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Wed 29th May, 2013

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KTT commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

I rarely use MiiVerse but when I use it I allways check the activity feed to see what other people drew. Now the activity feed seems to be more or less useless as I will have to go and see each person's individual profile, which, in fact, elongate the navigation process. However this may be a good news for those who followed a lot of people, just to see who is active more.



KTT commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

Liked both previous entries on 3DS. I almost finished Fallblox and I'm in the middle of Pushblox. I may consider this game when I'm done with the other two.



KTT commented on Get Inked With This New Nintendo 3DS Splatoon-...:

I like checking NL in the morning and evening or during more boring part of my work and it's funny to notice the sudden shift. Around like yesteday: Yooka-Laylee everywhere and I check NL today and Splatoon took over the entire website x]

But to the main point, I think this coverplate is uber sweet. It matches the Black N3DS nicely and the White one looks good too! I'm not interested in the game since I don't have Wii U but this coverplate is tempting. It is realy nice! Adds something "edgy" to the system apparence.



KTT commented on Yooka-Laylee Character Designer Spills on Crea...:

@liveswired I don't need to share anything, and there is no any other superior or inferior design because this one is good as it is.
The article at the end asked what we think about the designs so I described my opinion and my thoughts. I said I liked it but (as with everything) there seems to be some issues. While the bat being creepy is my personal feel, which you don't have to agree with, the gender issue seems to be supported by what I've seen on the Internet. I heard many people being confused by they genders so I think I can assume the point about their gender is actually valid. Even if I just simply theorized about that in my previous comment.
And I said I have nothing against it (as I like when characters don't show stereotypical gender traits, and also this makes them more animal-like, simplified) though it may be unclear who is who for younger players.



KTT commented on Yooka-Laylee Character Designer Spills on Crea...:

The general idea and design is nice and clever, the colors used are nice as well, I like it. But there are few things I have problem with.
One is the bat itself. Chameleon is pretty decent but the bat is kind of creepy with this constant emnotionless artificial grin and huge staring eyes. I know what they tried to do but the model - cute big eyes, curiousity and smile but... This is a little bit creepy to me. It may that be because all the footages shows the grin.
Also the character's genders don't seem to be clear: the bat seems to be the guy while the lizard - the girl (but's opposite!). I'm okay with that but I can imagine it could perhaps confuse younger players who didn't yet hear their voices/who know nothing about them.

@BakaKnight Bats have fur too. I belive it was an artistic style choice to make the characters look more "plastic" as oposed to "furry". Or maybe they wanted use the computer power for something else than to create a realistic hair effect and physics? Who knows? So generally, the said tiger would also look like a toy.



KTT commented on Collavier Corporation Explains How Comic Works...:

"The solution to the problem was found during the development of Comic Workshop 2 (available in Japan) and seeing this, I personally asked if it could be possible to make a patch for the previous Comic Workshop and for Painting Workshop. " That's a good attitude.



KTT commented on Review: Fossil Fighters: Frontier (3DS):

I may give it a chance when it gets to Europe. Waited for it since I saw the trailer. The only thing I'm affraid is that it may be too easy for me. I'll have to read more reviews before making the decision.



KTT commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

I'm actually glad the Club Nintendo will be over. Badly thought service where like half of the Europe cannot obtain items mentioned there (making the stars useless).
And even if they could obtain those items, recently added NNID made things worse, forcing their system to lock on one region making it impossible to link eShop with Club Nintendo if they live in one of those countries that Club Nintendo doesn't support. That means no stars for digital downloads.
At least, unlike DSi eShop, 3DS eShop seems to be working in the whole Europe - making purchases much easier and without swapping regions.



KTT commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

Ace Combat - because it's a good game, ok?
DKCR 3D - that's a good platformer,
EOIV - Dungeon Crawler for variety, a new entry (and with overworld) instead of a remake,
Luigi's Mansion 2 - buggy but essential,
Mario Kart 7 - don't have but I think at least one racing game should be on the list,
MGS: Snake Eater 3D - an excellent game,
Pokemon ORAS - because it has more pokemon and stones than in XY,
Super Mario 3D Land - an ok 3D platformer,
TLoZ: ALBW - an okay-ish Zelda game, I put it here because of the top down perspective,
TLoZ: OoT 3D - essential, a perfect game.

I didn't vote for Smash and Monster Hunter because I don't own the games and all the demos I played aren't enough to make me buy the games. I feel too unexperienced to vote for them. I played MK7 via Local Play and I think it's an ok game. I would recommend MM 3D only for those who already played OoT 3D. Personally I think XY were slighty better than ORAS but ORAS has more content - more advised for newcommers. Some of you mentioned VLR. I think 999 was better, the 3D models and voice acting killed it for me and the story and puzzles weren't that good as the previous one. And don't forget about save breaking glitch that occurs in the 3DS version. As for Tomodachi Life, It's hard to call it a game - it's basically one big RNG, but done in a right way. I enjoy the game but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, especially to one who want to experience something serious, not cheap.

For those who has problem with the eShop tittles being excluded - read the description. They will do a separate list for that. This list contains retail games, to be more exact, retail games released in the West. I'm perfectly fine with dividing eShop games from retail ones. Gives more variety.



KTT commented on Video: Know Absolutely Nothing About Pokémon...:

@Nicolai If I would be a kid I would be pretty dissapointed by the reveal of the... "pokemon". In fact, I am dissapointed right now; a girl owning said pokemon in a plush form would be much better. I know it's real world and friendship and all but let's be honest - all kids watching this will be like "OMG WHAT KIND OF POKEMON IS THAT?!?!".
The (a little bit too long (about 3 minutes!)) buildup is basically wasted. I have seen better advertises for younger audiences.

I would say this video is dedicated to people who knows very little about the franchise, that's why it shows all the Kanto starters, and explains some basic stuff (that every pokemon fan knows), not for the already existing pokemon fans. In that way the video gets slighty better... But they should shorten the video and add a pokemon plush at the end to make it more... accesible.



KTT commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Looks Set For...:

@Inkling Personally I enjoyed the game. It's kind of a parody and it's indeed difficult. Some says it's NES hard. However there are many checkpoints which I think makes the game much easier than 'NES hard' and beatable. A good platformer and quick to play, I would say. But beware, a NSFW game it is, haha, I wouldn't suprised if it get +18 rating for some content. It also has many references to Nerd's episodes. Definitely for fans of platformers and the Nerd.

Anyway I have this on Steam and had beaten it quite a time ago. I don't think I will ever download it on 3DS when it come to Europe, but who knows, maybe if there will be a price drop or a new content?



KTT commented on The Nintendo 3DS is Now Four Years Old in Europe:

I have my own since April 2012. Recently moved to New. Thanks to Activity Log I am aware of the time pass but it still amazes me how fast years can pass. It's kind of melancholic, memento mori and such stuff.



KTT commented on Review: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (3DS):

Y u no updating the previous game?
Ace Combat on 3DS is my first retail game I bought for the system. Actually it was an istant buy as soon as I found it's a remake of my fav Ace Combat 2.

I really enjoy the game and I was waiting for an update that make playing with CPP possible (because original Japanese version of the game does support CPP), as never understood why 'the west' got the game with such limitation.
The game is so good I probably could buy it twice (someday when it get cheaper), for the CPP/N3DS support (I assume the controls would be simliar to the Playstation version). But I spent way too much time unlocking stuff to just abandon the game and start everything over.

Well... I guess those who didn't have the chance to experience the game... Now it's best time for that. Give it a try, it's pretty good.



KTT commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

Personaly I think 10 points scale is the best. 1 - do not buy, 5 - average, 10 - must buy. I do read reviews and compare what was said with the score and labeling isn't that effective. Unless you have bunch of labels, which in fact, simply replaces the numbers (so what was the point of changing it?).

While I do see the problem with DLC content I would prefer have the review from the time the game was fresh and 'unpatched'. Review of the core of the game. Then, if DLC would be crutial for the gameplay, I would like to see (below the original review) what kind of changes were made in the game, maybe with an upgraded score. In that way I can choose between the older unstable version or the newer with updates (some people like exploring glitches or don't like something in a recent update).

Of course if a game would have like a new update each week (if there are some really broken games) this would be hard to maintain.



KTT commented on LEGO Jurassic World Teaser Trailer and Snippet...:

I don't care about Lego games: they seems to be rather repetitive with minute changes between games. But I'm a dinosaur geek. And I enjoy JP movies and liked the book. Now I'm confused what to do haha.



KTT commented on Gunman Clive Sales Pass 400,000 Across All Pla...:

Good for him. Yesterday I looked up for some more info about the developer, and, frankly, I liked his attitude, haha.
I had GC downloaded for a long time but just yesterday I finished it (I did try beat it few times before but there was always something that interruped me). It was a good game, quite hard at the end, I enjoyed it. The jumping mushrooms were the only flaw I could count - but a little one (you have to be very precize with the jump button and the shrooms animation is confusing about when to press it). Oh, and I liked the shortness of the game, fits perfectly. But I'm probably an exception here.
Anyways, I'm one of those 17%. I supported Hörberg by downloading GC2, though it may take a while untill I try it (just like GC). Yup, he has my support.



KTT commented on Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + Hits The W...:

So... It's basically a patched game that will be released at full price...

I would love to see a patch for those who already own the game - but that will never happen... I spent A LOT of time in the game unlocking stuff so I won't be buying this. Especially considereing this is exactly the same game I already own, with few improvements.



KTT commented on French Health and Safety Body Recommends Child...:

"What is clear is that there is no published research, new or old, showing evidence of adverse effects from watching 3D content other than the short-term discomfort (...)"
No published research -> no evidence. Move on.



KTT commented on Bandai Namco Announces Ace Combat: Assault Hor...:

crosses fingers Please make a patch for those who already own the the game, please make a patch for those who already own the game, please...
I just hope that people who have the game will get some kind of bonus or such. It would be bad to have an [soon] 'inferior' version with 'Plus' version available for the same price as the first one, just to have some additional gameplay bonuses.

@sillygostly I think this game may have more probablity to be N3DS exlusive; there already exists the same Ace Combat game on standard 3DS, now they are doing an enchnaced version for N3DS. As the Western release of the game doesn't support CPP (Japanese does though) and the 'Plus' version supports button layout on N3DS it makes quite a sense to have it N3DS exlusive.



KTT commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributes Free Halloween ...:

@Sadodi I'm not from UK either. There IS posibility they will send it to you. We never get the Nintendo Club but people try getting stuff from it and I heard about people who got their prizes after a long wait. But my friend is waiting for his notebook for about one year. The general rule is: just type your adress and hope you get lucky. Or find an UK friend who is willing to send the prize to you.
Edit: also I get their newsletter. I'll notify you if I get the code for the theme (so far I got nothing)