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Mon 3rd Aug 2009

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Karch commented on Tony Hawk RIDE Set For Wii In November:

That's way to much for yet another peripheral for the Wii.
Why not support the existing tech with the Balance Board instead?
I'd much rather see DVD playback on the Wii, a music/mp3 channel, a fully updated real Internet channel complete with email client, and more support for the virtual console then this mess.

I think companies are just getting really greedy here. First it was:
(All prices below on Us Dollar from
Wii Mote ($34.99)
Wii Zapper ($24.99)
Wii Balance Board ($89.00)
Wii Speak ($29.99)
Wii Motion Plus ($24.99)
Wii Skateboard ($166.65) as per currency converter from Pound to Dollar.

That's a whopping $221.63 in total if you get all those accessories. Not to mention a battery charge station ($30.00) as well as whatever price tag the vitality sensor is going to be.

I'm not to thrilled with Nintendo cramming so many bloody accessories down our throats, when the current ones that are out are not even being used by a handful, let alone multiple titles.

Hey Nintendo how about actually (GASP!) requiring gaming companies (yourselves included) to support the existing accessories we have right now, instead of trying to cash in on even more accessories.





Karch commented on Miyamoto: Have Confidence in Us:

What people are failing to see here, is that yes the vitality sensor seems like a "gimmick" attachment for your nintendo wii controller, but the real usefulness of something like this can't be overstressed enough if implemented properly.

There's way, WAY to much stress in this day and age, and anything that helps relive stress is a good thing. Miyamoto is right on the money for a game that helps you relax, as it is much needed.

Also horror games like SupermarketZombies said is indeed possible. Just imagine playing a Resident Evil Game on Wii with the sensor and it directly effects how well you aim your gun with the Wii remote.

If your to stressed your aim is off, if your more relaxed and calm, it's easier to aim. The possibilities are endless.
A funnier use would be to attach it to your middle finger and say in Mad World 2, you flip em the bird, and you flip them the bird in game in real time, and get a surge of health when you do.

Oh man how many times have we game players flipped the bird at a video game in anger. Well there's something to tap into (Lol).

But seriously, I'm pretty sure everyone at Nintendo sat down at corporate after the disaster that was Virtual Boy and said "never again" to themselves. They probably have it in big red Japanese Letters on a giant poster or something at the office.

So here's hoping this actually works as I think Miyamoto is betting on it working. Until then I'm going to reserve my judgement until I see some titles shown using this thing, and then decide if it's worth picking up.





Karch commented on Monster Hunter 3 Formally Announced For US, EU:

Holy Crap!
Go Capcom!

I hope online play is included for free here in the USA and for Europe as well. Really looking forward to this one.
And sweet Jesus, I'm going to be broke if grade A quality titles keep coming out like this (lol). Other M, New Zelda, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid Trilogy, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, not to mention the countless excellent titles on Wiiware coming out. Nintendo sure knows how to make them. =)

And this right here is proof positive that when you have good developers, real quality titles and graphics CAN be made for the Wii. You don't need the latest "bleeding edge" technology to make fantastic games, only the desire and skill to do so.





Karch commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare:

First let me just say thank you to you guys at Ghostfire games for making creative games for Wiiware. I tip my hat off to you and your team Ed.

Second, I'd just like to say you guys have hit the nail on the head with this. I love, LOVE punchout. One of my all time favorite games. To hear your going with a control scheme like this makes me very happy. I just wish more developers would remember that sometimes less is more in this day and age.

And when I saw this, you had me completely sold on this game:

■Create a combat system inspired by some of the best ideas from games such as 1980s Punch Out
■Create a fantasy world with interesting fantasy bosses, and an compelling storyline
■Add-in music inspired from movies such as 300
■Inject a combo system inspired by games such as God of War
■Put in cutscenes inspired by games such as Final Fantasy for demolishing your enemy
■Give the player a tech-tree inspired by games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft

You've just taken the absolute best qualities of each game, and remembered it's all about the fun. Something many developers these days just don't understand.

A game can have amazing graphics and still stinks, while a simple game (Ala pacman) can be a sleeper hit.

I'm thankful a lot of games are returning to the 2D route, with 3D backgrounds. Not every game has to be the "bleeding edge" in order to be a top seller of all time. (Super Mario Bros 3 comes to mind)

And how in the world did you guys fit so much in the 40meg limit is beyond me. Just amazing.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing this game in action.