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Female, 24, United States

Economics student by day, Dovahkiin by night.

Mon 17th Feb 2014

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Kelstormborn commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

I was so excited when I saw this happening, but I didn't get to stick around on twitter to watch all the comments and memes. I would definitely pay more attention to the Nintendo twitter account if they did something like this once or month or every other month. It was a smart move



Kelstormborn commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

While I think it's nice they're trying to appeal more to the female demographic (as a female gamer myself), I find it a bit hard to watch. Maybe it's the people they hired for this, but I'm not getting the vibe they genuinely enjoy the games they're talking about. If I'm going to watch 3+ minute videos, they better not all seem like they're just reading a script. That being said, it's a nice idea for more involvement and I'm curious to see if it actually works out.



Kelstormborn commented on Zero Escape Series Creator Considering New Opt...:

I would love it if they were able to make the next installment because there was a lot not answered in the last game. Of course fans like myself, after spending countless hours on these games want some closure for these characters and the series in general. I would completely donate to their Kickstarter if they made one, but hopefully all this publicity will help too.