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Mon 2nd Jan 2012

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KingGalaxy commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

This comment is about the flags...

… if I was in the position to bring back the flags, I'd do it instantly. What it boils down to - and the reason why you removed them - is ultimately discrimination, right? So this is well-meant, okay. But if I wanted to discriminate against sb., I could still do it. Clicking on the name or avatar will reveal the person's nationality/location. So if you really want to iron out discrimination, you should also remove the data there. But it seems that you don't want that either. It is, you must admit, interesting to see where somebody is from, and, as people have stated before, it even provides practical benefits to know that (when games and their releases are concerned). So you should reverse this decision, as it is just a halfhearted, inefficient attempt to get rid of discrimination. And you should add the flags to every other gaming site you run as well. These flags just make sense.

However, the revelation of one's nationality/location only makes sense if it happens in the right position. The flags made it easy to see someone's nationality/location, so that was good. Having to click on a user to see where he or she is from is annoying. Hey, but this is good, you might say now, because we want that there is some kind of obstacle that makes it less easy to discriminate against so. But, I would answer, c'mon, is that the best obstacle you can think of? Y'know, I don't like discrimination as well, but one click will not solve this “problem” (this bad, bad problem... (I have never seen this form of discrimination happen on this site!)).

Also, this reminds me of a discussion on the forums of an online dictionary. One harmless question that was actually already answered to the questioner's complete satisfaction resulted in a discussion; the discussion was about whether you can use the two words 'special treatment' in Germany. One guy said that you should not use it anymore because the Nazis misused the term. So he suggested an alternative which would sound nicer in his opinion.
This is, just like the removal of the flags, an exaggerated protective measure. Unnecessary and stupid as hell. Sometimes, people just need to grow up and get with the times.
This will become even clearer when you have a look at a response by another guy. He said that we should stop speaking German because the Nazis spoke German. This comment really hit the nail on the head.

So looking at the removal of the flags with this story in mind, I think that it is needless censorship. What's next, changing everyone's user name to 'nl user' and only showing the actual names on the user profiles because, you know, they could provoke discrimination, too?

Any individual, personal thing can provoke discrimination. And everyone should know this, too: there are idiots living in every country, and there are nice people living in every country. Consequently, discriminating against people because of their nationality/location makes no sense. But if one of those idiots starts to do this nevertheless (because he or she is idiotic), why not being strict with these idiots instead of punishing all the others who liked seeing those flags. Why not banning that idiot instead of banning all the flags.

Wanting equality in the sense of equal rights is all right. Wanting equality in the sense of uniformity, however, is a different thing. It can be all right, too; but in our case it's not. Instead of hiding people's nationalities/locations and trying to make everything look homogeneous, let's embrace the difference and show the nationality/location with a flag!

Removing the flags does not help anyone. It's a step backwards. Protection by hiding? Weak. If the wolf is hungry, he'll eat you nevertheless. Protection by grabbing a flag and then stabbing him with the flagpole? Now we're talking.

But seriously, I want these flags to appear on this site again. Like many other people, too. At the very least, and as it was suggested before, you should let us vote on whether or not we want them back.