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Sun 4th Aug 2013

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kepsux commented on Super Mario Maker Won't Filter Your Naughty Le...:

Has anyone seen how the online level browsing experience will actually be? Like, is there a voting system so you can sort by "best" levels, or is it just going to be a firehose of random levels? I'd hope there was also a way to browse my friend's creations as well, but with how bad Nintendo tends to be at the internet I'm not holding my breath.



kepsux commented on There's Another New Weapon Coming To Splatoon ...:

I know some Japanese. Here's my translation.

Tomorrow on June 13th at 11am (Japan time) a new shooting weapon called "Sharp Marker" will be added. It shoots bullets (ink) in a rapid-fire scatter pattern.

It has a low offensive power, but in close combat it is very strong.

The sub weapon is the "Cuban Bomb" and it's special is the "Bomb Rush"

End translation.

What...what is the Cuban Bomb?



kepsux commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Developers Discuss...:

I quite enjoy it as a strictly relaxing game. The presentation is incredible too, but I wonder if it would have been better suited for the 3DS instead of the WiiU given that it's basically 100% played on the gamepad.



kepsux commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Introduces His Pikmin Short F...:

I had the awesome opportunity to go see the showing of the shorts and discussion Miyamoto had afterwards. The shorts were really quiet delightful, but Miyamoto seemed disappointed they didn't draw big laughs. It was an odd crowd, mostly seemed to be people who had no idea what a Pikmin was, although there were clearly some game fans sprinkled in.



kepsux commented on Nintendo's Point of Sale Cards Helping to Driv...:

A big part of this is the fact that Japan is still very much a cash culture. People here have credit cards but it is not nearly as widespread as it is in other countries. Without these POS eshop cards very few people would use the downloadable service in Japan, I know I wouldn't.

Sidebar: The cards are sold everywhere, literally in every convienence store. It's really handy.