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Wed 29th May, 2013

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KTT commented on Review: Explody Bomb (Wii U eShop):

I enjoy the "graphics" here. This is the quality content I'm looking for (my personal favourite is the Moon).
No seriously, why the sprites have different sized pixels? And what are those gray "mountain buildings"? At first I thought THEY were the obstacles for the bomb (which made me double confused), but looking up at Google images prooved me wrong. Also, you can't choose such repulsive colors for your game unintentionaly, they must have got some kind of list of the most unpleasant color combinations (puke greens, eye melting neons etc) and choose one.
And you say the game has no music? They might wanted avoid copyright issues or they didn't want to pay for a music that is avaiable online for commercial use. Understandable, but not exuseable, especially in this game. It's not 80's afterall.
Gameplay wise, I will be not able to try it, but sounds difficult. It's like doing two different things with your hand, say drawing with one and playing piano with the other. Such gameplay could be possible if it was well thought and executed right, yet I still think it would be hard to master OR it would have to be changed significaly so it wouldn't even be similar to the original idea.
The game itself could perhaps have a chance on mobile market (dunno how would the do the double screen gameplay), but for a home console - nope.
Whelp, this is one of the reasons I like visiting this site - I enjoy the reviews here - of good or bad games - but yours badly scored game reviews are little masterpieces each. And some games trully looks like they are student projects/alpha phase games, which often suprises me.
Edit: Removed the part about the touchscreen - I realised the touchscreen screencap was included - looked so similar to the main screen that I must have mistaken it.



KTT commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

This reminds me of what Google did on April Fools, or maybe on other holidays.
Looks nice and I would love it to try it out! And the trailer seems to be marketed to older audience! If only they would change the logo, like Japan often do...
Yet, microtransactions, pay to win, huh? Seeing how wonderfully balanced Shuffle is I'm all afraid.

Also, the trailer is a lie: you cannot catch wild Charizard



KTT commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

@freaksloan How standard size 3DS is an inferior product? And how N3DS XL is better in every meaningful way, when both are basically the same system?
What are you talking about is your personal preferences. You like bigger system? That's ok. But not all people like giant, fat and heavy system that barely fits in any pocket or bag. I have used DSi XL, and I assure you - this thing was sometimes impossible to carry around. And not forget that smaller N3DS is bigger than classic 3DS. It's size is pretty much perfected as it can still fit everywhere, just like the classic 3DS, AND it has bigger screens, but not big enough to ruins your games with giant pixels. If anything, the giant repulsive pixelisation of the bigger screens is the biggest flaw of the N XL. But yet, if you like that, that's fine.

Anyways it's good to hear NA is getting the smaller system. Bundled or not, that's better than none, and it should be available from the beginning. Though I think it's a little bit too late as majority of people already bought XL and has no reason to buy yet another system (that's why it is probably bundled).



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

You may be partially right about me confusing linearity with difficulty. But only partially as I think when something is linear then it's simpler and therefore easier: if it's linear then make it harder or add more stuff, like in BW, if it's open world, make it easier etc (TLoZ: ALBW). Crash Bandicoot has lineart level design which had to use difficult platforming, otherwise it would be hella too easy. In other hand, Spyro games are more open world. They are easier, but you have to explore your way through. Both games are equally difficult (Crash even more if you want achieve 100% complete playthrough).
Right now pokemon games are TOO linear, and therefore, TOO easy, because they don't counter it in any way. They even drop Lucky Eggs and healing guys in caves onto you. It's a little bit more sophisticated Looker quest - go from point A to B, winning battles in the process, defeat Gym Leader/Team, repeat. You may like and enjoy that linearity, that's okay and it's allways nice to see how other people experience Pokemon games. But I would like to explore more. Maybe not that hardcore exploring with maze like world of Telefang or side scrolling Metroid, but something more 3D Zelda-esque games. I want to go an adventure and see new things and places and your Power Plant example is a perfect example of doing it right and in my view it couldn't be better. They could add more dungeons or routes in post game - another good point of V gen (even if all routes have the same music fith gen content is still better than 6th gen postgame). I think a good game will increase your curiosity and will make you want to explore and uncover each inch of the world you are in, increase the curiousity enough to finish the game without walkthroughs. Unless you want to catch Feebas, that is ;]
Repetiteves is another bad issue the pokemon games have and repeating the same weak plot over and over (with more and more unreal reasoning behind it) won't lure mature gamers, and will even discourage old fans, but that's other thing to talk about. For maturity in pokemon I consider a good plot without fairy tale stuff and plotholes. With reasonable motives. All the pokepuffs, friendship and love is fine as long they will give me a proper plot that will be more than - "your love to pokemon saved the world from villainous team". I metioned before the first generation team had good reasons to be active - money is a powerful thing. And Team Rocked was virtually killing pokemon for money, one by one. Not via never to happen genocide we can't relate to. Destroying other beings for money. That's the real stuff and I can connect to that as this happens in our reality. It's sad but true and provides greater impact than imaginated fantasy genocide by some rainbow crystal ray (well the games are rated E, so they can't go further either). Hoenn has some immature dudes without true education (though there is a lesson - never be entitled in just your opinions and listen to others, it could even go farther and be a metaphor for religious and/or pollitical conflitcts), Sinnoh has a crazy guy (kinda sad seeing him trying to create the new universe) and Unova has another crazy guy but his team and actions are much more uncovered in the game than in any other games so far, which made him more real to me. In Unova I see Team Plazma's actions being more influencing people and environment. And I can't be connected to Magma, Auqa and Galactic as existence of such teams is ridicullous. Flooding the land, really? Moreover, how about some more story besides the standard villainous team stealing pokemon and suck at using Zubats + friendship is supper effective? More connections between characters? Protagonist's background? How about your father? How about teaming up with local police to take down criminals? Choosing someone for a double battle mission and then your actions will be reflected in the future? And adding something more than a plain text (even a slideshow), it's XXI century already, not 80's. All the people in the pokemon games feel more like decoys, dummies, puppies rather a real human beings, and this also influences my experience. At least in HGSS you slowly discover your rival (stereotypical thing but better than nothing), in BW you solve mysteries behind N and Plazma. Moreover Bianca has issues with her dad, and Cheren is all angsty. BW2 has Colress, who is nevertheless an interesting character. And the only plot like part I liked in ORAS was Delta Episode, because I was curious in Zinnia. I got more alternative universes and timelines than Zinnia though.



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@BulbasaurusRex I know it was never been difficult, but right now its easier than ever, ridiculously easy. Right now I'm replaying Yellow and Gold (as I never got the chance to play the originals) and I feel there are more obstacles and hidden tips than in XY where like everything stopping you is a plot device and every tutorial is literally forced to you. In Gold (story playthrough) feel like I have to actively search and solve my way through the game (the Sudowoodo quest for example) while in XY I just followed the pointing signs. It was up to you and your curiousity if you cought your legendaries and visited all places during you play (in Yellow I skipped Seafoam Islands, I can pass Whirl Islands). You could actively search for new locations or skip them entirely. Even in 3 gen were some pretty crazy cryptic stuff like Feebas. And how you had to use Morse's code to find legendary golems? That was a definitely right thing. In XY you are pretty much forced to see everything and catch the greatly exposed legendary. And when you feel you can go somewhere else to reasearch it - the game won't allow you to do such (the dessert buildings in Kalos, probably a cancelled quest that hopefully will be used in XY2/Z/Hoenn Z/Zeta Emerald). Sure, later you can search for Megastones and other legendaries - but I feel they are outside the story line (except being a foreshadowing of Hoopa in future games/events), belonged to the post game, and were added and exused there so people who don't have previous games can get all those precious legends at once. And don't get me started about Unknown Dungeon in XY, which was a huge dissapointment. The only value those legends have are those 3 guarantered max IVs and possibility to soft reset for shiny.
The whole post game in pokemon games was never my thing as most of the part I found it boring, short and disconnected to the story line. Never liked Battle Frontier, though I spent some time there, competetive plays were accesible to me in 6th gen (better internet connections, easier breeding), and I find Battle Mansion in 6th gen boring and frustratic after countless fights. Not only it takes a large amount of time to just get near the 100th fight, but AI allways use some cheap haxed tactics with their low accuracy moves allaways hitting and pretty much allways having the side effect (like I was frozen solid 3 times in a row, virtualy making me loose, or when Ice Fang freezed me, then after switching flinched me and then again freezed me). There were nice touches in XY and ORAS (Looker quest and Delta Episode) althrough they were more like: go from location A to B, read the text, repeat.
Pokedex entries may be still creepy as ever and I'm thankful or that as reading it is still interesting, but its an encyclopedia, not a game's story. And its rarely referenced otheresle in the game. All the teams reasoning and actions are just the same thing over again - since RSE every team steals pokemon and wants to do some kind of genocide (exluting Team Plazma - which is most reasonable and original from all recent teams - another good point of gen V), one way or another, with a team from the most repetitive, copy pasted formula, game - Team Galactic - wanting to literally kill all the Universe. Which is quite bizzare to be honest, and very fantasy like, in oposition to simply money chasing mafia like Team Rocket. Team Flare is yet another team wanting to do literaly the same thing as the other villainous teams, but this time they have ever more ridiculous reasons. Which I don't get till this day, even with Bulbapedia's help.
Anyways, my point is, the games were allways easy, but now there are waaaaay too much easy, with all that hand holding. And with all the cutesy rainbows, pastel colors and friendship overload, it lost some of its mysterious, dark, vibes it had in the past.



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@Sanicranfast I agree they may be crucial and they indeed add something (a twist perhaps) to the way how you play competitively. Mega Evolution is both hit and miss depending on how you view it. I see it more gimmicky. I played it, tested, and mostly it was intersting and fun (like when someone megaevolved their Garchomp only to be destroyed by my - unevolved and therefore faster - Garchomp). Yet, in my opinion, the series could go without them. You can play without them, you can battle without them and you can even competetive battle without them. If they would implement the mega evolutions in the story line better - I would be more positive about them. I feel Mega Evolutions were added to keep the momentum of the franchise. Megas took place of pokemon in the Pokedex, and they are making huge hype about them, while I think they should focus on re-innovating the series. Not by adding more features (only to some of them would be removed in next gen) but by changing the already existing ones. Special and physical split is a good example of redesigning the series. Changing EXP points yelding in BW is another example, missed or not, but still an effort to change the gameplay in more valuable way than adding some extra Megas - which are usually useless during the gameplay and which only can shine during the competetive play. As for Faires - I think the series could go on without them rather well. I never felt the dragons were too powerful - it was simply too many good dragon pokemon, and many Dragon types are legendaries. Yet, I don't mind Fairy type in the gameplay, even if I feel they are a little bit TOO overpowered - type advantage wise. After all, they add some more usage of Poison type pokemon now.



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

@BulbasaurusRex Getting complex doesn't allways mean getting more mature. And I belive detailed breeding mechanics are more helpful to veteran fans and competetive players, and they were thought for them (and now they were even more simplifed, which is welcome, so more casual players can fight competitive as well) - I think kids will simply play the game unoticing the complexity beneath the story walkthrough surface. They will play with the fave pokemon through the game. The rest are welcome features that made the games better, more balanced and created a nice metagame. Althrough I still think Mega Evolutions are just gimmicks, to keep the series somewhat fresh.
In the first two generations pokemon were killed, eaten, were experimented on, used in laboratories, were illegaly created. Many trainers tamed them using whips. They were dangerous beasts, mysterious and powerful. And the main villian team were abducting them, killing them, and using them for money. Also - I liked how the poison could faint your pokemon - this definitely added survival vibe to the series. 1 HP left in gen IV was bad enough, now the poison effect won't activate outside the battle - making the whole game a walk in the park rather than an RPG experience.
Now I see happy smiling people everywhere, with pokepuffs, friendship and love. There is nothing wrong with love and friendshitp - no - but I feel like I'm in an episode of My Little Pony rather in the pokemon world, I feel unconnected to it while playing, which surely affects my experience. Also the games are incredible easy - my main point when I said it's child-friendly. Althrough I understand a newcommer may be lost with all the types, abilities, natures and 720 pokemon, I still think a little more experienced gamer will have no issue at beating the game. Just grind and level up and here you go - no strategy at all, just kill everything in your sight ith your overpowered pokemon. And XY were notable easy, with all the help from NPC around, I walked through the game with ease. And this is one of reasons why I prefer BW over XY. They changed the rules and made it harder (also story was pretty good for a pokemon game).



KTT commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

While I watched anime in gen 1, knew a lot about it and was pretty crazy with it (I even knew which number corresponds to which pokemon), my first games were Johto games. And actually I was the one of the first kids to see 2 gen pokemon before everyone else - that was because my game was a bootleg which I received as a gift (Nintendo was incredible expensive in our country and people most likely thought of it as of a bootleg of Pegasus - which in fact is a clone of Famicom). So I in case of gen 1 games - I don't have that big nostalgia feeling about them. Though I do consider gen 1 and 2 being one... entity.
Pokemon had everything - gaming, collecting, cool monsters, cute monsters, not so well looking monsters, batling and, perhaps most importantly, mystery. Now I feel like I know every single bit of the games and I they won't allow me to discover new things because each game is pretty much the same... A simple story and gameplay that is getting more and more child-friendly with each generation. That said I still play pokemon because collecting the monsters is just as fun as ever. Even if there are about 720 of them.
Nice article, has some nice trivia in it althrough some interesting details could be added in the spin-offs I will be looking forward for more articles like that as I consider myself a pokemon fan.



KTT commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

What the actual... Jesus. The worst of the worst - the possible massacre for no apparent reason, 2 guys that seem to be quality players and showing off on Facebook. I only can have a blind hope it meant to be a gruesome joke and they didn't really want to kill anybody!



KTT commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Kn...:

(plz be released in Europe soon)
Meanwhile, I decided to restart Millenium Girl. Was too busy past few months to focus on EO and I don't like playing a game after a long break (even if I am halfway to the end). But before I tackle EO again I really ought to finish Majora Mask. Another game I stopped playing because life stuff, thankfuly not as long ago as EO.



KTT commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@helbertpina Those games you mentioned have cartoon-y graphics. As far as I know, the cancelled game has realistic graphics. You can't compare those two that easily. Wii U perhaps isn't that powerfull to for a such game; it seems like the system is stuck with (mostly) cartoon looking games because it can't handle other games. Besides Nintendo is working with its own system. They know how to bypass the restrictions and gimmicks within the system in that way so people won't even realise what had to be sacrifaced to make the game look good and run smoothly. They did that with Wind Maker and they do it now.



KTT commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

Gotta read the comments here when I finish my work, haha.
Nintendo should invest their money in a better hardware with more "power". I do like 3DS (~2011) but games on PSP (~2005) look more smooth and clear. After having a game session on PSP, looking at 3DS screen is painful (pixels, PIXELS everywhere). People around I know who owns other systems disregard 3DS calling it a kid toy with no graphics. Graphics isn't everything and the system may have some good games but for a typical gamer they will look just ugly, played on a gimmicky system. If you want to sell your stuff, you have to make it in that way so the majority of the population will want it.
More powerful system would be good for third parties - they could easily jump in and make some games. Also they should think about naming their systems. For a Nintendo fan it's logical but for a Sony/MS fan it's a mess. Not to mention casuals. Let's hope the next system won't be called Wii E or someting but be a totally separated system (like GB and DS (althrough DS is just an enhancemented GBA - they got lucky with it at the time)).

The next system should be good enough to handle the 3rd parties ports with ease, have ability to show nice graphics so a modern gamer will show interest in the system, still have N's exlusives as they are usually pretty good and are selling points (even if it's the same thing over and over again), be easy to use when creating games (no forced gimmicks, easy programming). Oh, and account system for digital purchases. If it's portable - it may be lost/stolen/broken. I don't want to buy xxx$ games again because of that! And the last thing. QUIT REGION LOCK.

Today a gaming system is a very dedicated piece of a hardware. It should have games that will be worthly enough to buy the system and worthly investing time in them. Thereofore the games should be long, good and give as epic experiencies, just like some movies or books (you watch a soad opera on TV but go on a budget movie to cinema/newspapers can be viewed as objects for casuals while epic sagas/academic books for dedicated readers). Tablets are now ocuppied with casual games and kids just love them. I know I would love them too, if I were a kid. They may be brainless tapping all covered with microtransactions or adverts but they are fun just like those tiny, sometimes crappy, games we got on our old dedicated to gaming devices. (it striked me after reading one review of DS tittle - now you got all the same games, in many variations and colors, on tablets and you neglect them. But back then when they were called "true" games and they were thought about as creative - you played it).

That digression was made just to say if N really wants to do the rumoured hybrid system, they should invests both in dedicated and casual gamers equally. Good games (books) and simple apps (magazines) for all the crowd.



KTT commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

@BLPs I think removing the 8-directional movement caused actually more glitches and made the games more cumbersome at times. Like those trainers spotting me even if they were turned the other way, or the character amazingly sliding to the grid when using D-pad, and all those invisible hit boxes that felt too big (as it looked you could go between e.g. walls). But on the other hand Pokemon feels more natural now. If only they added rotating camera to enjoy those "breathtaking details" (but I guess there is much more unfinished planes behind the camera so this will likely never happen, at least not in this, and maybe next, generation).

@Zombie_Barioth Yes, there were their first 3D games and they indeed could have problems with developing it, I agree. XY/ORAS would never be perfect anyways, and I didn't excepted them to be like, dunno, ground breaking beautifuly looking sandbox game. But we are in the middle of the second decate of XXI century. Mistakes were made in 90's, now we learned how to do 3D environment. By now GF should learn on others mistakes and create much better 3D environment. Or at least optimalize the current generation so it won't loose fps and can screen 3D effect.

(I don't say the game should blow everyone with its graphics and all. I say they should do something that doesn't look like a modified DS pokemon engine. By now I would give them 5/10 for their 3D)



KTT commented on Review: Comic Workshop 2 (3DS eShop):

I bought it out of curiosity. The first Comic Workshop didn't pleased me and I wanted to give the newest app another chance. I find the application hard to use and ridiculous in design. I think it actually restricts my creativity. I can't do full page sized panels (unless I should try with a tiny tiny page?), I can't do bubbles "connecting" pannels (or rather: I can but doing it backwards), the amount of option makes me think I can do stuff but it is actually quite limited. Zooming in/out causes terrible pixelation unless you are really "close"/"far" to the canvas (and there are interface issues I have but you can get use to the interface, so no big deal). On top of that there is a glitch that causes panels go invisible when editing them (I must try repeat it to be sure what exactly caused this). Good luck to align them without seeing them!

On the other hand it has impressive set of tools [for a 3DS] (which are very well explained in tutorials) and I think the 'straight curve' (sometimes when you quickly draw a circle it ends as an axew rectangle) problem is better resolved here. Comic Workshop 2 may be indeed a fun application for those with some time in their hands.

@khululy Colors! 3D is like the best drawing/painting app on the 3DS. It is simple and effective.
@JLPick I think they did an update for the first software that will allow you to use Miiverse. CW2 can connect to Miiverse and alos has few new tools. Nothing groundbreaking, though. You can also get this app cheaper if you bought the older one.



KTT commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

@BLPs I agree with the good ideas. There were many of them in the past. Some however did 'survived' and even evolved, like berries for example.

This is also what I meant by 3D graphic. I didn't elaborate. All 3D pokemon models (which look most of the time beautiful in the game) were made by Creatures. The overworld, I belive, was made by GF. Which isn't that amazing and honestly, we [me and my boyfriend] are thinking of the possibility that they just modified DS engine for it (instead of doing a brand new one that would fully use the capacity of 3DS). To summarize: we have high poly models done by Creatures that were used by GF (who couldn't optimalize them well) and decent average to uninspired ugly overworld done all by GF (which shown even more how little skills in 3D programing they have).
Personally I prefer apparence of sprites and battle animations in gen 4 (attacks and sprites are colorful and backsprites are nice to look at) over gen 5 but I get your point and I can sympathise with that. However, I belive both, 6 and 5, generations use similar way to showcase status aliments and low HP. Pokemon moves slowly, closes eyes etc. I would like to see a sleep animation however (as those that are being used in Amie (haven't had luck to see them personally)). I think the maximum of offense moves of a pokemon is 4 (3 being the mean (physical, special and status)) (also, I'm not sure if Mega Rayquaza got 5th animation), which in my opinion is enough for about 720 3D models. But not all pokemon use the "4 slots" of movements. I think there were few Pokemon that got as little as just 1 offensive animation (no clue if they didn't think about anything else for the said pokemon or the pokemon suppose to be so... immobile(?)).
That said, I wish GF the best. Maybe someday they will get everything right Pokemon games.



KTT commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Each Monday I check NL for upcoming games. I'm allways curious what new things will appear on the 3DS eShop. And like each Monday I'm dissapointed because there is no Virtual Console. Eh, eh.



KTT commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

@Peach64 Personally I think gimmicks starts from N64, but yeah, I agree with you.

This and lack of important games, game drought at the beginning of the release of Wii U, bad campain (people didn't even know that Wii U even exists), and of course it's less technologicaly advanced than its rivals: PS4 and XBone, etc etc.



KTT commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

@Varathius 1. This is a figure worth its price. Amiibo is a piece of not so good painted plastic with a really trivial ability to unlock small and usually irrevelant things in some games. Raising the price would kill the point of the toys as they SHOULD be easy to pick in stores - the target audience is young players after all, and young palyers usually don't have a job with a good salary. If they [Amiibo] will be more expensive we would have a situation similar to 3DS, when it sold poorly until they cut the prices. The small stock would be actually advised in such situation (because no one would care about such expensive Amiibo [that do not allow to have a valid gameplay] (except from hardcore fans and collectors)).
2. The point is made. But this still doesn't change that they SUPPOSED to be avaiable here where you live. They are advertised to Western audience and the audience should easily buy them form Western market. Amiibo should be easy to acess, not easy to be lost on the Internet. Look at the Mewtwo above. It's a collector's item. To preorder it you had to use a Japanese site. Now look at Amiibo. This should be a (semi) common item, just like Skylanders and Infinity. You buy it and play it immediately. Searching for it and then waiting a week and then finally get it (and the Amiibo will be still more expensive due to shipping cost) is missing the point and DOESN'T help to gain any new fans and it even repels old fans to buy more (as you can see from the comments above).

That being said I must clarify I don't really have interest in Amiibo and they allways seemed to me as a silly -cash grabbing- idea done by a company that seems to be sinking more and more and which grabs anything that will make the profit. I looked forward to see how they will utilise the concept but they seems to fail at now. Unless they create a nice, complex, game where the Amiibo really comes to life I can't think of any other else reason for them than to put them on a shelf (at least that is what I think). Yet, just for collective purposes, I will try buy one Amiibo later this year.



KTT commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

So I decided to share my thoughts, all in one place, and there will be a lot of them, so this may end as a wall of text To be clear I can't call myself as a loyal N fan but I am interested in Nintendo's doings. Also I haven't watched anything regarding Microsoft and Sony, because they interest me even less (nowadays). Simply the games changed during all those years and now it seems only the big N can give me at least some games I can enjoy.
I'm not that interested in E3 (other than that I hoped for special Mii to appear just like about 2 years ago (I belive no one in my country has all the puzzles in Puzzle Swap - there simply aren't enough 3DS owners here and StreetPass Relay is nonexistent (even if our country WAS shown to have a Relay point in the Direct back then) so I can finally finish last panels. I haven't seen a special Mii for a long long time). Usually I get notes from the E3 via this site and Tumblr etc. However this time I managed to actually see the Direct couple minutes past its beginning. And I must say, for someone who didn't have ANY expectations and hopes (I'm kind of casual here), this was pretty bad, haha.
First, I saw a multiplayer Zelda game that appeared to me as a quick cash grabbing rehash of existing game and engine of LBW that kinda plays like 4 swords (this looked fun but no way this should be put on a Direct like this).
I saw Hyrule Warriors for 3DS (which in my opinion is a weird decision to make a port of such game to 3DS) which, to my knowledge, is just Zelda themed hack and slash game.
Then I think a really, really weird Metroid game appeared that even I can't call a Metroid game, (perhaps Nintendo wanted to add more multiplayer shutter tittles just like CoD is popular now? But then, don't we have Splatoon? Maybe they wanted something for 3DS owners to enjoy? Then why show something that look quite bad on E3 anyways?). I saw spin-off board game done just to utilise more expensive Amiibos (seriously, they ARE expensive here), which I can only imagine how it dissapointed AC fans. I can't see the point of the game to be honest as you already have mario party and I think there are other REAL board games that you can play for cheaper price (and with NO expensive and hard to get Amiibo). This shown Wii U as a platform that is used for this kind of games so uh. What's next? Donkey Kong game like this (with Amiibo reqiired to play it)? (One could argue here what is the point of Amiibo, is it good they have so little usage (we can enjoy the games as they are without worring of minor adjustments that the figurines can provide) or bad because they should give more content to justify their existence (then some will argue they would preffer a paid DLC)).
There were trailers for upcoming games I already knew it will come, moreover some of them were Japanese trailers (I don't have anything to different languages but I bet Xbox and PS users gets their games translated/localised often (as oposed to what Nintendo does) and probably majority of E3 watchers are English speaking people, so this must put non N-fans off), and some of the games could look too... "oriental" for a standard nowadays gamer.
By oriental I mean I belive that E3 reveals supposed to be shown to major base of the West gamers. So when the gamers see something that looks like weird anime stuff with J-pop and lots of mini games with cutesy graphics looking like it was created as a smartphone app, they must have a big WTF written on their faces. (There ARE of course people who DO look forward for such Japanese games, jrpgs etc. but I don't think this is what a nowodays modern common gamer look for. In case of E3 such Japanese fans could be a niche).
I saw wayy too much Mario in the video, Mario Maker here, Mario cutscenes there and a really really weird Mario err video thing. They got a good idea for the last one but they executed it [in the Direct] poorly and it almost made me turn off the tablet as it seemed very random. Good that I waited because there was a nice reason behind this. But back to Mario himself. It's Nintendo, okay, I get it. But daaaamn, Mario is like EVERYWHERE, and when I show Nintendo's handbills to others they say there are only Mario games there (and Pokemon). Oh and there was a Mario Tennis announcement. Because that is surely what will make the crowd stare in awe.
I admit Mario Maker insght video, with all those level layouts shown, was interesting from artistic point of view, even the Yoshi "behind the scenes", however didn't we get enough Mario Maker and Yoshi stuff for the last few months? Is something that is a level editor (created for N-fans) trully such a big deal to show it on E3? Is a game that was already released so important to talk about it again?
It striked me there wasn't any focus on a major new tittle/franchise. Except for Star Fox, a game that many people actually wanted. But the game in fact, according to many, doesn't look that good (my boyfriend said it looked like a Wii game with better resolution, I read comments comparing it to GameCube quality) and lacks multiplayer. I watched some part of the treehouse event but the Star Fox showcase was quite boring and I thought there will not be anything more important to announce so I closed the video just after the guy beat the giant red boss machine.
Hey, I liked the puppets thingies though!
Aaaand... I think that's pretty much it. In short: too much spin-offs, Mario, games that looked cheap, games that were dissapointing and made fans angry, too much focus on games we already know A LOT about and too little new content that actually matters (except maybe for Star Fox), which supposed to be major thing on E3. All the stuff was put in a quite random way but the puppets managed to bring some smile.
Edit: Hey! At least they are preparing better things for NX! Right? ;]



KTT commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

I would love to have Pokemon Snap sequel! Never played it in my childhood but got a chance to check it up few months ago. It's definitely a game I would love to have and play. I do like taking snapshots in games and I do that in many games. But I doubt Pokemon Snap 2 will happen now.
For the main series games, I think we will get an announcement in early 2016 (Zeta Emerald or Hoenn Z I suppose? There are way too much things connecting Kalos and Hoenn) and I'm anticipating it. Though I'm rather dissapointed with the 6 gen. Graphic weren't that good, battle animations were lagging, almost no 3D effect and when it does appear it is badly utylised, storyline the same as allways or perhaps even more nonsense. While the beginning of XY was splendit, somewhere in 1/3 of the game it got boring, linear, unispiring and the game felt rushed, althrough the music was decent. Pokemon simply stopped be a good RPG series and became a walk through the rainbow park (or should I say route?). Oh, and don't forget bugs and game breaking glitches. And PokeBank release drama (btw, Pokebank keeps randomly deleting our pokemon so the software isn't that great either). Hoenn remakes didn't fix anything, looked even worse and aside from being remakes-done-right, didn't put anything new in the generation/pokemon in general (I'm almost sure Lati@s soaring will be skipped because that's what allways happen when something nice, but trivial, is added to remakes). They better have something good in the next main series game because the amount of repetitevenes and dullness is getting ridicoulous.
For the PMD, I only played those on GBA. They were decent. Gameplay was getting boring, especially later in the game (99 floors of the same looking maze???), but the story was the strenght of the games. Played 3DS entry demo and I felt it was bad. Looking at the Super trailers I think this should be a better entry in this spin-off series. I may even get it if the reviews will be favourable. I can see this one on E3.
I can also see Pokken being anounced.



KTT commented on Review: Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS eShop):

Personaly I allways prefered GameBoy iteration of this game. The original colors always confused me while the GameBoy viruses and capsules are nice and clear to me. As I own the game, both for GB and for 3DS, I can't justify bying the same game again, especially if I find the colors confusing. Some modes seems to be interesting however.



KTT commented on Europe, You're Getting Three More New 3DS Cove...:

FINALLY new cover plates... and they are "meh" (except Splatoon). I don't think we got anything new since the launch of the N3DS. I got tired of waiting for my fav plate that I've seen in Japan (importing is costly) and I just bough the black Zelda one because I really wanted to change that default plate. Hey, at least I can use the cover plates, unlike those unfortunate Americans! If I lived in US I would never buy N3DS XL because it's too huge for me while the standard size is just perfect (and those cover plates are cute) and I imagine there are more people like me so NoA is missing he target.



KTT commented on Chibi-Robo Platformer and amiibo Coming to Jap...:

I like Chibi Robo on 3DS though haven't even got in the middle of the game (I have hard time to find a can here as we don't drink canned drinks lol) and I must say this is one really nice Amiibo. I like it!