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Tue 17th Dec 2013

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Kenseiden commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

yeah those are great games and Its not even right to point out 'the' best game ever (and not even interesting). That said, these Zelda games, (link to the past, ocarina, twilight princess) are definetly amazing titles that are worth your time thats for sure.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Metroid is also very sick.



Kenseiden commented on Review: Mega Man 6 (3DS eShop / NES):

this game is pretty awesome and it deserves at least an 8.

I am very tired to see sequences getting low rates while pokemons sequences all get 9s and 10s.

I wish i could erase all the megaman stages from my memory to play them all again - something I usually do each 5-7 years.



Kenseiden commented on Review: 3D Altered Beast (3DS eShop):

I always hated Altered Beast, and its always painful to argue that with my friends. Finally NintendoLife made justice for giving this weak, boring, irritatingly bad game what it deserves.

No I'm not buying it for nostalgia.