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Re: 3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements


I don't find slow software sales surprising in this economic climate. I have seen games that I would have normally picked up and if I ddn't like them I would have traded in but as it stands I'm holding out for the games that I am almost sure that I will like. Games like Mario kart and SM3DL are sure fire hits and will almost certainly sell well but when it comes to lesser known titles people are going to be more conservative.

Re: Review: Job Island: Hard Working People (Wii)


What games (Jobs) didnt you like in particular there were a few like the delivery man which i found to be a bit "klunky" but others like bodybuilding and aerial photgraph were fun while fishing I found myself trying to constantly better my score.

As far as the US name goes I also am under the impression it is going to be called Help Wanted.

Re: Review: Pass Your Driving Theory Test (DS)


What's the matter with a 7? It's a fair mark. The rating system says a 6 is not bad, 7 is good and an 8 is very good... well it wasn't a 'not bad' but it wasnt a 'very good' hence a 7. It did what it did well but it was lacking a few things like mini games, 2 player options and music.