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KingMike commented on VS. Excitebike Launches Into Some Races Very S...:

@Kobeskillz The track editor in the cartridge version was designed to save to a data cassette tape recorder that was only released in Japan. According to the US manual, it was left it because they said they might support it later (by releasing an NES version of the tape drive) but they didn't. (the tape drive, as well as the FDS itself, the Famicom BASIC programming software and the keyboard for Family BASIC were all made as part of Nintendo's backup plan to repackage the NES as a cheap PC called the AVS in the US, but none got released here.
The disk version saves because it writes the custom track data to the disk.



KingMike commented on Ninterview: Dave Higgins And The Quest For A C...:

He already answered my question about Hammerin' Harry.
I saw one on ebay several years ago for only like $20 and considered buying it (I had heard it a potentially rare game), but it looked in pretty terrible condition (that was water on the label, right...?)



KingMike commented on Video: Say Hello To The SNES Game Which Ships ...:

@retro_player_22 You'd have to have considered the release dates of the SNES and GB versions of Space Invaders.
The Japanese version of GB SI was released in 1990 (so it did not have this SGB mode) and the Super Famicom version was released in 1994.
In the west, the GB version was released in 1994 and the SNES was not released until 1998, so unless you imported you wouldn't have been able to play the SNES version until a few years after the GB.



KingMike commented on Rumour: Rodea the Sky Soldier Release Pushed B...:

A shame but oh well, I got plenty to play until then. Hope it'll be worth the wait.

Until then I guess I should buy the world's greatest hoodie! (I swear that is the one thing that CONSTANTLY comes up on the Sponsored Links here)



KingMike commented on Reminder: Grab a Mythical Diancie in Pokémon...:

I guess Diancie is supposed to be Kalos mythical Pokemon? (and it looks like indeed it was originally released in Japan last year through local wireless for X/Y)
So it's ridiculous you can't get one with a Kalos game (I suppose Nintnedo didn't want players doubling up. Still a shame that once ORAS was released XY was basically thrown under the bus.)
Then again, I think Nintendo Network uses some kind of lockout that prevents you from getting more than one on the same console? (it does warn you that if lose connection during the gift transmission, you lose that gift forever)



KingMike commented on Video: Take A Drip Down Memory Lane With Game ...:

@PlywoodStick The FF enemy's name was likely intentionally changed to avoid trademark issues with the cigarette company it was obviously referencing.

I've wondered if the second game was canceled because it was so close to the PS1 launch (it was scheduled for September 1994, PS launched in December). It was close enough that at some point an ad was produced that I think even gave a price as well as Nintendo serial ID code. The only thing that stands out as incomplete is that the music seems to be broken in the full ending.

@TheWPCTraveler Yes, Sony was once a third-party publisher. Outside of a couple games like this and SNES puzzle-action-RPG Equinox, most of what they released was mediocre-to-bad and possibly why Sega was interested in supporting the PS.
A couple Sony Famicom that are almost hilariously bad: Paris-Dakar Rally Special, a game that just can't decide what it wants to be. I think it might include a couple top-down racing levels (like you'd expect) but also at least one shmup and a sidescroller, and the opening level is a text adventure.
And Captain Ed is a shooter, I think. But I couldn't get very far because it's probably the only shooter where you have to worry about the ship running out of fuel. I swear I clicked every option in the menu but I can't buy from the space gas station.
But in the 16-bit era, they were your typical license-game maker except of course their games were Sony movie games. Though 16-bit Hook was supposedly decent, unlike the NES version AVGN reviewed.



KingMike commented on Square's Romancing SaGa Finally Gets Translate...:

I've been tempted to try it out but during the bugtesting phase for the patch it was found out that the original game was apparently pretty buggy as it was. Supposedly the WonderSwan version was fixed up.
PS2 version sounds like it strays from the original, though I haven't played it.



KingMike commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

I don't see what was so bad about that E3.
Seems Pokemon fans were upset that franchise was left out, but anyone seriously feeling THAT needs an apology for is a bit selfish. They've announced enough lately on that recently, even if it's not the Kalos third version they might have been hoping for.



KingMike commented on Weirdness: The Game Boy XXL Makes The New Nint...:

Reminds me of the person-sized original Game Boy demo stations I played years ago, at Best Buy (most other stores just had small countertop displays).
I think they are called "Demo Boy"
Although it was a huge Game Boy was a large screen demo, it was actually controlled with a normal size Game Boy attached to it.



KingMike commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

The thing that's disappointing is that in like 10-15 years these digital-only games will be as good as erased from existence if nobody will be able to play them anymore.
What about Zelda? Think of the two Satellaview games that we'll likely never be able to play them as they were meant. Unlikely to get an official rerelease by Nintendo, and fan emulation can only partially recreate.
Now imagine if that was every game.
But yeah that's because game developers are probably most concerned with making money today, not are we going to be able to appreciate their work in the future.



KingMike commented on Dark Half Is A Twisted SNES JRPG From The Make...:

I saw in looking over old Nintendo Powers that Enix had considered this for North America before they shut down.
Though from what I've heard of the theme, it sounds pretty unlikely NoA would've let it pass without major censorship.

Retron5 is itself an emulator. There are device to allow you to get a ROM from a legitimate purchased copy for use on other "illegal" emulators. Can't say more I don't think. (it's been said Retron5 is actually more illegal because it used PC emulators without respecting their licensing terms, but that's a different topic.)



KingMike commented on Hudson's SNES JRPG Super Shell Monsters Story ...:

@RegalSin A few others tried, but the only older (fan) translation was its Famicom predecessor (which was originally published by Namco).

This game got one more sequel on the SFC (which, like Far East of Eden Zero, added a real-time function). Then Birthday (the developer)/Hudson made a couple spinoff games for GBC based on one of Birthday's Famicom games, Dream Master (which had some RPG element but was mostly puzzle-solving based).



KingMike commented on Hudson's SNES JRPG Super Shell Monsters Story ...:

I think Hudson was just the publisher. It was developed by Birthday and the sequel to a Famicom game Shell Monsters Story/Kaiju Monogatari, also fan-translated by A CERTAIN SOMEONE years ago.
The first game was almost entirely non-linear as it allowed you to play as any of the four protagonists. They would each start in different corners of the world. You could control any one of them individually but if you were to bring them together they could join together in a single party.
Pretty unique game. The one problem is that, it's an RPG that has almost no reals dungeon to speak of except the final boss' lair. There are some fights in hallways between islands that could've been a neat little tactical game if they had developed it further (although that was 1988, just after Famicom Wars had been made and before Fire Emblem or Shining Force).



KingMike commented on Video: The Nintendo 64 Kid Is Taking Unboxing ...:

I remember when some car company used the original video (except they of course took out mention of the N64) for a commercial right after the original video went viral. That unsurprisingly got annoying quick.
I can't see a new ad doing much different.



KingMike commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega CD:

While Final Fight was certainly a more complete port, one option they could've left in is the new CD music or the original arcade/SNES chiptune music? I think I liked the latter better.



KingMike commented on New River City Ransom Game Announced For The J...:

Jidaigeki was actually the sequel to River City Ransom. I think the name is something like "Kunio's Period Piece". Originally released on Famicom and Game Boy, but never released in the west. Fan translation called it "Technos Samurai".



KingMike commented on Feature: A Celebration of HAL Laboratory - For...:

Boxy Boy? Wasn't that one of the localized names for the box-pushing puzzle game Sokoban? (the best one being the Genesis version "Shove It! The Warehouse Game" )
Nice to see them making a non-Kirby game sometimes. Are we due for another non-Pokemon Game Freak game?



KingMike commented on Weirdness: Club Nintendo Members Attempt to Se...:

I remember when the Smash Bros. 3DS demo first appeared.
Some people were so desperate to play some Smash they were willing to pay $50 or more (more than the full price) FOR A DEMO.
And that was like A WEEK before the full version.