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Tue 20th September, 2011

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JoeysGirl commented on Review: Christmas Wonderland 4 (3DS eShop):

These games actually are pretty good and have the best graphics of the hidden object games on 3ds. Problem is the ridiculously high prices of them! This is $10 and it's soooo not worth that. Every game in this series can be finished in a couple hours. They should never charge more than, say, $3.99 for them. Even $4.99 is a bit much (referring to #3 being on sale at that price now).



JoeysGirl commented on Nintendo and Philips Sign Global Patent Licens...:

...In other news, the gaming community would greatly benefit from having Super Nintendo games added to the 3ds eShop virtual console. Or at the very least, a graphically enhanced re-release of Secret of Mana and/or Earthbound on a 3ds cartridge. :D



JoeysGirl commented on Review: Jewel Match 3 (3DS eShop):

Eisenbolan gave more helpful info on this game than the entire review that Philip wrote. I almost thought this game was trash. Thank you Eisenbolan for writing the important facts about this game so I could actually make an informed decision on whether or not it was a worthwhile game to purchase. And it most definitely is. I think you should offer useful info like this on all of these half-baked, overly opinionated reviews! Nice work, fellow gamer! :D



JoeysGirl commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (North America):

I bought Milon's Secret Castle for $37 at Children's Palace on clearance (!!!) back in 1989. I still have it, and my NES is still hooked up to play. That game is awesome. Cute, charming, and even quite frustrating to play, though I still love it. I must have spent some 200+ hours playing that over the last couple decades. Definitely want it on my 3DS :)



JoeysGirl commented on Review: Smurfs 2 (DS):

It makes people feel very special to use the big word "Shovelware". Oh wait! That's not even a word! And yet no one figured that out yet. HAHAHAHA



JoeysGirl commented on Nintendo Download: 18th July (North America):

I wish they would just put earthbound on the 3ds so I can play it anytime or anywhere. I already have it on my super nintendo so why download it on the Wii? Its still the same thing. Have to be stuck at a Tv to play it. Sigh. I would download it immediately if it showed up on 3ds. Even better: release it as a game cartridge for 3ds! I'd pay $30 for it! Are you hearing me, Reggie?



JoeysGirl commented on Review: 50 Classic Games 3D (3DS):

I love games LIKE this, but THIS one SUCKS. It would have been 100x better if they had at LEAST offered some high score tracking or something! I think rating this a 3 was quite fair, perhaps generous. It's not a worthwhile game, and I am not happy I spent $20 on it when I bought it several months ago. :( sigh



JoeysGirl commented on Nintendo Download: 21st March 2013 (North Amer...:

50 Classic Games isn't all that great. I got the physical copy last year. It has a lot of the same games as the DS version, and a lot of very repetitive games (such as a zillion ways to put together the same picture over and over). It doesn't offer trophies, or any game play awards, it has no score charts, or anything. Totally bare bones stuff. The only thing I play it for is Yahtzee and Farkle. But they are extremely basic too.



JoeysGirl commented on 3DS Remake Of Dragon Quest VII Sells 800,000 C...:

I created a strategy guide for that game and later sold the game for a pretty penny when I was short on cash. Now I can use that strategy guide to help me get through the game again since it's been 13 years since I played it! haha



JoeysGirl commented on Latest Figures Show The Video Game Market Is C...:

If they would RELEASE THE GAMES WE WANT, then we would BUY THEM! But they refuse to do it and the gaming industry is going to all out collapse if this keeps up. It will be like the video game collapse in the 80s. They could prevent it if they stop being lazy and make the games that the gamers want, and SELL THEM TO US! Like Animal Crossing, for instance! Why has it taken 3+ years to make that game? Really!!!



JoeysGirl commented on Review: 3D Game Collection (3DS eShop):

This is actually a REALLY GOOD game. I bought it and have played it a lot. It has a strong AI for 2 player games, and a good challenge for the 1 player games. The graphics are awesome, and the variety of games is fantastic for the low price. It's absolutely worth every penny.



JoeysGirl commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Had Some Mini-Games ...:

This game needs more than mini-games to make it better. What I find so hard to believe is that they ran out of time. REALLY?! How many years was this in the making?! Were they only working 1 hour a day, every other week, or what?!



JoeysGirl commented on Nintendo Download: 15th November 2012 (North A...:

Why pay $40 for Epic Mickey as a download that's forever stuck on one system and has zero resale value, when you can buy it from amazon for $30 (physical copy) that you can use in any system you want, and sell it when you're done! I hate download games. They are basically just a loan (and they even say that when you buy them, in the fine print).
I'd rather have a game that is MINE. :) Just ranting!



JoeysGirl commented on Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS):

two things missing from the review that I really wanted to know:
1. How similar is this game to the original Paper Mario on N64?
2. What is the overall difficulty of this game from start to finish? Is it a pain in the neck to finish because it's hard, or is it a breeze that happens painlessly and quickly?