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Mon 12th August, 2013

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KingofSaiyans commented on Wii U System Update 4.0.3 Goes Live:


Yeah I wouldn't mind a friend only voice chat system. And even if they allowed non-friend voice chat they could easily include a mute option for the trolls who want to act out of hand. But I don't see Nintendo even doing that. Sigh!



KingofSaiyans commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

Lack of marketing and lack games that appeal to an older audience are the main issues I feel. PS4 and Xbone have yet to do anything revolutionary compared to last gen and yet they've caught up to the Wii U in terms of sales in a fraction of the time. Come on Nintendo, strike a balance between the casual audience you so much desire and the older gamers that grew up playing your consoles during their infancy



KingofSaiyans commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

I don't think the issue lies so much on the system but rather how Nintendo chose to market it. I feel they need to appeal to the core gamer just as much as the family gamer. Strike a balance. Core gamers are loyal, casual gamers flock to anything anyone else is playing no matter how terrible the games or console can be



KingofSaiyans commented on Pokémon Bank Remains Offline in Japan as Nint...:


I understand that not everyone is a talker, but at least give the option to talk if someone chooses. Pokemon had it. It makes multiplayer games more enjoyable when people act correct. And for people who want to act out of line can just be muted. It's as simple as that. Nintendo's philosophy is to punish everyone even if only one person misbehaves. Swap note and nes remix challenges are some examples



KingofSaiyans commented on Nintendo "Would Like to Enrich" Its Virtual Co...:

If Nintendo wants to fuse the dedicated handheld users and the smart phone casuals they should just create their own smart phone. Imagine how many people would flock over from their iPhones and Galaxys just to play super mario 3 or perhaps even pokemon on a device (which I assume would have physical buttons if ever created) that Nintendo created.



KingofSaiyans commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Excluding online multiplayer is pretty shocking in this day and age. Almost every multiplayer game has some form of online multiplayer. I get that Miyamoto wants to emphasize local play but would it have really hurt the game if it had online play as an alternative? This is 2013. How does Nintendo expect to create a bigger online community if they don't set the stage.



KingofSaiyans commented on Nintendo Considering Cross-Buy eShop Purchases...:

Why is Nintendo so slow to embrace simple gaming paradigms? They move slower than a snail on molasses. And why would cross play features be in the hands of the developers? It's the consumers that would demand it. Smh. I don't understand what goes on in those executive offices in Japan. It seems like all they do is prance around in muliti-colored tingle outfits all day. I feel they take advantage of the most loyal fans because even though we all know that a lot of their business practices are outdated we still purchase their products.