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Sun 11th Oct 2009

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kevohki commented on Nintendo Reveals New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS:

Hopefully Nintendo doesn't play it safe like they did with NSMB Wii. Some difficulty and interesting levels would be nice. Let Retro make it or at least do some of the level design. After playing Rayman Origins (and DKCR to a lesser degree), my expectations for future 2D platforming games have skyrocketed.



kevohki commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

It's ironic that I was defending Square-Enix a couple months ago on another site by saying something along the lines of, "We can still trust Square-Enix to do the right thing with Dragon Quest. The company isn't dumb enough to run Dragon Quest into the ground or turn it into a MMO like they did with Final Fantasy." I stand corrected.



kevohki commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

I feel like bashing them some more. If they never shut down Clover Studio, we might have gotten a beautiful next-gen Okami sequel that the series deserves. Along with a sequel to Godhand. Who knows, Viewtiful Joe 3 might have been green-lit. Oh, and they would actually still have talent left at the company. Devil May Cry 4 was mediocre by it's own merits, just bad if compared to DMC3.

And they returned to milking their fighting franchises to death and ripping off their customers... all within a year. They've been failing for years. Honestly, even before they closed Clover considering they forced the studio to rush development on certain games and then still just threw all their advertising $ at Resident Evil 4 with none for going to other games.



kevohki commented on Zelda is No Longer Royalty in Skyward Sword:

They said they drew a lot of inspiration from Majora's Mask when developing the characters that interact with you in the sky city. GOOD. That makes me believe this will be far better than Twilight Princess.



kevohki commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

He's right, sorry to say. Plus it never dawned on many people that Nintendo just ripped a page out of Sony's book with the Wii U controller. Sony did rip off the motion controller but Nintendo essentially just ripped off the PSP's (and soon to be Vita's) remote play feature. Except you need the Wii U in the general area for it to work so they kind of ripped it off just to make it work worse, lol.



kevohki commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

Bad launch lineup + too expensive = Not meeting sales expectations. Make better launch games and get better 3rd party support for your launch besides ports. It was released prematurely, you aren't fooling anyone except the people who bought Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D.



kevohki commented on Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever':

He's right. I'm personally going to be playing many of those 3rd party games Nintendo had at the show on my PS3 months before the Wii U is even released. Price point and Nintendo series are the only things that will determine if I buy their next console. If it's significantly more than $300, count me out.



kevohki commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

I tend to agree. The NGP is looking amazing by comparison in graphics and games. The 3DS hasn't blown me away. Until the system gets some games worth playing on it besides updated N64 games, mini-games being sold as a full games (Capcom...), and ports of games I already have, then it really is just a updated DS.



kevohki commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

The better discussion should be "Should Nintendo move into the 21st century when it comes to their online and storage practices, along with making strides to gather more good 3rd party support?" The short and correct answer is YES.



kevohki commented on How Retro Studios Achieved Backing from Nintendo:

@20 Zelda hasn't always been strictly Nintendo. Capcom made some of the best Zelda games. For me the Zelda formula has become stale and could use a revamping from another developer with Nintendo overseeing things.



kevohki commented on Rumour: Sega and Griptonite Working on Shinobi...:

Great news. I can't believe all the people bashing the PS2 Shinobi game. It wasn't a bad game, just different from games that came two generations before it (which is completely understandable). The only things you can legitimately fault it for were the difficulty and bland environments. The game is the posterchild for the cop-out "It's hard so it sucks" criticism as many reviewers at the time pointed out. Considering the other junk Sega put out post-Dreamcast, Shinobi was a gem.



kevohki commented on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Sequel Unlikely to Hit th...:

Can't they just cut to the chase and make Nintendo vs. Capcom already? Tatsunoko is cool and all but the brand isn't that exciting to the majority of people outside of Japan, even though I loved Samurai Pizza Cats and Gatchaman.



kevohki commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

The game was alright. It was essentially Okami-Lite in every way. It certainly had the most forgettable story and characters in the Zelda series. The wolf gameplay was awful and slow. Unpopular opinion but I hated Midna. She was annoying, bossy, had the underdeveloped personality of a shrew, and just unlikeable. Hard to care about her or any other character in Twilight Princess.



kevohki commented on Review: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation ...:

@7: Probably because the genre in general has become as stale and boring as Western first-person shooters. Exceptions are remakes of good games (Chrono Trigger) and the occasional hit that isn't titled Dragon Quest or Shin Megami Tensei which actually brings something new/interesting to the generic JRPG formula (The World Ends With You, Tactics Ogre).