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Sat 31st Aug 2013

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Kazekai commented on Say What You Will About Nabbit, But He's Helpe...:

To everyone saying Nintendo is about local: My family doesn't game. My cousin plays entirely different games from me. I don't have any friends IRL who game. I can be in a crowded family get-together and still be very lonely playing games by myself. All of my friends are online, and none of them live near me. Don't you tell me that your emotions for people are more "real" just because you're in the same room with someone, because I've had some heavy conversations with my best friend online and we've both gotten very emotional when we're helping each other through bad times, and we've both enjoyed each other's company and had great online experiences. Without online, games are single-player for me and I cannot enjoy a mutual interest with people I really care about.

In regards to this story: I want to say that I also have visual issues. They're nowhere near as bad as this little girl's, but for 3 years of my life, we couldn't afford eye correction when I was a kid, and playing video games was a challenge. I remember sitting really close to the TV and being frustrated at some games because I couldn't find some items on-screen or I kept dying a lot. This is the best story I've ever heard about gaming because I can relate to it and because it's heartwarming how one more person can enjoy gaming and be included.

By the way, I love my Wii U.