes their system include ALL those innovations as a given? i mean honestly its 2012! how much longer are they willing to push the "not as great as whats currently possible" technology just to make money including it years in the future.

its almost like a phone company coming out with a new old-school styled flip-phone in 2012 that doesnt want to do the "smart phone" thing so no touchscreen and no apps and wants to focus on the best calling and texting experience it can make. imagine this companies phone trying to compete with apple iphone and android smart phones. well this is nintendo and its brilliant idea with Wii. sarcasm of course.



KiroX777 commented on Michael Pachter: Activision Demanded Wii U Pro...:

yay! thank you activision ^.^ someone needed to put their foot down! enough is enough. its cool to have some gimmicks, its not cool to strictly rely on gimmicks. although ironically im looking forward to using my wiimote&nunchuck to play some HD COD! hopefully the WiiU will fully have the one fps gimmick i always wanted: point&shoot vs dual analog! omg i cant w8 to whoop some dual analog ass!. point and shoot all day!! xD



KiroX777 commented on Satoru Iwata: 'We Have Not Changed Our Strategy':

honestly, i find it really naive of most of you nintendo fans to get hype off of this almost sony/microsoft trash talk. it seems nintendo's basic strategy is basically saying 'we dont need to improve power because our fans will buy what ever we put out.' i didnt expect almost the whole comments to support less power... like wtf?? how can you really fall for that BS??

How do you not find it concerning that nintendo spends most of its money into something like the controller that likely wont even be THEE next greatest thing to happen to gaming like nintendo hopes for, over something as needed as power to smoothly process any amount of epicness! i just dont get it.

When the wii was coming out we all had such high hopes for the console, like nintendo is making a huge comeback!... but no, nintendo's choice to be strictly nintendo has hurt its consoles way more than helping it. no HighDef, no hard-drive, lack of basic features, lack of online features. Its almost like their ego (and of course money-greed) is in the way of making truly great consoles for its original fans. (and i say original becuase the new ones seem to be naive little kids who just want their parents to buy them the new system to play mario) a lot of the original fans turned to 360 or ps3 as the main console, and maybe own a wii for a couple exclusives. but for good reason! 360 and ps3 are where you spend most of your time, vs a lame wii. you dont hear people say "COME SEE ME IN C.O.D BLACK OPS... FOR WII!" or "NBA 2K12 for wii." thats because nintendo wants to be nintendo and limit its consoles power. so many fun games fighting games the wii missed out on this gen like uMvC3, ssf4, KoF, MK9, ect. The wii is a cheap little gen6 system in a gen7 race. it can sell all it wants it will never compete with its HD competition. Its only now WiiU will catch up on most of the HD games it missed out on. But its these fans that are so overwhelming its actually causing the systems to be so crappy! like its 40% nintendo's fault and 60% the naive fans. i would admit i was apart of that 60% but im older and more mature now. I just want 1 gen8 console to spend my earned money on, i would love it to be wiiu but seems like it may be gen7 all over again, an xbox 720 or ps4 to spend most of your gaming time and WiiU just for smash bros. smh waist of damn money.
Nintendo is a true street hustler i swear -___-



KiroX777 commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Use the Circle Pad Pro:

i just wish it supports dual analog now, or at least comeback out with a new thumb stylus that allows u to use ur thumb as a stylus, but also allows u to still press buttons. im just waiting on some real call of duty games to come out and not suck for 3ds! that would be a fun game for the train or something.



KiroX777 commented on Millions of Wii Games Pirated in 2011:

well maybe if their consoles didnt suck so hard people wouldnt have any need to want to hack their system (like how satisfied ps3 and 360 owners are). the wii can barely do anything! so to have fun people need hacks which then once its hacked, eventually people realize they can pirate games and so i blame nintendo for the most part. i could hack my ps3, but what for? thats all im saying. but people like "free" so there will always be pirates.

this is your final warning — stop bragging about hacking your console(s), it violates our Rules. if you'd like to discuss our rules with us personally, please feel free to get in touch — TBD



KiroX777 commented on EA Totally Confident in Wii U Online Functions:

Online better be better like EA is claiming. We need active friends list w/o friend codes i want my wiiu able to recieve friend requests unlike 3ds and wii. I jusy cant seem to understand why nintendo holds out on us with these features they know we all want and try to go out their way to be hardheaded and try to tell US gamers what we want "oh no a second slidepad for 3ds isnt neccessary at all my fellow gamers we must listen to nintendo! We dont know what we want hey and its 250! Its a STEAL!" THIS JUST IN: Sony announces ngp with dual analogs better graphics and resolution than 3ds more features like multitouch touch screen and a rear touchpad. All for 250!
Me: "ugh fml..."
The fanboys never listen, staying 100% loyal is actually hurting nintendo giving them false beliefs that they are top gun so they put out stuff with only half their effort with a simple price tag just for money, gamer's happiness comes around last otherwise 3ds and wii would have been so beast and full of life!



KiroX777 commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

@42 smart phone gaming isnt just a fad, smartphones are here to stay. And the problem about no buttons, yea it is annoying at times, but nimtendo creativity can get around simply obsticles like that. Like i downloaded this app that connects my wiimote to my phone and lets u map the buttons to the keypad buttons like some phones(not mine tho) have. So dpad is mapped to the direction arrows and i put 1 and 2 to a and b. Now when i play my nes vc games i simply rest the phone down and use my wiimote as a controller. And since smartphones are always better than Nintendo products i can play my mp3s in the background, or shake my phone to take a picture of the screen to share funny moments and stuff thanks to yet another app called shootme. You people need to get out from under that nintendo rock you all live under. There are way more better experiences out there than nintendo. Wake up guys nintendo will never be top gun at this rate.



KiroX777 commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

Idk what has been going on with nintendo lately. Their consoles suck, they offer very little to no features with their devices; all their games suck now, they only focus their attention on making the games as kiddie as possible; they always stay ignorant to what the gamers really want and it pisses me off. Brawl suffered because of this, so did 3ds and soon to be wiiu. They never follow through with the hype its always lacking in areas thats amazingly basic(like FCs, messaging, media support is all lacking for no reason) its 2011 nintendo stop holding out in a lame effort to prolong your future ideas! Its sad that i have to wait till their sytems gets hacked cuz thats when it unlocks its true potential, case and point the wack ass wii can now play project m a brawl hack which is 20x more fun imo. 3ds hacked would play video files and support some great apps that dsiware could NEVER accomplish! BS apps like calculators and CLOCKS?? nintendo isnt just slacking they fu***ng SUCK. Sorry but the truth hurts sometimes.



KiroX777 commented on Conduit 2:

@16 ehh, black ops and golden eye for wii are the best FPSs by far! the conduit's controls were horrible, the cross-hair was slower than your hand speed (it got to the area i pointed at like .5 sec later) and didnt offer that much customization (not the ones that mattered most anyway) i hope they improve a lot in conduit 2



KiroX777 commented on Observe the Flow of Battle in Pokemon Black & ...:

@6 yea they are making a new 3DS pokemon game. (most-likely grey, gray?... w/e) but i beat this pokemon game already it was sooooooo much fun! nintendo really put a LOT of effort into this game from the intro all the way to the credits. it felt like i was watching a movie at times lol



KiroX777 commented on Why the 3DS Will Not Use an Achievement System:

@86 I loved the achievements in smash bros melee. like beating classic mode for the 1st time, or completing allstar mode on very hard. stuff like that. but hey if a game wanted to use achievements then its up to the game developer, no big deal. i honestly could care less if achievements were in the 3DS or not, i dont even pay much attention to it on my ps3... except for ssf4 it matters just a bit more



KiroX777 commented on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Takes the Fight to ...:

they said the same thing with brawl... "lag-free" HA. what that translates to is, "when you have a decent internet connection, you wont lag". I GUARANTEE you, if your connected w/ some cheap red/1 bar connection, you will LAG!! MUAHAHAHA



KiroX777 commented on 3DS Game Cards Could Reach a Mighty 8GB:

@2 no brawl is 8GB, 3DS is better lookin visually with graphics too. that i think of it. smash bros 3DS would look SEXY with all 8GB used... and passby mode!! wat?!! ill be smacking everyone in my area. we need a good online like a facebookish typa xbox live so people will stay addicted to the smash.



KiroX777 commented on Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With th...:

this is madd old. i remember watching these in jr high. but its so fun to do that long jump backwards into some sort of crack. then u keep jumping to find a crack inside the graphics then it sh00ts you to the other side with madd speed! i wish i could control it like how they do in the video tho XD



KiroX777 commented on Tap Into Details of Super Street Fighter IV 3D...:

@12 nah, if you were smart you would never take your thumb off the d-pad.

also i thought the fire ball button wasnt a big deal because i can still punish that shxt, but a dragon punch button is OD. thats way to easy to punish someone jumping. its supposed to show skill when you can react to someone jumping with a special move like a dragon punch... w/e ill still buss ass :