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Tue 19th Feb 2008

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Kafei2006 commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

@TheRealThanos That's not entirely correct. Nintendo wanted a very specifically capable sound chip for the Super Famicom and commissioned Sony to directly built it from scratch FOR them, and as history tells us, it was Ken Kutaragi himself who designed it, so while indeed it would be a huge stretch to call the SNES a complete Nintendo/Sony collaboration, there was some form of collaboration between the two, just on the sound part. As it is known, the sound part of the SNES actually works completely independently from the rest of the console, the rest of the system just passes over code to the sound chip which does its thing on the side. Which is why sometimes, when a real SNES crashes, such as when you knock it when it's in function, the sound will continue to play, the sound chip continuing to execute the code that was given to it, within its very own separate 64KB of RAM.

But as was said previously it's no different from when, say... ATi made a custom video chip for the Gamecube, or when IBM made a custom PowerPC CPU on demand for Nintendo... or NVidia making a custom GPU for the PS3, etc etc etc... Although it could be argued that those were not made entirely from scratch but were customisation of already existing chips... The CELL for example in the PS3. That was an IBM designed chip made from scratch for the PS3 if I recall correctly. But you don't hear people saying that the PS3 is a total IBM/Sony collaboration.



Kafei2006 commented on Next Sega 3D Classics Retail Collection Includ...:

Seeing Power Drift running so well on the system makes me wish and believe inside of me that my personal favourite, Outrunners, could be possible ! I mean it's not that much more impressive than Power Drift and that such a great game! Of course this is very much wishful thinking, I'm not actually sure that would be possible technically, I'm just judging from a graphics standpoint.



Kafei2006 commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

I own it both on cartridge and on Wii VC, and will be upgrading to Wii U VC again, the game is just that good . Shame that Nintendo won't make it compatible with online leaderboards though :/. That's the only thing seriously lacking for me.



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Here's What Rare's Final GameCube Title...:

It was not Nintendo's decision to hold onto Rare. The Stamper brothers had sold their 51% of the company to Microsoft already, so Nintendo had no control left on where the games Rare was going to make from there one would end up. With Microsoft pushing their XBox and holding the larger portion of Rare in their palm, they were never gonna let Rare release their games on both platforms, what could Nintendo do?



Kafei2006 commented on The Tragic Tale Of Taito's WOWOW, The Console ...:

@6ch6ris6 The contemporary PC-Engine Duo R wasn't too far off from that in terms of overall layout (except the CD bay on that was on the right).

The French article speaks that apparently Parasol Stars and Bubble Bobble were also planned for the system and judging from a screenshot in it, Kiki Kaikai, aka Pocky a Rocky, was also a candidate for a port to the system. The French scan also says games could be played from a CD instead of being downloaded. The interesting part is that, from what they imply, you would not have paid for the full game but rather you'd have paid for the time spent playing, so it would have been really a rental service it seems (that's what the Console + article says anyway).



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Say Hello To The SNES Game Which Ships ...:

Animaniacs, while it didn't have a full snes game on it, had a full alternative SNES soundtrack programmed in which would play when the game is played on a Super Game Boy.

Jeremy Parish of Game Boy World made a better video on the subject recently and,as he pointed out, the SNES game inside the GB cartridge is nothing but the exact replica of the Japanese Super Famicom port of Space Invaders, which wasn't released in the west and it's no wonder that such a small simple SNES game could hold on the Game Boy cartridge. A more complicated game on the other hand would have had trouble fitting indeed.



Kafei2006 commented on Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treat...:

I believe it was Treasure employees who already said in an interview long ago that things were pretty harsh over there, even back in the 1990s. And I remember indeed, as was mentioned above, that Koji Igarashi had been forced to take on a crap job within the company after a failure. So it's not exactly new, but it's the first time I believe that a huge publication drags them in the mud like this.



Kafei2006 commented on Weirdness: Here's What An All-Human Star Fox T...:

@derek_combatir 'ccept even Slippy is clearly stated as a male, with a girlfriend called Amanda in Starfox Command. Peppy on the other hand is even a father if memory serves right, and his wife died or something. But as stated above to cosplayers gender assignments matter very little, and to be honest that's fine by me too, all the more when the cosplay itself is made so great .



Kafei2006 commented on Mario Runs From Left To Right Because Our Brai...:

@Dipper723 Comics and books in Japanese go from right to left, but their horizontal writing system is left to right like ours. Most of the time they'll write from top to down in columns that you have to start reading from the rightmost one, but when writing horizontally for certain purposes, they'll write like us, so I guess it would make sense for them that if they should make something travelling horizontally, like Mario in Super Mario Bros. levels, it would be from left to right.



Kafei2006 commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

Yyyyyeaaaaah, in my opinion, the biggest problem with Nexis Games is they should avoid showing off footage of games which are so early in development, you build negative hype more than anything else. Or at least limit what you show to parts which look as close to target render as you can. The first few sequences didn't look half bad but once it starts moving, oh boy...



Kafei2006 commented on Accessory Review: Mugen Power's New Nintendo 3...:

The downfall of these third part batteries though is that while they last longer, they also take accordingly longer to charge back up. I have an unbranded third party battery for my original 3DS that only cost me like 15 quids and which I bought two years ago, and while it lasts about 3 to 4 times the battery life of the original stock battery, it also takes up to 15 hours to fully charge back up completely and, like someone posted above, I have too the issue that midway through recharging from a completely flat battery, the charging led will flicker on and off repeatedly, like it's a security built inside the system that triggers after the console has been on charge for longer than the hardware expects it would take to charge a battery inside the console. So I have to unplug it, wait a few secs and then plug it back in again and it doesn't flicker like that and eventually when the battery is full, after long hours of charge, the led shuts off like normal. It's convenient not having to recharge too often, but also means you likely will have to put it on charge the night before, like at 8pm and maybe it'll be done charging back up again in the morning the next day when you wake up .



Kafei2006 commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

I never studied marketting, let alone lead such a big corporation as he did, and yet I've been saying the same thing he says. They have the know-how in software. They should just whip up a couple IP based, simple yet addictive games like they know how to do them, for Android and iOS, make them free even!! Just to make people aware of the brands again, keep them relevant. How many people who are gaming on phones yet do not visit online video game websites, know Nintendo nowadays for anything else than Mario and perhaps Pokémon? More people would flock to their hardware, methinks, if they had the magnetic attractive power that they once had. As a video game software developer (let's leave hardware out of the equation just for a moment) they have the most seductive catalogue of IPs in the world, it's a shame that, IMHO anyway, so few people are aware of that and are not enticed to buy their hardware to sample those.

They definitely shouldn't bring the same quality experiences on mobile devices as they do on consoles of course, but just do something to create excitement about themselves on those platforms so people would then see buying a Wii U has a potentially more interesting prospect.



Kafei2006 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

I'd love to play Sin & Punishment the most out of those mentioned buuuuuuuut I had to vote for F-Zero X as in my opinion, it's the one that we need the most, for Nintendo to, as cleverly stated in the article, test the waters, and also because it just begs for a remake, to spruce up the visuals summat, give it online for crying out loud, and include the 64DD components and more. It just begs it and wouldn't be as expensive to produce as a full on new F-Zero in glorious HD on Wii U. Sin & Punishment, well other than the graphical upgrade that would be appreciable, I don't see much that could be done around it to further improve it, they got it very much right the first time around, and I don't mind it the way it is if it stays that way. For me F-Zero would just benefit it the most, so I voted that, even if Sin & Punishment out of the two remains my favourite game.



Kafei2006 commented on Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Budoten is Fighting Its...:

The SNES 2D ones are among my favourites in the series, especially Hyper Dimension which I still own and Super Butouden 3. Lots of hours of my life went into both and from what I tried of the DS one it was excellent as well, very high production values but it's too bad it didn't come out of Japan. I hope this one will.



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Visuals Stand U...:

The 3DS always had a problem in the texture department to begin with, so it's not so surprising that added memory or cpu power don't help, as long as the GPU stays the same. But I guess it's a little less bottlenecked when coupled to more RAM and CPU power, helping it achieve what is still a darn good and close thing to the console experience, albeit running at much lower resolution.



Kafei2006 commented on Review: Breath of Fire (Wii U eShop / Super Ni...:

A 7/10 from me too, for sure. The sequel is much better. Also, for the best enjoyment of the game, buy Mrbl3 lol, and level up with Auto-Battle on the gamepad while watching a movie or something, I found my recent playthrough on the Wii U VC to be much more palatable that way .



Kafei2006 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Already own all these games on disc for me to play whenever I want. Kirby Wii, already announced, is the only game I haven't got yet on disc and which I'd really want to own on Wii, pretty much everything else, I already own .



Kafei2006 commented on Nintendo Download: 25th December (Europe):

@skywake Forgot about the end of that premium thing !! Never been big on buying retail games on eShop, but the load times and the constant "ka-chak ka-chak" of the lens tray in my Wii U, typical of Ubisoft games in general, always made me want to own ZombiU as a download (even though I own it on disc already) and since I must buy for 12.50€ of value to get my last 5€ voucher from the premium prgramme, I might just purchase ZombiU to have it on my console permanently (rather on my USB stick to be more precise ).



Kafei2006 commented on Weirdness: Sony Uses Art From Super Smash Bros...:

@wieba or rather that very few of their respective owners ever use anymore I'd say , cause of a lot of this aren't exactly Sony figures, most of it is multiplat stuff, belonging to third parties. There's actually not a lot of Sony owned stuff in there. Though of course I agree that a lot of that third party stuff is indeed kinda emblematic of sony's playstation branding like Crash Bandicoot which was only ever great with the original PSX titles.

@Genesaur In Japan, all classic Megaman titles were re-released as stand-alone disc titles for the original Playstation. Not sure if these specific releases came out elsewhere though. Example:



Kafei2006 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Do...:

This one is, in my opinion, less good looking (not as many crazy graphical effects in the backgrounds and seemingly less contrast in the colours used) and sounding than the second one (understand me, I'm not talking about sound quality but in terms of the genius in the compositions), but offers a better balance of difficulty overall, better level design. DKC2 has more pretty straightforward FLAT levels that were just successions of hazards one after the other, whereas this one has more levels that have you go horizontally AND vertically in comparison. And this one also offers better distractions from the main platforming with its more adventure oriented ideas, that consolidate the overall experience for me.

DKC2 was more in your face visually and audibly, but also more straightforward in terms of what you can do, more unfairly hard in places (and even in terms of bonus room placements, which got ridiculous in DKC2 at times), and also a heck of a lot more glitchy.

DKC3 is less polished in everything that springs to the eyes and ears but is more polished in pretty much everything else in my opinion. If I had to have my kids start playing the trilogy today, I'd have them start at 3, for gameplay reasons, it controls better overall in my opinion. DKC3 is also a sign of things to come from Rareware at the time methinks, where a platform game from them is more than just a platform game but branches into nice distractions on the side, like exploration, mini-games, etc (see Banjo-Kazooie and co.)

DKC3 is my favourite between 2 & 3 for the aforementioned reasons, but DKC2 is an awfully close second place, also for the aforementioned reasons (DAT MUSIC!!!).



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Jimmy Fallon Reveals He's A Keen Mario ...:

Pipe Frame Wario user here. I swtich to DK on occasions but I'm most comfortable with Wario on both MK7 & MK8. And playing with a Club Nintendo SNES classic controller too ^^, so D-Pad only (yes, I'm weird like that ☺)



Kafei2006 commented on Nexis Games Defends UCraft's Multiplatform Mov...:

I'm more baffled than anything else that any Nintendo fan would complain that the game goes multiplatform. As long as we still get it, what's it to you? It's not like it's a console pusher anyway, the Wii U owning players who want a Minecraftey experience on their favourite home console get uCraft while other consoles get to choose whether they pick Minecraft, uCraft or any other clone that might be out there.

I'm even more baffled that people who haven't touched the game yet, nor seen everything that it's capable of pulling off in terms of a similar experience to Minecraft (or different for that matter, what it could do better with any luck) are already calling it a turd. Since when do we judge a book by his cover? Oh wait... that's always been the case .



Kafei2006 commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

For all we know, this may be a european KT rep not being in the know whether Nintendo has intention of brining it themselves or not. When was the last time Tecmo brought a PZ game outside of Japan themselves? Project Zero 2 for Wii was brought to Europe by Nintendo themselves, but KT Europe might not necessarily be in the know if that's the case. For me, all this tweet confirms is that if it's coming to Europe, it'll be coming from Nintendo and not KT themselves.

EDIT: I now see that Fatal Frame II & III originally came statesides through Tecmo themselves, but no PZ game was ever released in Europe by Tecmo or Koei Tecmo themselves (first was Wanadoo, second was Ubisoft, and third was Take-Two. Then the remake of the second was Nintendo themselves...). So what does a KT Europe rep know?



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Japanese Wii U Owner Gives a Handy Demo...:

I have a pre-paid mastercard with NFC myself... which I originally got mostly for the sole purpose of paying on the eShop (and ordering from certain online retailers that didn't accept Paypal). But I don't even know if that works in Europe though , has our own eShop even NFC capability and would recognise our cards?



Kafei2006 commented on SNES Classic Cybernator Is Suiting Up For An A...:

Funny as I played through the unofficial translation patch just the other day . I own the japanese cart, which has a suicide scene at the end, cut out of the North American and European versions, and keeps the character portraits intact (they were also cut from the Western versions). With that being said I still got the Wii VC version a couple years back, so I think I'll upgrade on Wii U at the reduced price, as it is an action game that I love to replay through every once in a while.

For those interested, there was also a Japanese exclusive title by Square named Front Mission: Gun Hazard with similar gameplay but with Square's obligatory RPG elements, and loads and loads of Mecha customization options (plus you get to hop out of the mech and explore on foot on certain occasions) and I think a designer from Assault Suits Valken took part in that game as well. Plus, Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitusda composed the soundtrack and Yoshitaka Amano did the character design, if that means anything to you (it sure does to me ). Game was never released officially in the west but there's a translation patch out there. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.



Kafei2006 commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Mmmh people who missed out on the PS3 back then and who want to sample it NOW are more likely to get a PS3 than a PS4 aren't they? Considering the PS4 isn't compatible with PS3 games and all... just saying . And don't give me that Playstation Now! crap, I'm talking about getting the discs and playing them on your console.

I don't have a PS3 and with my 100+ backlog of games that I have yet to finish I'm not about to get one, I'm already far too busy on Nintendo consoles XD !!



Kafei2006 commented on First Impressions: Does Mugen's 2DS XL Battery...:

There's something to be said about a bigger battery though. sure it lasts twice the time but it takes twice the time for a full charge too !! I have a huge battery on my own original 3DS, which increases the whole thickness of the system by about 50% and multiplies the whole battery life by about 4... but when the battery is dry, a whole night of charge isn't enough to charge it back up (which is why I usually charge it back up before it falls below the 50% mark)... it makes the whole console a lot more bulky but I like the idea of being able to leave the house and always having plenty of battery life left.



Kafei2006 commented on Here's a Rather Attractive Portable Nintendo 64:

@AshFoxX I have one too, and I absolutely love it!! I have tiny hands and have no problems with it. True, the first party one is preferable is some cases, such as playing Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, because it turns out a little bit too sensitive for its own good, but for games like Smash Bros, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie or Conker's Bad Fur Day, i wouldn't want to go back to the original (though like I said, I sitll take out the original for a few games where I just feel more comfortable with it)



Kafei2006 commented on This Metroid Game Boy Advance Design is a Treat:

@KevTastic84 If you did a GBA SP paint job, would you be willing to explain how you proceed? Cause I didn't buy a GBA SP back in the day, but have fairly recently, a basic silver GBA SP, the screen has no damage to it at all, however the exterior is full of scratches and the silver coating has completely disappeared in places, so I'm thinking of giving it a paint job too, but don't know where to start, what paint to get, what tools to use, etc.

Or would you happen to know of somewhere online where I could find out how I could do that?



Kafei2006 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

"the remainder of the '90s were difficult times for rivals Sega and Nintendo"

Not really, Nintendo had Pokémon by then and they were making more money than they ever did before. these were only really hard times for Sega, certainly not Nintendo, who only really struggled to churn out enough software for the N64 to drive sales forward. What little games they released for it though sold in the million copies!

EDIT: Also... no mention of Grandia? This was later ported to the Playstation of course but it was born on the Saturn!



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Learn More About the Technical Wizardry...:

@Pod Yeah for a console heavily advertised prior to its release as the next big step towards movie-quality visuals, even going as far as proclaiming to be in totally different league from the Dreamcast, the end result was pretty underwhelming when compared to the Gamecube, although the XBox was an altogether much different beast. Nintendo offered by far the best value for money at the time in terms of tech that showed in the visuals department (the Xbox only rarely got the chance to show what it was truly capable of due to the system receiving a lot of multiplat games which had the PS2 being the lead platform for development)



Kafei2006 commented on Oddworld's Lorne Lanning Isn't Worried About W...:

There's certainly potential to do cool stuff with the Gamepad on this one, such as not forcing the player to resort to convoluted button combinations to communicate with other Mudokons... Give us shortcuts on the touch screen, or even voice recognition through the mic of the gamepad !! That would be brilliant !



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Learn More About the Technical Wizardry...:

That's what I had read about the PS2's ability to render textures:

"Why the Playstation 2 is so poor at texturing. Some facts to consider:

  • PS2 GPU's (GS) external bandwidth is 1.2 GB/s (64-bit @ 150 MHz bus to CPU (EE))
  • PS2 GPU cannot deal with compressed textures over the above bus in real-time, as the GPU has no hardware to deal with compressed textures. The CPU (EE) can support compressed textures, but cannot deliver those textures to the GPU compressed, it has to uncompress them and thus taking up lots of bandwidth over the GPU bus.
  • Will assume 4 MB for code, 8 MB for polygon and lighting information, so leaving 20 MB for textures out of PS2's 32 MB of total main memory.

PS2: 1.2 GB/s / 20 MB = 60 FPS with 20 MB of textures per frame

A 60 FPS result is not good enough! Any polygon processing will affect that rate, so the PS2 has to either render even less textures per frame or have the game run at a lower frame rate. The more polygons the PS2 wants to render the greater the impact will be against the amount of textures it can render each frame.

Note: the PS2's GPU has 4 MB of on-chip eDRAM, and after the frame buffers and z-buffers take up 3 MB, that leaves 1 MB for textures. This extra 1 MB adds a little more to the above result, but not a significant amount."



Kafei2006 commented on Video: Learn More About the Technical Wizardry...:

Yeah well the PS2 definitely was lacking in proper anti-alisaing, a thing which the older hardware of the dreamcast supported easily. And it was also fairly limited in how it could render textures but I can't remember exactly the details of why it was limited in that area. It wasn't as bad as how huge the oversight was in the N64 hardware, but it was annoying for developers regardless, and left the PS2 only marginally better than the Dreamcast for textures (but could fit much more of them if I recall due to the much larger memory), and behind the Gamecube, and leagues behind the XBox.

If I could just find the article I read a while ago about it, I'd post a link