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Fri 28th May, 2010

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k8sMum commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:


there is a lot of common sense in what you write. however (you knew that was coming :-)), many today have no idea what feminism has accomplished for women over the decades and take it for granted.

one wit here has already used the lovely term 'feminazi', which is just arrogant, dismissive and defensive.

people who see a problem are being told to shut up and don't buy it. there needs to be some respect for the opinions of others even if we don't agree with them. they are being told they have problems because they don't like an aspect of the gaming community. there are posts telling people they are the problem, without even attempting to see things from the other side.

has anyone actually called for this game to be banned? i don't think so, but i see intolerance from those who think there cannot be a problem because they don't see one.

that is what i worry about: seeing the world in black and white with no grey areas that most slog thru.



k8sMum commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:


how far do you go with the not caring whatever is in a game/movie/book/whatever? are only those in favour of something allowed to have and voice an opinion?

i would never push for this game to be not available for those who want it. however, it is nonsense to pretend that the imbalance between how males are seen to be objectified by some here and the ways that women truly are doesn't exist.

if you truly don't care what others think, we may as well do away with any attempts at debate or conversation about anything. the gods forbid you might see another's point of view as valid even whilst disagreeing with it.



k8sMum commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

having read every comment made up to this point, what i am noticing as much as anything is the attitude of many of those who are very pro SKB come across as angry. at women who dare complain, at men who dare complain, at the thot that gratuitous sexualisation and/or objectification might actually be real, that anyone who disagrees with them is a prude, that men have it as bad or worse. the 'whataboutery' arguments are rampant: violence is worse so this cannot be a problem.

i don't like the thot of any game being censored, but don't drool over the boobs then tell us you read playboy for the articles. or that developers have no say in how viewers will interpret their work so the have no responsibility in any of this.



k8sMum commented on Video: Animal Crossing Fails To Provide A Deci...:

to all of those making snarky comments on how this isn't news, how it's been in other versions of the game etc: not everyone in the world has played animal crossing games before and it may, therefore, be news to them.

the gods forbid NL post anything that might pertain to a nintendo game that you might already know but younger/newer players might not. sheesh.



k8sMum commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:


care to elucidate as to why you think this article is 'stupid'? personally, i disagree with the article: i believe region locking is unnecessary and anti-consumer. i don't praise nintendo for marching to its own drummer on this any more than i do on their tying accounts to hardware rather than a person.

what are you reasons?



k8sMum commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

AC:NL. my grandson is trying to wheedle me out of even more bells to pay for a bridge in his town, nook is extorting me for 300,000+ bells for a 3rd room, the store is finally getting an upgrade, my character is becoming all pruny from swimming in the ocean trawling for items so much...ah! life is good!



k8sMum commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Iwata Asks - Develop...:

ooooh man. another game i've gotta buy 2 of. my grandson's b'day is july 20th, so i've promised him this one as soon as it's out. i've already been giving him every mario item i've gotten in AC:NL. the little devil is making out like a bandit! :)



k8sMum commented on Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Ga...:


behind the ear. i use one of the large styli (styluses??) for my 3ds xl and just put that baby behind my ear when i'm not using it. i'm a lefty so the stylus placement is awkward for me anyway. only problem comes when i find myself at the store and the checkout clerk looks at me funny and i find i still have it parked behind my ear...:-)


just because that is the way you do things doesn't mean we all need to do it the same. i cannot sit and watch tv without doing something else, whether it be knitting, playing my 3ds xl, or whatever. it's just the way i am. i am able to keep track of both. i get too antsy just sitting there concentrating on the telly. i watch a lot of pbs, brit mysteries, documentaries, etc so it's quality stuff. i just need to be doing 2 things at once. i won't judge you if you return the kindness.



k8sMum commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Third-Party Concern...:

you need to rein in the testosterone, lad. you talk about taking off your shirt and tying on a head band to play a freakin' video game? yet you call others names like 'nerd'? lol.

you are too insulting of others and too inclined to put down what others enjoy just because you need the rush of fake adrenaline. you ask if anyone has ever been in a fight. that has nothing to do with you playing on your console in the safety of your home. because that is all you are doing when you play CoD, Battlefield, Halo or any other in that genre. it's pretend. yeah, that is real hardcore.

living vicariously thru a video game doesn't make you anything other than a gamer. if it makes you feel better to call yourself 'hardcore', then go for it. just don't tell others what to call themselves.

i suggest you get yourself some more bubblegum, play what you want, and don't disparage others for doing the same.



k8sMum commented on Review: BUGS vs. TANKS! (3DS eShop):

ok. i've cleaned this up as best i could. i left parts of @dumedum's original post as it is mostly quoting from reviews. the sniping against each other i've deleted.

NL is about games. it's not about political ideologies, tho they do sometimes cross over. old wounds still bring out passionate feelings in people. sensitive subjects are always going to get people stirred up, on all sides.

be good to each other, guys.



k8sMum commented on Feature: A Glimpse Into Nintendo Life's Animal...:

i got my game the 25th, had 5 days in, loathed 4 of my citizens and restarted last nite...felt so powerful and godesslike! mwahahaha. (i used my grandson's 3ds to swap out all my bells and clear out my 2 story house...again: MWAHAHAHAHA.)



k8sMum commented on Review: Game & Wario (Wii U):


i am a grandmother who has been gaming since Pong. perhaps you need to step into the 21st century and open your eyes to the world around you.

my kids had every nintendo product other than the virtual boy. y'know why? because i was into gaming and wanted them. same for ps1, 2 and now 3. and yeah: we had the atari and sega systems too. we don't have a wii u yet because the games i want aren't there yet.

labeling people out of ignorance is not a bright thing to do.



k8sMum commented on Video: Reggie Shows Off Wii U to Jimmy Fallon,...:


leno has been on forever and hasn't changed his schtick at all. he is like a living time capsule that should have been buried a long time ago.

conan has always been funny, imo. he got screwed over badly by the network re: leno. falon and kimmel are pretty much interchangeable, like lego hosts.

as i said, craigie ferg is the only one worth the time. his main goal is to push the censors to the point they will have to go into hospital to recover. he is also the brightest of the bunch. he and conan refuse to play it safe.



k8sMum commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Is Open to More Female Heroin...:

i have lived a lot longer than most here and subsequently seen more. imho, i have seen all those traits, sometimes together, sometimes separately, but i have seen them. unfortunately, it is often in the little things, not the big where they are shown. ergo, no one notices except those directly involved. sometimes no one sees. they still exist.

i am a complete cynic. but, as often happens, it hides the soul of a romantic. anyways...sorry, i am in a philosophical mood tonite.



k8sMum commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Is Open to More Female Heroin...:

@tbd: that sound u heard was that reference going right over my head, lol.

On topic, I agree that female heroes should not just be stuck in a game as a token appeasement, but as a real character with something to add to the story because of who she is. For all the mars/venus theory out there, when it comes to basic traits such as honour, bravery, loyalty, heroism we are more alike than different.



k8sMum commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

many people are lone gamers. some older gamers have kids who have moved out and play alone. other people just prefer to play alone.

nintendo seems to forget about this group when showing all the happy, fictional families at play.



k8sMum commented on Nintendo Reveals When Wii Party U And Wii Fit ...:


right. cause all you 30-something gamers sprang into the world with a controller in your hands. no women ever played games before wii fit. we just sat around on our large rears eating bon bons. we are lucky we have tech-savvy kids to show us how to power on a console, let alone a computer.

now get off my lawn.



k8sMum commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

AC:NL will be my first major game download. i want it on there all the time. but i desperately hope ninty is going to change to a user ID system rather than tied to hardware.

why should someone have to file a police report, get in touch with nintendo, waste all that time etc to get another copy of a game they had bought. sorry, but sony's system is much easier/faster.



k8sMum commented on Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf:


everyone is allowed to feel excitement in their own way. i find it offensive that people feel the need to thrust their own behaviours onto everyone else. you also assume too much.

i have to wait til the 25th after some unexpected bills came up. i can't use my parents' money as i am the parent. am i disappointed? oh, yeah. do i have a right to feel disappointed without being told i am spoiled? oh, yeah.

i am behaving in an adult, responsible manner. doesn't mean i have to like it.



k8sMum commented on Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

due to my family selfishly deciding they want to eat regularly for the next 2 weeks i am unable to get this baby til the 25th. i will wait, but they will pay, mwahaahaaa!



k8sMum commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:


our PS3 gets a lot of gaming usage. the indie games themselves are worth it: Journey, Knytt, Papa & Yo, Flower, Sound Shapes to name just a few.

you don't like their gaming. i detest Xboxes. it all comes down to personal taste. but you do come across as having a vendetta against sony.



k8sMum commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):


i can almost guarantee that none of the AC lovers here will be playing NL in short chunks, especially at first. it can eat up play time like nothing else. harvest moon games are 'supposed' to be played in short chunks also! i don't know anyone who does it that way.

i will be downloading one for me and another for my grandson the 9th at midnite. i am so freakin' hyped! i boarded that train a long time ago, @TBD. lol.



k8sMum commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (3...:

i downloaded Ages last night and am loving it. i didn't play handhelds much til the ds and onwards. i was mostly console gaming. my kids played them all, tho.

i like Ages much more than i do Link's Awakening. i do want ALTTP tho, as it's my son's favourite.

it's neat that i can now play games that they loved back in the day, lol.



k8sMum commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

so almost everyone posting here had no headaches from the VB. i've got news for you: that sucker ripped the eyes out of some of us. for a younger child with any eye issues it could have proven disastrous.

fond memories or not, it was a major fail.