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KeithTheGeek commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

I agree with the SM64 port idea, but only because I disagree with one of your points. The controls and movement in Mario 64 is hardly glorious. Perhaps for the time it was, but have you gone back to play it recently? Practically every 3D Mario released since then has had better controls. An upgraded version of the DS version, with controls built to better match Sunshine/Galaxy, would be ideal I think.

Other than that, Pokemon Snap would be much better suited for a Wii U release, unless they were willing to take advantage of the augmented reality features of the 3DS (remember those?). My personal pick would be Kirby 64, since that's one of my favorite N64 games and could use a few small touch ups here and there.

I'd actually like the original Paper Mario as well, considering how disappointing Sticker Star ended up being. And I don't think having an existing game in a franchise be on a system is good grounds for not releasing another iteration of it, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten games like Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and more.



KeithTheGeek commented on ​Sakurai Considered Having All Fighters Unlo...:

Eh, personally I feel like the option should have been there to carry over the 3DS unlocks to Wii U. That includes characters and custom parts, and we maybe could've taken it a step further by allowing you to unlock CDs in the 3DS version to jump start your music collection process for Wii U.

The way it is set up now is that a lot of the relevant game content - the aforementioned characters, custom parts, as well as stages and music - is locked behind either uninteresting game modes, frustrating game modes, or just requires you to grind single player over and over and over...

So I dunno. I definitely think they should have approached unlocks differently in this game, without having to remove them entirely. Frankly, I'm more annoyed I can't send custom moves to the Wii U version. I spent a lot of time grinding Smash Run and other modes to get custom moves I wanted for certain characters (and grab some for others I didn't!) and you're going to tell me I can't send them over to the Wii U game? Sure, I can pre-build a character and do it that, but then I can't edit the character on the Wii U...



KeithTheGeek commented on Another Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Batt...:

I think paying any more than $20 for one of these is asking a bit much. For the record, that's what the official adapter's MSRP was, and it's what the mayflash adapter was originally going for...on day one. I ordered my mayflash adapter at that price, and then it blew up all over the place and went up in price. Still, $32 is better than the hundreds I've seen the scalpers ask for.

I primarily only use my adapter for Smash, but it also comes in handy for use on my laptop! I don't really see a reason for Nintendo to not support the adapter in the future, especially if they plan on releasing more Wii games or even Gamecube VC in the future.



KeithTheGeek commented on 3DS Web Browser Exploit Allows Game Boy Color ...:

This is actually really neat, how this works. I hope this lights a fire under Nintendo's metaphorical bums to get moving on the VC. One of the reasons I got a DSi originally was because of my hopes for a GB VC, and while it didn't actually happen until the 3DS it's still woefully understocked.



KeithTheGeek commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

I'm gonna keep an eye on this, hopefully they polish it up some more. Smash Bros could really use the competition, or at least an alternative geared towards a different audience. My only complaints, aside from the visuals, is that the gameplay looks stiff and a bit on the slower side, and they seem to be throwing in mechanics that might sound interesting but could end up not being fun to play with. The whole super move that freezes time, for example, if that ends up lasting a while (which it might, because every clip I've seen of it has a cut while the clock is ticking) would take the other player out of the game for too long and they might as well just drop the controller and walk away. It either needs the amount of time that it lasts for cut down or some form of counter play while you are frozen in place.

Those are just early observations based on a few videos I caught from the developer's youtube page, though. I'm not a fan of Touhou but I've been wanting to see a game that does a different take on Smash correctly. Hoping this turns out well.



KeithTheGeek commented on Play-Asia is Taking Orders on This Multitap Ma...:

Mayflash makes some quality products, from personal experience. I currently have the single port adapter that plugs into the Wii Remote and aside from it occasionally disconnecting and resetting the analog stick's neutral position, which only happens when I get too into the game and shuffle around, it's been working just fine. I personally compared the input delay with my Wii U Pro Controller and didn't notice any difference between the two. I've also had the chance to play some games on a friend's laptop with the older 2 port Gamecube Controlller adapter they released for PC use, and it worked well there as well.

I already ordered one of these a couple days ago, albeit from a different website, so now it's just a matter of waiting patiently. I've mentioned before I like to play Smash at school in between classes, and this will make that a lot more convenient if it works as advertised.



KeithTheGeek commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

I still disagree that Diddy is as OP as Meta Knight was in Brawl. He has some strong options and has a low learning curve, but I don't think he's so much of a problem to be deserving of a ban. I think I made the comparison with Melee Sheik earlier- easy to pick up, powerful at high levels, but not to the point where the character is unbeatable.

I definitely agree Diddy is among the best characters in the game, but I think too many people are quick to call for a ban. Previously, people learned to counter characters and push the meta game in different ways- what makes Diddy so special? Even Meta Knight wasn't permabanned from competition, and I'd argue he was way more unhealthy for the meta game than Diddy Kong is.



KeithTheGeek commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

I disagree that Diddy Kong is overpowered to the point of needing a ban. He doesn't have nearly as many good options as Meta Knight did in Brawl, or Fox had in Melee. To me, he feels very much like Melee Sheik- a character with a low learning curve and very good options overall, but nothing that's unbeatable.

Honestly speaking, coming from PM where Diddy Kong used to be even more of a problem I'm not really seeing the issue with this Diddy, at least not ones that I didn't already have with the character. I don't think there's any denying that he's one of, if not the most powerful character at this moment in time...but the players really need to learn the game and get better.

In any case, I think it's way too early to be considering a ban. We had a character that was similarly powerful in Brawl (Snake) who dropped over time just because the meta game developed. I think, given time, players will learn to adapt and new counters or other, potentially more powerful characters will show up. Personally, I think Rosalina is overall the better character but it's not quite as apparent because she has a somewhat larger learning curve.



KeithTheGeek commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

@SCAR392 Nice, so rather than address the points I made you just keep going on this tangent.

What improvements did Smash 4 make to Melee/Brawl? How do the mechanical changes affect the flow of the match? What's the most viable method for performing well in the meta game?

You can argue for Smash 4 being a viable competitive game, and I would be inclined to agree. However, even with the fundamentals intact what styles of game play perform well in Smash 4 are different from what works well in Melee.

Personally, I prefer Melee- the defensive options presented are stronger than in Smash 64 where shielding can literally be the end of your stock, but they're not nearly as powerful as in Brawl or Smash 4. I also prefer the quicker pace the match takes on thanks to more/better movement options. In Brawl and Smash 4 (to an extent) a lot of the game is spent in neutral and poking at your opponent to make mistakes. This is also true to a point in 64/Melee, but once you push the game into your favor you can keep pressuring your opponent and keep the match at the pace you set. Edge-guarding is also a calculated risk you must make because you simply can't get back to the stage as easily as in the later games. I think this makes Melee simply more FUN at this level of play because it encourages smart offensive play rather than a focus on slower, more methodical gameplay. Neither way is "wrong" but saying that one game is a straight improvement over the other without offering any reasoning and telling people who like the older game to get over themselves is just being a bit close minded



KeithTheGeek commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

@SCAR392 That's a lot of generalization you're making there.

A few different pro players have given the new game a shot, including Hungrybox and Chillindude, and they do well because the fundamentals do transfer from game to game. If they choose to go back to Melee, it'll only because they prefer Melee's gameplay to the new game.

If the mechanical differences and knowledge required being different was truly a factor in competitive games, people wouldn't have moved on to newer iterations of Street Fighter or other fighters, or even within Smash they wouldn't play Project M or Smash 4.



KeithTheGeek commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

I like all the Smash Bros games in some way or another, but at the end of the day Melee is the one I return to the most...well, technically that would be Project M, but Melee is a close second to that.

I do play Smash 4 a lot more these days mostly on account of it being new, and as long as it has online it definitely will have its place alongside Melee but...after I sat down and compared it side by side with Brawl, 3DS in one hand and controller in the other it's astoundingly similar to Brawl. The pace of the game isn't that much faster than Brawl and movement-wise it's identical, with the main difference being you don't have to worry about tripping. The ledge-mechanics are hit and miss, while I appreciate the removal of planking and balancing of certain recoveries it does contribute to the slower pace of the match. And disappointingly, a large amount of music was completely reused from Brawl, and a lot of the stages being basically not fun to play on because of the mechanics and hazards they employ.

Stage-wise 64 probably has my favorite set of stages, but Smash 4 has the edge with its character roster. I still enjoy the controlled chaos of Melee's gameplay the most though, especially as movement is very important in Smash Bros and it being as smooth and controlled as possible should be a priority. Not necessarily to the point of bringing back wave-dashing, but aerial momentum and the number of options you have out of dash contribute a lot to Melee's feel.



KeithTheGeek commented on Nintendo Invests in New Lobbying Firm to Tackl...:

@Spoony_Tech Whatever reason they don't allow you to use a pro controller as a classic controller, it's not a hardware issue. There are homebrew apps on the Wii that allow the use of the pro controller in place of a Classic Controller/Gamecube controller, but only with those apps. I wonder if they would have to update the Wii firmware to natively support the Pro Controller?



KeithTheGeek commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

@Einherjar To be fair, you get that with any game that has a remotely competitive community and it's not related to Smash Bros. It sucks, but I'm not going to tell people they shouldn't use the best characters if that's what they want- I'm content using Dedede and Ganondorf any day of the week myself.

Also, the whole "THAT STAGE IS BANNED" thing was more of an in joke with the community. I mean yes, most of those stages did end up banned in tournament but that's because they're not conductive for competitive play. But that doesn't mean having a hazard automatically stops the stage from being usable- Halberd is a common counterpick in Brawl tournaments, for example. And if you think players ONLY want to play on Final Destination...that's just wrong.



KeithTheGeek commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

AS Luffymcduck pointed out, edgehogging being removed takes away an option from edgeguarding that used to be there. Grabbing the ledge wasn't a guaranteed knock out, anyways, but some characters can't really go out as far as the others and would appreciate the option.

The new mechanics have their merits, though, as I definitely like how your invincibility doesn't refresh until you land or get hit, and ledge trumping can lead to some interesting gameplay...but I dunno. It's probably more of a neutral change than a positive or negative one, but I will say it likely contributes to matches on average taking longer unless you set it down to 2 stocks.



KeithTheGeek commented on Mega Man 2 Fan Remake is Now Available to Play...:

Definitely gonna get this sometime tomorrow and try it out. I have petit computer but unfortunately my excitement to learn basic fizzled out and I've done nothing with it for the past couple years. If anything else, I want this so I can look at the code and see what they did to get it working in basic.



KeithTheGeek commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameCube Controlle...:

The latency actually does matter if you're in a situation that has a lot of wireless communication going on. For example, in the student lounge at my campus the one guy who does use Wiichuck for Smash complains about dropped inputs all the time because so many people are using bluetooth, accessing the wi-fi, and other such things. It also matters for tournament players, since you'll have a large gathering of consoles in one place.

Just playing at home, though, you're completely correct, and I've been using my pro controller while I wait for them to restock the adapter. I got the game digitally, so I don't need to swap discs around, but I couldn't find the adapter anywhere cause I didn't pre-order it. The gamestop I went to though did say they were supposed to get a new shipment in after Thanksgiving, so we'll have another shot at getting it next month.



KeithTheGeek commented on These GameCube-style Mario Bros. Controllers O...:

@Kirk The most notable thing about Nintendo doing a new run of Gamecube controllers is that, well, they're Gamecube controllers. These controllers here only work for Wii and Wii U software that support the classic controller, whereas I could use a couple extra Gamecube controllers to use with Melee. Also, wired is almost always better than wireless when it comes to input delay and interference, making those controllers the preferred setup for Smash fests and tournaments.

I might pick one of these up though, I like the look of the controller and I could use these for other things. They look much nicer than the PDP controllers, as well.



KeithTheGeek commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

I could see myself using this if/when I get a new 3DS, if anything interesting is made for homebrew that is. It would be interesting to see if a modding scene for Smash Bros on 3DS takes off like it did with Brawl, for example. But outside of that, it doesn't seem like it would be that useful unless it does allow us to disable region locking.



KeithTheGeek commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

This is disappointing, but honestly expected. Pokemon's been able to get away with things like this for a while now. My only question is, how the heck are you supposed to maintain compatibility with X/Y without patching the game? I get that in previous generations the Pokemon would simply use the same sprite as the non-transformed one, and change stats to match the new form, but previous generations also didn't add in new moves and abilities mid-generation- every move and ability used in the later games of a generation were hidden in the code of the first game. But that's not the case with this generation.

OR/AS is adding at least three new abilities and moves into the mix, for the main legends, and possibly more as far as we know. I suppose it's possible that the battle system is set up in such a way that the only important part is that the damage is calculated correctly on both games, but how about trading these Pokemon between games? Will you be able to send a Rayquaza that knows Dragon's Ascent over to X/Y? I just can't see that working out without the patch, and that point why not go all the way. You have the resources to make these compatibility issues a thing of the past, but you choose not to simply because it'll make you more money.



KeithTheGeek commented on Exclusive: Masahiro Sakurai on Planned Acciden...:

@sagen Dark Pit only has two different weapons from his base (and one of those is his final Smash!). He does do the usual "clone has different move properties" thing but he's still VERY similar to the base character. Even Dr. Mario is more visually distinct from Mario, for example.

And I dunno, I find it really difficult to believe the characters were made from scratch. A lot of the animations and some of the models are identical to Brawl, for example. This isn't exactly a bad thing, cause it saves time and lets them focus on game balance...but it doesn't look like this applies to every character. Most of them do appear different from previous games, at least.



KeithTheGeek commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

The prospect of certain games being exclusive to the N3DS or having features exclusive to N3DS because of the better hardware didn't really bother me. It's understandable that some things simply couldn't be done on the regular 3DS, and I don't mind upgrading cause I've had mine for a little over 3 years now.

But this does bother me. Every feature that Smash 3DS uses on the N3DS is available to old 3DS users also, and yet they decided to omit CPP support. There shouldn't be any issue like this when both sets of hardware have literally the same features, no matter how "misguided" it may have been to think it might've been supported.

And the c-stick is actually very important to have in Smash Bros. The ability to quickly throw out smashes might not seem very useful, but then you discover you can also use aerial attacks with it. That you can use aerial moves and continue to control your character's aerial momentum opens more options for the player, ones that they wouldn't have if the c-stick didn't exist. There's also the little matter of pivot canceling, a new technique in Smash Bros 4. In essence, players with the New 3DS will have an advantage over those who don't...and that shouldn't be the case.

They should either support the CPP or not have dual analog support at all. This is lopsided and punishes early adopters who might not be willing to upgrade for any number of reasons, as well as territories that might not even have access to the new hardware for the next 6 months. It just smells of poor decision making.



KeithTheGeek commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@DestinyMan I'm in a similar position, though my having not upgraded yet was more out of stubborness than anything else. I can definitely see myself getting one of these whenever the system makes it oversees, and while I hate to skip out on getting the XL again...those changeable face plates are too sweet. A Kirby themed one would be killer.



KeithTheGeek commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

I would consider using this just for the region unlock if they do manage to implement that...the only issue is I have just one 3DS, and I wouldn't want to deal with any potential risks that carries with it. There would also need to be a way to keep it safe from being deleted in system updates, perhaps being loaded from an SD Card? Not sure how feasible that would be though.



KeithTheGeek commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the GameCube-Inspire...:

One worrying thing about this controller is they've yet to show pictures of the back. I know that sounds minor, but one of the things that ruined 3rd party controllers with a similar mold for the casing is that the backside of the controller (the bit where the Dpad and C-stick jut out) are way too bulky. It makes holding the grips uncomfortable compared to a first party controller and is a flaw that needs to be addressed.

The other potential issue I see are the sticks. First party Nintendo controllers feel silky smooth, but in the past the control sticks on 3rd party ones have been of a noticeably lower quality. If these control sticks feel about as good as a real controller, and they fix the issue with the controller-mold I mentioned, these could be a suitable replacement for the first party controllers.



KeithTheGeek commented on Meta Knight Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. on...:

@Iggly Actually, Meta Knight easily had the most powerful glide in Brawl. It was the fastest one of the bunch, and pretty easy to control versus Charizard's. And if I'm not mistaken, if you had any jumps left, you could cancel out of his initial glide and perform a shuttle loop to start a second glide, giving him practically infinite recovery range. This is on top of his other 3 special attacks also being viable recovery moves.

The glide being gone is definitely a good thing, and it sounds like they're refocusing the attack to be more in-line with how a lot of players used it anyways (as a powerful mid-air finisher). Here's hoping they reduce the capabilities of the Mach Tornado, as well.



KeithTheGeek commented on The Namco Special Flag Will Boost Your Score i...:

Eh, you're sort of implying the competitive community will be annoyed by the existence of such an item, when we couldn't care less about what items are in the game for the purposes of tournament play. Now, for casual play things might be different, as a lot of Brawl's items weren't as well balanced or fun as the ones introduced in 64 and Melee.

The Smash Ball in particular was only ever (briefly) relevant to high level play because it was the only means of gaining a super move in the game. However, some characters have an easier time of grabbing the Smash Ball, like Zelda, while others have horrifically over-powered Final Smashes - Sonic comes to mind. Not to mention the very random spawn rate, as well as erratic movement patterns. While I imagine certain characters would benefit from the introduction of Smash Balls, they introduce too many random variables to the match and shifts the focus from fighting the opponent to attacking the Smash Ball.



KeithTheGeek commented on Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For Super Smash Bros. ...:

@hydeks I'm personally more excited for the brand new gamecube controllers because mine are worn down/a 3rd party controller. I've gone to two Smash Bros. tournaments this year and planning to hit a third one at the end of the month, so having fresh controllers with Nintendo's build quality will save me quite a bit of money on the few new ones still floating around out there.

Being able to use it with Smash on Wii U is a bonus, of course.



KeithTheGeek commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

@CaviarMeths I think the lighting when they showcased them at E3 was significantly better, and some toys don't look particularly great when viewed up close. Poor Kirby, for example, had some of his eye scratched off.

I'm not really planning on using amiibo much if at all, but I'd like to pick one or two of them up in the future. Unfortunately, the couple I'm interested in (King Dedede and Charizard) don't seem to be in this first wave of figures.

I think it would be cool if they offered special variant figures on club nintendo in the future. They wouldn't function differently or anything like that, just have an alternate mold. Like a Dr. Mario amiibo, or maybe a Masked King Dedede figure.



KeithTheGeek commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

I wonder if the remainder of the Ocarina of Time sages will end up playable? We now have 3 of them, 4 counting this version of Impa as a sage...

On my end, I still hope Groose ends up playable. I'd also hope they dip into Wind Waker some more beyond just the titular item as a weapon for Zelda. Perhaps we could see the Hyrule King as a character? Maybe he fights by turning into a boat! XD



KeithTheGeek commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

People are missing the point here. Lucina's model was made as an alternate costume for Marth. He didn't want to add Chrom because they would have to do extra work to make Chrom unique from Marth and Ike for "another swordsman." Lucina, apparently, uses mostly the same statistics and animations as Marth does, so they were able to essentially copy+paste Marth into another slot and adjust the hitboxes as needed.

Basically, Lucina got lucky and doesn't take up nearly as much development time as Chrom would have. It's a way of offering another character without diverting resources from other, more unique characters like Robin. It does come off as hypocritical, but there's not much we can do about that. (Besides that, I actually kind of like clone characters...)



KeithTheGeek commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

@ThatFlint When I voted OoT had more votes than TP, even not counting the 3D version...and if you add together both versions of the Wind Waker, that game is currently higher than TP also. I don't see the point in splitting the game up between versions, but eh....

I voted for the Wind Waker HD, although A Link Between Worlds is a CLOSE second. Those two games captured me in a way that only OoT can compare to. While I think ALBW has tighter gameplay, a game isn't just the gameplay...there's also other factors to consider, and WW is simply a gorgeous game, aesthetically and story-wise. It had more of an impact on me, I suppose.



KeithTheGeek commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

I respect Mr. Sakurai in that he's one of the few real auteur game designers in the big leagues (i.e. not an indie developer), and he's responsible for bringing not one but two of my top 3 game series to life - Kirby and, of course, Smash Bros. I do, however, highly disagree with the direction Brawl took, and I'm somewhat worried about this game as a result.

To be perfectly clear, I do not hate Brawl. Brawl was a fun game, and one I regularly played up until a couple years ago when my interest in the competitive scene really took hold of me. But matters of game design are very important to me, and I believe that the designer only makes half of the game. It's up to the players, the community, to take part in designing that other half. It leads to wonderful things like speed runs and, yes, tournament play for games you wouldn't ever expect to see them in. It disappoints me to see a developer I respect take efforts to quash the community just because they took a game in a different direction than intended.

I don't think we should be specifically catered to, either. There's no real reason to do that when the competitive scene is still the minority... But I don't think he should be specifically removing things without suitable replacements, just so the game could have as low of a skill ceiling as possible. Wave dashing and L-canceling are not necessary techniques, and only serve to raise the barrier to entry. So why not simplify things some without cutting out the depth? Universally reduced landing lag and improved movement options, such as Melee-style dashes and momentum would suffice.

Additionally, it strikes me as odd that the one constant of the Smash Bros games is being tinkered with to the point that they've completely missed the point. That is, ledge grabbing and trumping. On grabbing the ledge, you have a short invincibility period. This is there to insure you aren't in a completely disadvantageous position, among other things. Yet here you are able to trump it anyways, regardless if you're still invincible or not. I'm entirely okay with reducing or even removing invincibility on multiple ledge grabs, as it reduces ledge camping, but I feel like this removes the ledge game entirely and makes it more difficult to secure knock outs. Time will tell, however, if this is a negative gut says yes, but it could end up having interesting implications.



KeithTheGeek commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@Pika2346 Fox's aerial moves don't have that much lag to begin with. A character like Bowser or Ganondorf, however, will hit the ground and be unable to do anything for a couple seconds. More than enough time to be caught by a faster character.

And change isn't really a bad thing. I know of a few things I like and dislike about the new game from what I played of it, for example, that were changes from Brawl and Melee. It's when change is trying to stifle a certain style of play that it becomes an issue, on both ends of the spectrum.



KeithTheGeek commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

@rjejr @Captain-Falcon To add on what you said, Amiibo spawns an AI controlled character that has custom sets and boosted stats. It could be interesting for fun battles but there's no way it could work in a tournament setting.

@vamkar What the landing lag means, as far as Smash Bros is concerned, is that you'll have a more difficult time following up on moves. In Smash 64 and Melee you could manually reduce landing lag so you could follow up with other attacks, in Brawl you couldn't. It's one of the many reasons Ganondorf is completely abysmal in Brawl.



KeithTheGeek commented on First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda, B...:

I wonder how many of the people criticizing the Musou games for being "easy button mashers" have played on difficulties beyond the easiest? I'm guilty of playing on easy/normal (whatever is the default, anyhow) although that's partially because these games can be cathartic fun. Supposedly they get a lot tougher and less mindless as you go up in difficulty, at least according to the fans, so I wouldn't fear too much if the game isn't giving you enough of a challenge.



KeithTheGeek commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

These look...well, kinda ugly design-wise, but I may still pick one up just to have as backup. I intend to grab a couple official Nintendo controllers as well, of course, but having this as an option if I want it is always nice. Might see some use for PM, anyways, if I just want to sit comfortably away from the TV/play on my Wii U.



KeithTheGeek commented on GameCube-Style Wii U Controller, the WaveDash,...:

The face buttons on the Gamecube controller are fine, really. I actually rather like the layout because it's pretty simple to get a good feel of where the buttons are and which ones do what in the game. It was bad for the Wii VC, but that was more a matter of Nintendo not supporting custom control mappings over anything else.

The controller itself, of course, is incredibly comfortable to hold as well. And I prefer having the face buttons sitting over the right stick because it's generally more comfortable. The main reason I want to use it, though, is for Smash Bros- anything else is a bonus, quite frankly.



KeithTheGeek commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

I'm of the opinion that something shouldn't be patched out of the game as long as it's not game breaking. And by game breaking, I mean actually breaking game, such as seriously glitching your game out and corrupting the save file - and even then I'm not really opposed to doing that either if you feel the need to.

Squashing anything in the game early on because it's an "exploit" or possibly unintentional is deliberately hindering the game's evolution and development over time. Little tricks like this one serve to help make the game more interesting over time and build on each other to make the later meta of the game sometimes completely different from the game at release.

I disagree with the notion that the game has to be one specific thing, or that any company should remove a feature or technique because it doesn't fit what was intended for the game. The developer is only half the experience, especially in a competitive-multiplayer game such as Mario Kart (and yes, if you are racing against other players, it's still a competitive game). The other half is informed by how the players react and interact with the game and each other, and I'd hate to see that stifled because some people don't like that. Besides that, the trick itself doesn't even seem that usable to begin with, all things considered.



KeithTheGeek commented on New World Record Set for Super Mario 64 120 St...:

@Haxonberik Different game feel. It's been a while since I've tried it but I'm honestly not a big fan of how Galaxy controls versus, for example, Sunshine. Galaxy's levels are also much linear than those present in SM64. The different controls and level design philosophy is NOT a bad thing, though, which is the key difference between him saying "I don't like it" and him outright saying it's a bad game.

Galaxy is infinitely more polished and has a better presentation than either of its predecessors, but I can still safely say I enjoyed Sunshine a lot more despite its flaws. For Siglemic, it's probably a similar sort of deal for Super Mario 64.



KeithTheGeek commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

This really rubs me the wrong way. I don't like day 1 DLC when other companies do it, and I don't like it when Nintendo does it. As far as the argument that the game would cost extra if this stuff was packed in with the game... that's just silly. Stuff like this used to be there to begin with.

I'm not opposed to the idea of DLC, but this could be setting some bad precedents.



KeithTheGeek commented on Month Of Kirby: Kirby's Lost Levels:

All three of the final canceled Kirby games that would eventually become Return To Dream Land (or Adventure Wii, if you prefer) would have been awesome, imo. I'm a huge Kirby fan, and occasionally I'll go back and watch that old GCN trailer again. Honestly, I think that one looked a bit more fun than RTDL is.

Of course, what really pains me is the loss of 3D Kirby. I've been kicking around a few ideas in my head for such a game for a while now, and when I saw that screenshot come up in an Iwata's, that was painful. It looked exactly how I imagined it.

Storybook Kirby looks interesting also, but aside from the art style it lacks the inherent intrigue of a 3D Kirby or the fleshed out presentation of that older trailer. Still, though, I'm sure it would have been great.



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@SCAR392 The very nature of Smash Bros means that realism is irrelevant. And it's certainly true that wave dashing itself isn't entirely necessary for the game to be competitive...but it helps. It opens up a whole world of options for the player that they otherwise wouldn't. Hopefully SSB4 has a similarly decent amount of options for the player to use.

And, at least as far as I'm concerned, while Brawl being slower and floatier is an issue, it isn't the main problem with the game. It actively tries to punish players for taking the offensive (tripping) and overly rewards defensive play. Additionally, the game feels rather unresponsive. It has a buffer system that can make it entirely possible to accidentally input an action and have it get yourself punished, plus a legitimate flaw in a random input delay that is, if I recall correctly, around 2 to 5 frames- enough that it could mean the difference between appropriately reacting to your opponent and not being able to at all. I just can't find Brawl that fun to play anymore, although it's certainly okay if you do prefer Brawl to Melee. I'm not going to force you to play one or the other, anyways.



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Gee, so much negativity. The only difference between an esport and sports in general is that sports include a great deal of athletic ability. But there's no more or less skill involved at playing games at a high level, be it competitive Smash Bros or something along the lines of a speed run. Both things require a deeper understanding of the game- esports, additionally, requires you to be able to anticipate what your opponent is going to do ahead of time and, if not that, then at least appropriately react to it.

And saying people have no life for doing what they love is laughable. The best players are easily raking in cash by doing what they do best. And, besides that, a whole lot of you come online every day to interact with this community because you love Nintendo that much. Wouldn't exactly be fair if I called you a bunch of no-lifers, would it? :/



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I want to mention that I'm going to my first tournament this weekend (PM and Melee), that being Civil War VI in Virginia. Definitely expecting to get bodied, especially after watching some top level play last night and seeing how badly I'm outclassed...but I want to experience this, at least once. PM has easily been my most played game over the past year and the half, and it was something I've been playing on and off since the first public demo. I dunno if Vigilante is coming back to the comments or not, but I personally LOVE the game. I sure do miss Dedede's silly meteor smash on his forward smash though. :P