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Mon 20th Apr 2009

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JoshuaJSlone commented on Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled:

Perhaps the resolution might come as a surprise if the announcement was September 2005, and perhaps the size limit would've been a surprise if the announcement was September 2007, but considering it was September 2010, why bother if those were such issues?



JoshuaJSlone commented on Review: Fieldrunners (DSiWare):

I know this game is kind of old hat by now, but I wanted to toss in my two cents. At first, I wasn't a big fan. Seems pretty standard, gets dull without the fast forward like the review mentions, and after beating each stage I went on to the next. HOWEVER, it was when I started playing the Endless mode and trying to best my previous records that things really took off. I could keep trying stages over and over with permutations to my plan to try to last a few waves longer. I played a crazy amount, and finally reached my goal of passing 100 waves on Hard mode on each level. I thought I could be done with it, then... but having played some less satisfying tower defense games since, I find I'm back and trying all sorts of new stuff. What if I shape things a completely different way? How far can I get using just two tower types? I seriously have to have put over a hundred hours into this by now. Highly recommended.



JoshuaJSlone commented on WiiWare Sales Targets: More Details Emerge:

It doesn't seem arbitrary to me that the numbers are divided by size, though the particular single cutoff point at 16 MB does. If Nintendo sells 20,000 copies of my 5 MB game, they've used 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. If Nintendo sells 20,000 copies of my 40 MB game, they've used 800 gigabytes of bandwidth. Makes sense that they'd want a bigger cut of the latter game's early sales to cover the difference.