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Fri 28th May, 2010

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k8sMum commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:


A bit snarky, perhaps. I'd read your other posts and you come across a wee bit pompous, imho. That's jmho, of course.

I didn't see a lot of facts in your post, unless opinions automatically count as facts now. You seem to trust what nintendo says. I think they are saying anything they feel is needed to keep things from imploding. Neither of us is right nor wrong: it's just what we think.

As to the mature remark: I am far too old to need to be mature. Done my time being that.

Peace, no snark.



k8sMum commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:


Happy birthday! But you're still a young'un: I'm old enuff to be your babysitter!

Back on topic: for a company that has been in business for many decades, ninty seems to have a piss poor way of measuring how popular products are going to be. They are surprised when vc, amiibos are popular yet gobsmacked when the Wii u isn't. A tad out of touch, perhaps? Not wanting to accept the idea they might have gotten the market wrong? Just being bullheadly nintendo because we all blindly trust they are different from the other companies and think of the consumer like long lost nephews/nieces and do what's best for us?

I need a glass of wine.



k8sMum commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@Action 51

Salty, yes, but not unforgiven. All you need do is read comments on NL recently: there are people doing verbal contortions to justify anything Nintendo does. There have been posts blaming everything except Ninty for any problems they are having. Even one of their execs implied it was the consumer's fault for not being daring enough with purchases.

I have owned Nintendo consoles since the NES days and seen the tides go in and out re: their popularity. Yeah people complain, but in the end the vast majority forgive and to an extent, forget, with each new iteration because that will be the one that turns it all around.



k8sMum commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

I have my lovely blue 3ds which is beginning to show its age. I also have arthritis. The N3ds has larger screens but isn't the behemoth the xl is.

I am tired of the coy attitude though: either say they are coming or not. Grow a pair, Reggie.



k8sMum commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:


Nintendo has been in business a long, long time. If they cannot make reasonable judgements regarding product popularity, manufacturing processes, customer desires....then it may be time for some changes on the administration front.

Btw: anyone with good enough memory to remember AR cards and how they were going to change gaming? So now Amiibo cards will be the thing. Right.

Time to toss some more darts at the dartboard, ninty.



k8sMum commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:


You do realise that this is a Nintendo-centric site, right? Just checking. The 'news' here is geared to the subject. Not too much is written by 6-year olds.

Many adult gamers use gaming as an escape from some of the horrible-Ness (pun intended) of the real world. Not everyone at NL is rich and white. Some are, some aren't. I refused to get into Amiibos but it's none of my business if others do. I don't judge what others allow to upset them.

Being angry at one thing doesn't mean we aren't allowed to get angry about other things. Ranting on a game site most likely does not define the majority of us. The article addresses issues that Nintendo is screwing up. I doubt most of the Amiibos are being bought for children: collectors are a big group.

It's often difficult to keep things in perspective now days. Chastising others for not addressing important, life-changing current events and or the world's problems on a gaming site is a bit unproductive, imho.



k8sMum commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

It is blowing my mind how invested timewise some here are with the hunt for these toys. Hours on their computers stalking sites, gynormous posts one one side or the other, rationalizations in defense, anger at the difficulty...

Is this gaming now?



k8sMum commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

As an official, yet decidedly cool, little old lady I have not yet and never will buy any of these. I supported my grandson's Skylanders addiction. I bought him his 3ds. I gave him my copy of Rune Factory 3. I have bought him a ton of games. I am getting him A Link Between Worlds for his birthday next month along with Rune Factory 4. I have give him gazillions of bells in AC:ANL.

As for collectables, for you that are into it, fine. I have collected all sorts of decorative things over the years and am at a point in my life where I am tired of clutter. I am keeping some treasures but chucking stuff left and right. It feels very cleansing in a Zen sort of way. I am tired of 'stuff'.

I want games, complete games that are playable at time of purchase. Good games, for my beloved 3ds xl.



k8sMum commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:


I have ptsd which affects memory, especially short term. If I stop playing a game for a period of 4-6 weeks, it's pretty much new to me. I may have parts that seem vaguely familiar, but overall it's a new experience.

Both a gift and a curse sort of thing, I guess.



k8sMum commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

Not everyone, but most of us. I am an artist and know that there will be frequent financial dry spells. It's just the way of things. Playing video games or being an artist provide no necessities, neither product wise nor in services. That will always be a hindrance to steady income.

What needs to be judged is what the person themselves gets out of the endeavor. Once there is a family and the responsibilities that accompany it, self-fulfillment often has to go out the window for a time. Again, it's just the way of things.



k8sMum commented on Parent Trap: Lego Dimensions Could Be A Game-C...:

I am so posolutely, absotively thrilled these weren't out when my kids were younger: these games are black holes that just keep sucking money out of parents. The added bonus here is that the Lego toys are detachable from the bases and will become lost. Terrific marketing plan.



k8sMum commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:


I know, right? There is almost an obstinate streak that they just can't seem to fight. I pretty much take any corporate statements from Ninty with a grain of salt now: they are throwing darts, seeing what sticks, and, as always, will do what they want and damn the consequences.

Then we will be greeted with yet another 'Please understand...'



k8sMum commented on Review: Story of Seasons (3DS):


Actually, ANB's month-old tutorial was much worse. Here, after the first 3 days, you can leave Eda's home and start foraging. It isn't wasted time, at least. You want all the twigs and rocks you can get.



k8sMum commented on Review: Story of Seasons (3DS):

I bought off ebay and received my game on my birthday, the 26th. This one is much better than AToTT. I like it better than ANB, too.

I think one of the reasons for lack of multi-player options is it was so exploited with ANB: many players didn't do anything on their own but merely went online almost immediately to beg for crops, animals, and forage items that shouldn't have been available until much later in the game.

I am just about thru the yr 1 Spring, and yeah, it takes some time to get used to no shipping box, but now it feels right. The characters are well rounded, too.

I give it a solid 8.5.



k8sMum commented on Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS):


Whilst you are, of course, welcome to your opinion, if this was your first HM game you really have nothing to compare it to within the series.

For myself, after reading many, many reviews and haunting Fogu for months, I passed on TLV. I don't care at all for the bobble head design of the characters nor the struggle of how much terra forming is needed to get mutations for items necessary to progress in the game. Some players have wasted whole seasons trying to get the terra forming right.

I am, however, eagerly waiting for my copy of SoS.



k8sMum commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I envy those who say they trust nintendo to get things right and take whatever Iwata says as gospel. I grew up under Nixon, ergo I don't trust anyone. Politicians and corporate spokespersons will say whatever they feel the audience wants/needs to hear.

How many pillars can ninty sustain? Will stockholders be willing to continue support for those pillars that are raking in less $? All these years later and they cannot get online right!

I have supported Nintendo since the NES. I will wait and see what they do, but I've been less than encouraged since their talk about QoL and now this latest. How diluted can they make their gaming divisions, both hardware and software?

I feel they are coming across as desperate and throwing darts at a dartboard.



k8sMum commented on Mario Runs From Left To Right Because Our Brai...:


When I was learning to write, my left-handed brain told me that I should do it right to left. I mean if 'they' did it left to right it only made sense to me. It caused some problems with teachers whose logic differed from mine. I could write mirror image faster and neater than the correct way. Still can. It just feels more natural.

We lefties learn to adapt to a right-handed world because we have to. It's a given that when work stations can be set up for lefties production improves.

I use regular scissors the regular way. I use the mouse with my right hand, but I had a Wacum tablet with the stylus in my left for work.

I'd love to play Mario right to left.