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Re: Nintendo Download: Masks, Crystals, Chess and Art (US)


I knew that buying two separate 2000 Point Cards would come to benefit me later! As soon as I'm done with all this school junk, I'm going to get MM. I haven't played it before, and it sounds very interesting.

At the least, I got PiCTOBiTS, too. I wasn't too impressed with AQUIA (didn't really click with me), but this one's great. I'm still waiting on CODE, but PiCTO is more than enough for the wait. Hell, I'd say it's my favorite game on DSiWare right now.

As for WiiWare: I'm considering R2, partially because I have money to spare and partially because I don't want to waste my Microsoft Points on the 360 version when I have a bunch of other stuff to buy on there. The challenge sounds nice, so maybe I'll bite.

Re: Review: Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner (WiiWare)


@Bahamut ZERO: Looks like you'll never try many point-and-click adventure games, then. They're all pretty much like this. >_>

Overall, I found the game to be pretty clever and funny despite the fact that I haven't visited the site in... what, years? Even worse, I still caught many of the references! Ten dollars is pretty cheap for something like this, too, so it really is no loss for me at all.

Re: Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive People!


I played the game for about four hours yesterday, and while I did see some slowdown, my game never froze.

@theludicrous: Extended Play is just giving you the ability to go around the world without a story to follow. It lets you get all those achievements, too.