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Kirk commented on This Monster Hunter Demake Would Have Been Awe...:

I genuinely prefer the look and more 2D style of this to the real Monster Hunter and I bet you in would likely control and play more intuitively too.

Someone should actually make this, just change some of the character/monster designs a little and not call it Monster Hunter, then release it on 3DS as an original game and I think it would actually be a hit.



Kirk commented on Retro-Bit Is Releasing A Super Mario Edition O...:

The console is nice enough (not amazing but nice enough), as in it works with those 3 colours the way they are used imo, but the controller looks a bit off. It makes the controller look like it's made of too few colours for some reason, like it's a budget restraint as opposed to an intentional part of the design. I think it's using the red for the circle areas and yellow for all the other buttons that's not quite right. I think it would have been better to make the controller say maybe red on the front half and blue on the back half, then had the normal various coloured buttons and control pads etc, or something like that.

A bit like this I guess:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/ijlzfmvpckowjvqegloc.jpg

or this:

Or maybe even this:



Kirk commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

You're not wrong.

The problem for me is that if I develop for pc/console then I obviously don't even have the mobile platforms as an option, unless I want to shoehorn proper controls onto touchscreen devices (something I hate), and if I develop for pc/console it's going to be a LOT LOT harder trying to create a game that even comes close to the level expected on those platforms, by both the gamers and myself, as well as probably costing a lot of money once it comes to publishing on all those platforms etc.

To be honest; money is the real problem as I see it (along with lack of resources, talented artists and programmers etc, which largely comes down to a money issue again). With some money I'd surely be releasing full blown console and PC games as I type.

I'm stuck in a loop because I'm trying to make enough money on the simpler mobile platforms to some day be able to afford to make bigger and better games on proper gaming platforms, as I see it, but I'm not actually making any money at all on mobile so I'm basically going nowhere...

Money; the source of almost all the problems [certainly most of mine for sure] in this frikin world!

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just make the games I love but not actually have to worry about the cost or care about making money; just enjoy the satisfaction of having people playing and hopefully loving my games, but that's not the real world because being totally skint isn't the source to any kind of satisfaction and happiness when in reality everything you spend a lot time and resources creating in this world kinda depends on have some flow of cash coming in to really appreciate and enjoy it fully; else you're always on the verge of poverty and that's not happiness either :-o



Kirk commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

In 3 years I've made less than £400 from now 7 different games across both Android and iOS...and it's costing me roughly £100 a year for Apple's developer license (as I recall), money each year to keep my website domains going and it also cost me a hundred or so quid for EACH module on Game Maker Studio (of which I use about 3), a few hundred pounds to register my company Trademark...So all in all I've made a loss of about a grand so far...

It's all fine and dandy if you can actually make money but what I've found, and this is the case with my mate too so I'm not alone in this, is that is nigh-on impossible to make enough sales to actually make any money these days on the likes of the App Store and Google Play store because of how saturated these platforms are :-o

Still; I have to be doing something wrong because £400 with 7 games across two billion selling platforms in the span of 3 years is totally and utterly absurd. I just ended up giving my games away for free because there's no point in even charging...and STILL, even giving my games away free and having zero ads and zero micro-transactions (so they really are just pure gifts to consumers with no hassles or downside on their part whatsoever), I've had less than five, that's FIVE (F...I...V...E), downloads of each of my two newest games in the last few weeks (on Android) and virtually all of those were just my mates (which means roughly ZERO actual downloads) and under 50 on iOS.

It's a bit of a joke really, a terrible unfunny joke, and kinda disheartening to be honest.



Kirk commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

Hmmm, interesting...

Then I really should probably start giving Unity a chance because it's a lot more versatile than Game Maker and if it really is free, until you make a decent amount of money, then it's all good as far as I can tell.

I just really don't want to have to start from scratch again and take ages to learn something new. I'm a real slow learner lol :-o



Kirk commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:


As far as I'm aware there's a fee for every separate platform you want to put the game on if you're using Unity and most over game development tools/software.

On game maker it's about a hundred or more quid for each different platform, be it Mac, iOS, HTML5, Android etc, and I think it's even more with Unity although I haven't looked recently to be honest.

Regardless, I know it's not actually as "free" at it all sounds.



Kirk commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

I wish I could afford all the licenses at the end when I'd actually want to release something using this.

I wish I had the time and patience to start again from scratch and actually learn to use something like this :-o



Kirk commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:



I read production to mean going into production of the Wii U discs.

If it was cancelled before it even started then that's hardly even news worthy :-o

I've cancelled many games I never actually started but had ideas about. Some of which would have obviously been totally revolutionary and paradigm shifting...



Kirk commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:

I have to be honest here and say that some of the textures look terrible, such as the character faces close up, like they literally just scaled the originals down in Photoshop without even trying to fix all the muddiness and blurriness.

They could, without any shadow of a doubt, and in my opinion should have put a little more time and effort into polishing up important stuff like this.

Note: I'm not trying to undermine what they've achieved with the rest of the game but the visuals, particularly the textures, do look a bit like they just scaled down the original games art assets without really optimising them for the platform and left it at that.



Kirk commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

It's nice to see the bigger amiibo picture start to take form. They might turn out to be pretty special when all is said and done. Still don't see them selling Wii U systems but possibly if Nintendo keeps expanding upon what we think of as "amiibo", by doing things like offering free game samples and making card versions etc (which wasn't something I think many people thought was part of plan until now), then maybe that will change...



Kirk commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

I can't because I don't own a Wii U and I'm genuinely skint regardless. It's also not my type of game either way, although that certainly doesn't equate to me thinking it's not worthy of more than a 2/10 based on what I've read and seen.



Kirk commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

Or if it were released before Flappy Bird caused such a storm, or was free, or was made in the 1990s...

I mean other than in certain extreme situations I think a game should be judged on its own merits rather than being subject to exact conditions and criteria it has no obligation to meet in order to still be a decent game in its own right.



Kirk commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):


Nah, I never bought it lol but I'm just defending developer's rights to a fair and honest review that actually reflects the real quality of the game experience they are offering.

If this were a genuinely terrible game, 2/10 utter trash, then this would/SHOULD have been reflected in the review multiple times, which it clearly wasn't and it's definitely not coming across that way in the gameplay footage I'm watching either.

Basically, this developer has been massively wronged based on everything I can see of the game and what I read in the actual text of the review at least.
You can have yout opinion without insults, thank you — TBD



Kirk commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):


The score should not reflect a reviewers opinion on the price relative to certain other games but the actual quality of the game.

Sure; if the game was £80 or £800 THEN it becomes a major issue and one that deserves a whole load of points to be knocked off, just to make the point, but that is simply not the case here.

From what I can see, this developer has been grossly mistreated with such a misleading review score that suggests this games is literally terrible and basically not even worthy of a single look; which also from what I can see, simply isn't the case at all.



Kirk commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

I think there's something seriously wrong with this review; UNLESS this game is actually terribly bad and broken in some way that isn't really apparent from looking at the review text or gameplay footage of the game on YouTube.

There's actual working human beings on the other side of this game who've clearly poured more than a few hours into making it and they're giving people the free choice to pay 8 quid for it, a full video game, which if you just ignore the ridiculous mobile situation* for one second isn't some kind of sinister rip-off scheme or something.

Give games that are total junk, with terrible graphics, broken controls, endless ads and micro-transactions etc, scores like this but don't just arbitrarily score hard working developers and their games 2/10 just because you personally and totally incorrectly think this game isn't worth a few quid, even though you clearly have no clue what it takes to actually make even a simple game like this and apparently think every developer should basically be giving away their games for peanuts just because a bunch of other developers have figured out a way to do and abuse this on mobile devices, usually by bombarding you with ads and micro-transactions at every turn, and basically destroyed the whole ecosystem for any other honest developers who don't actually want to abuse their consumers but are still businesses.

You're also definitely not being objective or fair in the criticism labeled at the graphics either because I'm looking at this game and it looks pretty decent for this type of game and perfectly suited to a more casual and younger skewed gamer. These clearly aren't some scribbles hastily chucked together in five minutes or whatever. They're simple, bold and cartoony looking graphics and that's pretty reasonable imo, regardless of whether the game appeals to me personally or not. Also; there's literally hundreds of classic and still brilliant old school NES/Master System games with no more time or effort put into the graphics than what we are seeing here and that doesn't devalue those games in the slightest, so let's not say the game looks bad just because it isn't some super rendered 3D masterpiece that cost millions to make by an art team of 20+ guys and instead is just comprised of pretty decent looking cartoony sprite art, with a few simple but perfectly appropriate animations for each character, in this type of game, and multiple layers of parallax layers and incidental graphical effects etc.

This very clearly isn't the kind of crappy thrown together consumer abusive type of game you seem to have scored it as.

I mean get some perspective and give honest developers making simple but still well put together games, from what I can see, fair reviews for Christ's sake.

I honestly shudder to think what you'd score my totally free, including ad free and micro-transaction free too, and highly polished but simple pixel style Flappy Bird game, Tap to Flap!, which by the way doesn't have online leaderboards either, just like basically no console games before the likes of Xbox did (You don't even realise the amount of hassle it is setting all the crap up) :-o

PS. The original build of Flappy Bird was rather clunky, with some terrible and very unfair hit detection, but by the final update it was/is a solid, fun and very addictive game, totally irrespective of it being an extremely simple idea, and that's all any developer owes you; nothing more.

*Where you can even give away entire quality polished games for totally free and some people will still give you 1 Star ratings for whatever utterly stupid and ignorant self entitled reasons.



Kirk commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

This kind of thing should be on the Wii U too; as a great way to demonstrate some of the unique benefits and capabilities of the GamePad.

Annoyingly; this kind of thing, and a whole other bunch of things like it, are the kinds of "Apps" or "tools" I've been wanting Nintendo to integrate directly into it's console's firmware since before the Wii.




Kirk commented on We're Really Feeling It With These Xenoblade C...:

It's amazing the difference between the general quality of the faceplates for the New 3DS systems and those for the regular 3DS systems. I really like most of the New ones but I really hate most of the regular ones. I guess that's the difference between just basically spraying on a monotone pattern/image and actually putting some effort into making these things look decent.



Kirk commented on Review: Puzzle Monkeys (Wii U eShop):

Yeah; I didn't think this looked like too bad as an actual video game from what I read/saw previously but I think this guy really needs to get a better artist on board. Those 90s rendered looking backgrounds, boring blank squares/cubes and the tiles with the slightly amateur looking monkey drawings aren't helping the general perception of this game as being anything more than a rough and ready low budget and low experience indie title; even if the underlying game is generally pretty good.

Note to the developer: I think a sequel with some good art could really do this game some justice. Just imagine if you could get art at the quality of something like Tetris Attack:

I might even be interested in providing some basic retro style pixel/sprite art, possibly (certainly I'd be happy to give some feedback and suggestions at least), although I'm NOWHERE NEAR as talented as the Nintendo artists. In fact, I'm not even close but I think I'm better than what's currently in the game.

There's a couple random images I did for my recent Kickstarter that you can view here for an example of my work I guess: (particularly any of the more pixel/sprite and gamey looking stuff).



Kirk commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:


"I don't need to waste my time on conspiratorial propaganda from a bunch of anti-American hacks"

This kind of conditioned response to anyone challenging the status quo, even when doing so would actually do far more good than for all of us than most people will ever understand, is exactly why this conversation is going nowhere.

"You want to live in a police state where the government takes half of your money and controls everything you do, be my guest."

You mean basically like America and the UK for example...



Kirk commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

Here's why they didn't release the New 3DS model in America...

...because there are a bunch of morons making decisions at the company.

Just get rid of any outdated older models and have the New 3DS, New 3DS XL and release a New 2DS and then go with those three models only.

See how simple it is.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:


You are clearly ignorant as to the real purpose, motivation and indeed danger in feeding/selling the masses on capitalistic-centric crap like the "American Dream".

Serving capitalism may not have been its original intention but that's really what it is all about now. Basically; "WORK hard enough and you'll get all the STUFF [mainly money and possessions] you want...and THEN you'll be happy and fulfilled; when you have all this MONEY and all this STUFF that you see all the rich people on TV and in the MOVIES have." i.e. keep working [slaving] away and keep buying and spending, like a good little drone trying to reach that "American Dream", and keep the banks in business (i.e. running the world) and help the rich elites get ever more richer.

You're also clearly ignorant as to what the real world is actually like for most people like in it (maybe you're one of the lucky few who have everything you think you want in this world)...

You should probably watch this series of films (particularly the second and third ones, because the first one gets a bit caught up in 'conspiracy theories', which for some people will undermine and possibly make them skip the truly valuable and important information in the second and third films): - This message is as true now as it ever was, and yes at our cores most of us are good decent human beings who would love to do good by our fellow man, BUT sadly it's not people like Charles Chaplin running this world and influencing the will of the masses; which sadly can be very easily to swayed towards selfish and nefarious means (which right now is basically our capitalistic, greed and selfishness based society; as a whole).

However; and I truly mean this; "Despite its broken dreams..." -



Kirk commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:


How you are raised is obviously largely determined by your family circumstances. Your family circumstances are determined in part by where you live (and not just locally but globally), because that directly affects the average quality of living and also informs the general way people think and act; like how 64% of Americans (give or take) believe in God and the Bible for example; or how most of them are searching for the "American dream", which when you break it down is usually about greed and acquiring possessions. If you live in a country that pushes capitalism, greed and selfishness, which countries like America and the UK absolutely do, then the chances are some of that is going to seep into your own belief systems and inform the way you act towards others. And so on and so forth...



Kirk commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

Well this type of kindness and selfishness certainly isn't something countries like America and the UK ingrain in people, those types of countries focus more on greed, accumulating wealth and possessions and thinking of the individual over trying to do what's right and good by everyone, so it's nice to see some people and indeed some countries still showing humanity how it's supposed to be done.



Kirk commented on Review: Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop):


Yeah, I agree, but the only thing this game really needs to save is your high score imo and it is admittedly a bit silly this game doesn't have that at least.

I was just checking what Tetris did by comparison, since it is still one of the greatest puzzle games ever made (specifically the Game Boy version and even by today's standards), and even Tetris did have a basic Top 3 Highest Scores list; so I was just making sure the reviewer wasn't being way overly harsh on a game that otherwise looks pretty decent.



Kirk commented on Review: Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop):

Did the original Tetris on Game Boy have leaderboards or save high scores?

Just curious because I'd still give the original Tetris basically 10/10 for what it is, even by today's standards, and if it also doesn't have leaderboards or save high scores (I honestly can't recall) then I think the reviewer has been extremely harsh on this game.

I would however say that this game would have made far more sense on the 3DS; or in an ideal world it would be a cross buy title that you could purchase once and play on either Wii U or 3DS.

Edit: I just checked and Tetris on Game Boy does have a Top 3 list of high scores.



Kirk commented on Nintendo Goes Big With Videos for New Nintendo...:

I honestly wish I could afford one of these because at this point the New 3DS is a modern Nintendo system I actually want to own.

Doesn't mean it's perfect or that many things couldn't be improved in general, like the whole Nintendo account system and the sluggish release of Virtual Console titles a just two examples, but there's so much to get excited about on the New 3DS at this point and the games library is really solid now.



Kirk commented on Video: Nintendo Aims to Wow North American Vie...:

It's such a lovely game.

There a very few companies out there who can realise a particular style of art so well as Nintendo does when it chooses to use it in one of it's games; be it cut out paper, crayon drawings, yarn/felt, clay[mation] or whatever.

There's some genuinely talented artists and indeed creative designers at Nintendo.



Kirk commented on Video: Guess What, Super Mario Sunshine Looks ...:

And when Nintendo's not giving you this kind of quality with it's own re-releases of Wii titles and its VC games etc (and bare in mind the guys doing this stuff on Dolphin are not official developers for Nintendo or whatever) does anyone wonder why emu****** are so popular?

Homebrew does what Nintendon't!



Kirk commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

Money really is the source of basically all evil and unhappiness in this world and if people don't believe me they should try watching the Zeitgeist films, particularly the last two that are a bit less heavy on the "conspiracy theory" stuff and deal with the kinds of issues we should all be far more aware of, because it's shocking to realise how trapped and controlled we all are, by the money and the bankers and the mega-corporations and the politicians, and even more shocking to see that it really doesn't have to be like this.



Kirk commented on Rose Colored Gaming is Working on a New Line o...:

It's a shame the hardware looks so cheap; with those terribly blocky and angular looking buttons, which look like they were all just made to fit one cheap mould. I mean look at the sheer height of those Start and Select buttons... :-o

Also; given that they've went with the same buttons you'd find on a SNES, I think it would have made more sense to make this thing in landscape format and have the shoulder buttons properly on the actual top corners of the unit, like the GBA/DS/3DS/2DS/etc.

I like the idea in principle but I'm not sure about the particular execution.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:


I'm working with someone who makes YouTube content and I know they'd love to post Nintendo related videos but at the same time they actually want to monetise them and at the same time again I don't think it's fair they only end up getting a tiny portion of the money for their creations; irrespective of them using footage of Nintendo's games. I'd also maybe like to make Nintendo-centric YouTube videos myself at some point but almost certainly won't now because I'm not doing it for free and I resent having to give the majority of ad revenue to the combination of YouTube and Nintendo. On top of that I'm also an indie video game developer, who allows people make any videos they want of my games and monetise them all they want (not that anyone cares enough to make videos of my games but still), and I just think Nintendo's attitude regarding this particular matter absolutely stinks. Lastly; I just don't like when companies place pure greed and profit above creating a good relationship with their various fans, consumers and whoever else. As a once totally passionate Nintendo fan (Nintendo was in fact the company that got me into game development and I even used to work for Rare) I'm disgusted with some of the stupid corporate decisions Nintendo has made of late; that have direct negative consequences on the very people that are often some of it's most passionate and most loyal fans and customers.