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Re: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Co-Director Was Initially "Disappointed" With Western Localisation


Advertising is fiction too but it still affects reality. The way things are portrayed in media can affect how people think about things. Media can affect peoples opinions and over time change what people consider normal. You seem to acknowledge this on some level or you wouldn't be concerned about children playing M rated games. That people play GTA and don't go out and kill people afterwards doesn't mean they don't have an affect on people.

Re: Reaction: Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Had Humour, Weirdness, Teases and Lots of Potential


I didn't like it much, though I seem to be in the minority. I felt like it was poorly paced, for one thing, and the use of in game lines didn't seem to fit very well. It seemed odd for Peppy to give advice like use the brakes or do a barrel roll when I assume he is busy with other enemies. It makes sense as a tutorial, but not so much as a moment in a film. It was also weird that they introduced the visors and then never really gave a good explanation for what it does. I felt like it overall interpreted the game too literally so that it felt like I was watching an animated version of a Star Fox level instead of an animated Star Fox short film.

Re: Review: The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)


@Luffy I had the same problem in the demo. Press select to fix it.

@element187 It's true that reviews are opinions, but IGN reviews are uninformed opinions. The same reviewer said in their review for Game & Wario that there were only 12 minigames: 8 single player and 4 multiplayer. Anyone who's actually played the game knows that there are 12 single player minigames, 4 multiplayer minigames, and MiiVerse Sketch.

Re: Review: Disney's Planes (Wii U)


"Presumably Disney's executives looked at the release schedule for 2013 and decided it was looking a bit barren, because the movie was re-tooled as a cinematic release and hits theatres next week."

It's a possibility, but I doubt that was the reason. For the last few years Disney has put out two animated films per year: a Pixar film in the summer and a Disney animated film around Thanksgiving. This seems like an extra movie to me.

Re: PlatinumGames Gradually Tells All About The Wonderful 101


@DePapier Most mainstream media don't like to report on news that doesn't fit their narrative. For most games journalism that narrative is that Nintendo is doomed with no hope of recovery.

I am grateful for NLife's approach though, since their reporting that the blog is there but not reporting everything that's there. If I want to know exactly what the blog says I'll go to it.