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Fri 29th Nov 2013

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Karlos commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop):

@ThomasBW84 Wow; finishing the main campaign in 4 hours sounds like a nigh-superhuman feat of gaming, Mr. Whitehead. How much longer do you think you would have used if you hadn't restarted after the first 45 mins? My own time of 10 and a half isn't anywhere near impressive, though my playing style is very ponderous and exploring (I hate missing out on secrets and stuff). I got gold stars for equipment and money, silver for deaths (nine) and bronze for playing time (obviously).
I enjoyed the rather minimal amount of handholding, aside from the arrow pointing toward the next objective, along with the subtle ways in which the equipment upgrades transformed the gameplay at regular intervals.

@imageworks I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel, along with the next Steamworld title!