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Re: Favourite and least favourite bits of Nintendo Life


__adam wrote:

But seriously, while it does seem like much too minor a problem to get so worked up about, NA is immediately recognizable. Come on, we Americans aren't as dumb as we look. We will recognize the abbreviation of our continent, especially next to EU.

I'm not worked up about it. It's just the only real tangible negative about the site that's worth bringing up.

Sorry Ant, but I don't believe that anyone in the whole world will think NA means Not Applicable in a "Region" dropdown menu that includes "NA" and "EU" as selectable options or as the header in a chart. Context. Besides, the common abbreviation for not applicable is N/A. Maybe I'm being dense here, but I really don't understand the resistance to using the proper abbreviation. It's not like if you start using NA all of your European readers will start sending mail wondering whatever happened to the United States ("are games not being released there anymore?").

But whatever, it was just a suggestion for a quick and easy way to improve the site.

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Re: Favourite and least favourite bits of Nintendo Life


Tragickingdom wrote:

Dude, it is just a list, give the guys at nintendo life a break they are trying.

What do you mean give them a break? This is a forum topic where they are inviting suggestions on ways to improve. I assume they invite suggestions on ways to improve because they're, you know, actually interested in improving. The rest of your message isn't worth replying to. I'm not complaining because I'm a Canadian, I'm complaining because I'm an intelligent person who cares about a professional website avoiding inaccuracies.

pHaT-aNt_ wrote:

I guess the main reason behind using US is that people instantly recognise it, if we used "NA" would people get it? How about NA/US "North America / United States"?

Yes, I think it would be more correct and professional to use the region's official term/nomenclature. People instantly recognize "UK" too, but it's still not the correct term for the European/PAL region. People would definitely recognize NA, even if only because of context. When you put "NA" next to the abbreviation "EU" at the top of a list of release dates, it's pretty obvious what it stands for. (Then again, if the general public is as brainless as the other ignoramus who replied to my post, I'm not so sure.)

NA/US is better than just US, but it's still an unnecessary concession to the US, not to mention it's longer and probably more unwieldy in chart headers and drop-downs.

I've heard that it's common in Europe to just use "US" as a blanket term, but I assume that doesn't mean Europeans aren't familiar with the term "North America". North Americans are certainly well aware of the phrase and associated abbreviation, even if some thick yanks pretend theirs is the only nation on the continent.


Re: Favourite and least favourite bits of Nintendo Life


Honestly guys, all joking about NintendoLife aside, if this really isn't an elaborate prank, I have one main major problem. How could you put all that effort into revamping the look of the site, the organization of the game lists, etc. and then still maintain the incorrect usage of "US" in the giant VC and WW games charts?

It's great that the intro text to the chart says "Here is the complete list of Virtual Console games that are available now in North America and Europe." Hurray! But the "Regions" drop-down still says "EU" and "US". US is not a video game release region, it's one country within the NA region. Ditto for the release date header US Date and EU Date. Honestly, you can't use the tired old excuse that no one cares. Many people at the forum have already proven that wrong. And you can't use the excuse that it would be too hard, given all of the changes that have gone on here.

If this one thing changed, it would be a great first step in giving this site some credibility as a site that actually cares about and caters first to its readers rather than to its own staff.



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