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Wed 25th May 2011

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Jusbe commented on GoldenEye 007:

I'm fimally getting this game for myself. Expecting some quality time playing this online



Jusbe commented on Rune Factory: Frontier:

I kinda like this game. It's so free on what ya do and it's almost galge if ya think about the " Wife system" of the game. Never played to the point where ya can get married, but might some day ^^



Jusbe commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Well at least this means we can start calling wii controllers retro from the day onward there's new tech coming out. Well heck I still own old NES and it's still working piece of hardware so it's quite hilarious that this would make wii controllers just to disapper in thin air. Well it might make the producing of the controllers smaller but it won't disappear instantly, might consider not making em when they introduce new generation nintendo gamesystem or something..?



Jusbe commented on Xenoblade Chronicles:

@4 no xenoblade dosen't have multiplay such mh3 or last story haves. And what it comes to gameplay it haves friendship / morale system that affects fighting. A good game overall. + who wouldn't love a rpg where changing the armor affects characters outfit on cutscenes & while roaming the world.



Jusbe commented on Xenoblade Chronicles' Alternative Cover has be...:

So this is finally coming to europe. Nice artwork and game itself is quite good what I've experienced from ntsc-j version. Gotta get the european version out when it comes so I can enjoy the storyline more deeply.



Jusbe commented on High Voltage Responds Badly to Scathing Condui...:

This reviews business is somewhat annoying if ya ask me. Reviews are mostly always biased cause of single persons point of view instead of majority opinnion. And it's always the same with anything new. First we laugh at it, then we disaprove it when it starts to get wind underneeth it's wings and suddenly it's a obvious part of life ( this is what happened with cellphone when it was in devolopment and now we can't live without it.)