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Sun 18th January, 2009

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Joetherocker commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Link Between Worlds, and this all coming out within about a month of one another is both the best thing that has ever happened to me and the worst thing that's ever happened to my wallet.



Joetherocker commented on Nintendo Confirms That Miiverse on 3DS Won't A...:

Meh. I have a 3DS to play games and I have a phone and computer to contact friends. Typing out an actual conversation on the 3DS would be slow and awkward anyway. If I want to play with someone specific I'll send them a text or a facebook message, and if I want to talk to them about something I don't want a bunch of people seeing then I'll call them or whatever. If I have some general thing to say about a game I'm playing or just want to send out a general request to wifi with someone, I'll use Miiverse.

Besides, if you survived this long without any Miiverse on the 3DS at all, you can surely survive with this version of it.



Joetherocker commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:


Well, yeah. If the game was fun I don't think I'd really care. Unless the graphics were bad to the point that they made the game unplayable somehow or were just really ridiculous looking, I'd probably be fine with them. I still play the Gameboy Pokemon games anyway. Not that the improvements are irrelevant or bad or anything, but I'd still play a new game if it looked like the old ones if Nintendo made one.

Even so, the lack of 3D isn't equivalent to a three generation step backwards in graphics. It just removes the 3D effect when you're running around on the overworld. It doesn't break the game or anything, so I don't see what the big deal is.



Joetherocker commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:

Oh no, I won't be able to run around in 3D. Whatever will I do? This is a catastrophe of epic proportions. It's not like I've played through five generations of Pokemon games in 2D and they've all been fun games or anything.

Oh, wait, 3D in the overworld wouldn't change the gameplay at all and is completely irrelevant when it comes to actually playing the game. I guess I'll survive.



Joetherocker commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

Hooray for stupidity!

Nintendo is not doing a lot to stay on my good side lately. I've been playing gamecube games all the time during the drought.

Oh crap, you won't be able to play Brawl with the cube controller! WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO?.



Joetherocker commented on Xenoblade's North American Release Chances Tak...:

Spamming their email, facebook, and twitter with a ton of other people for the halibut. I know it probably won't work, but I really want to see these games get over here and if there's a chance I could help to make that happen, then I want to try.