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Thu 13th Nov 2008

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Khellendros commented on Review: Texas Hold'em Poker (WiiWare):

Sorry to disagree with the reviewer but I think this is a great game for what it costs. The online works flawlessly and is much more enjoyable than the single player mode (i can´t understand how can someone prefer the single player AI to playing with human counterparts). The online leaderboards, the possibility of inviting a friend to your table at any time or making custom tournaments or cash games (for all people or if you prefer, only for friends) makes this a game that you can enjoy everyday for a very long time.

This is the first review of Nintendo Life I completely disagree with. Maybe it has to do with poker itself, maybe some people just don´t enjoy it.

Sorry for the bad English.

EDIT: By the way, the strategy in this game remains, you can´t say there isn´t any. Maybe using a webcam could have made it better (in the other poker game you can change your Mii´s face expression and in this one you can choose a sentence that implies you have a good or a bad hand, both things are exactly the same in practical terms), but the way yo bet and how you change your betting methods depending on what cards you have (and of course, trying to fins out how your opponents play and make those decisions) is the where the real strategy is.

EDIT 2: Completely agree with the fact that the best option of course is to spend a night at your house or at a mate´s house playing the game (for money or not), but you know, that is not always possible, i thought we all knew this was the great thing about onlne play xD.



Khellendros commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (19th Nov):

Spanish WiiWare charts!

1- My Aquarium
2- TV Show King
3- Brain Challenge
4- Tetris Party
5- Space Invaders Get Even
6- Alien Crush Returns
7- Bomberman Blast
8- Lost Winds
9- Midnight Pool
10- Helix
11- The Incredible Maze
12- My Pokemon Ranch
13- Wild West Guns
14- Final Fantasy MLAAK
15- Defend your Castle
16- MegaMan 9
17- SPOGS Racing
18- Midnight Bowling
19- Cocoto Fishing Master
20- Home Sweet Home

Well, I can´t say i really like the first three spots...And MegaMan 9 doesn't seem to be doing very well in Spain. At least Bomberman Blast, Tetris Party and Lost Winds are in the top 10.



Khellendros commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (12th Nov):

Hi everyone!
Spanish WiiWare Chart:

1- My Aquarium
2- Tv Show King
3- Tetris Party
4- Mind Challenge (N)
5- Space Invaders Get Even (N)
6- Helix
7- The Incredible Maze
8- Bomberman Blast
9- My Pokemon Ranch
10- Alien Crush Returns (N)
11- Midnight Pool
12- Lost Winds
13- Wild West Guns
14- Megaman 9
15- Defend Your Castle
16- Final Fantasy: MLAAK
17- Home Sweet Home
18- Midnight Bowling
19- SPOGS Racing
20- Potpurri

No comment on number 1. What are we spaniards thinking of...?