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Female, 16, Rest of the World

uhh im a natural gamer i like trying out new games that intrests me allot if its a boring little short game i would play it to check it out instead of taking ign reviews i rather try it out for myself

Wed 20th November, 2013

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KaoruxChan commented on Review: Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS):

Lol that was an epic fail of a review it's like he didn't wanna play this game and just gave it a fast review ign gave it a 8/10 which is a good review better than this one I will have to go with ign sorry :P



KaoruxChan commented on Review: Code of Princess (3DS):

Dang I just got my copy today and I'm pretty far I never knew they gave this game a good review I only grabbed it for the awesome combat hack fighting it's so awesome



KaoruxChan commented on Girls' Fashion Shoot:

i already have this game and the game is great and fashionable i hope you guys try and give it review please and thanks for taking your time in reviewing this little game