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Female, 17, United States

uhh im a natural gamer i like trying out new games that intrests me allot if its a boring little short game i would play it to check it out instead of taking ign reviews i rather try it out for myself

Wed 20th November, 2013

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KaoruxChan commented on Demon King Box:

I don't really like games like these. I get the feeling that the reason why some people are playing it because of the way the chicks look like >_> thee outfits! Ugh!



KaoruxChan commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

The games that i would really love to flipping see! Is:
1st. Style Savvy 3
2. A Witch's tale 2!
3. Okage Shadow King for the 3ds if they can!
4. Hatsune Miku Project Diva 3ds version but come to america! And other States!
5. Precure 3ds game to america and other states!!
6. Pretty Rythm! I wanna have it on america and other states!
7. Powerpuff Girls Z again but in america for the 3ds or ds! But please make it like the game boy ones which you can choose them and fight baddies!
And 8. Powerpuff Girls / Adventure Time! For 3ds and Ds!

Please!! I really want these to come back and 3'rd ones!! ; ^ ;!!



KaoruxChan commented on 3DS Region-Free Hack is Hacked by Hackers:

@zip thank you for explaining it perfectly! poopoodoodopcacapooppledooples this article needs to be fixed made everyone up in here feel so damn stupid @A@!! ugh so much hacking its like a war , aw man Nintendo why you have to loving region lock the damn 3ds! we gamers love your Japanese 3ds games! D:!! we wants to play it and hey your making allot more money when you have free region on the 3ds , because allot of people i know damn well will buy 3ds Japanese and have fun playing it , instead of loving buying a damn Japanese 3ds which is very expensive plus a one 3ds Japanese game?! that's like a one way high robbery! damn it! , ugh ; w ; not cool Nintendo i grew up with you people and this is what you do to me and other gamers who love your country's games! Sigh i'm just gonna go and feel in a corner ; w ;! and no i don't like to be rude and use these sorts of words im just very pissed off at them for doing this, making they're 3ds and other 3ds games region lock its just not fair for us and especially this damn fan
Please watch the profanity — TBD



KaoruxChan commented on Review: Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS):

Lol that was an epic fail of a review it's like he didn't wanna play this game and just gave it a fast review ign gave it a 8/10 which is a good review better than this one I will have to go with ign sorry :P



KaoruxChan commented on Review: Code of Princess (3DS):

Dang I just got my copy today and I'm pretty far I never knew they gave this game a good review I only grabbed it for the awesome combat hack fighting it's so awesome



KaoruxChan commented on Girls' Fashion Shoot:

i already have this game and the game is great and fashionable i hope you guys try and give it review please and thanks for taking your time in reviewing this little game