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Sat 20th Oct 2012

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jkvasn commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

People mad that there isn't the usual Chuck-E-Cheese prizes instead of actual games which are generally more entertaining. Yeah there's a lot of VC bull, but between DKC3D, Game & Wario, those aren't bad prizes. It's just most of us have those in one form or another. Such is everything else they offer as prizes - the games we've bought or the games we didn't want to buy.



jkvasn commented on Video: Import Only 3DS Blaster Radirgy De Goja...:




jkvasn commented on Video: This Senran Kagura Burst Euro Trailer W...:

This game is just bad. The game only runs in 2D during the main part at 15 FPS. Gameplay is so mindless it can be played with eyes shut. The leveling up system is pointless and doesn't add anything to the experience; it only complicates things and messes things up. Don't waste the $30.



jkvasn commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

I'm wary of Nintendo's "I can, I just don't want to" attitude with online gaming. I've played online Wii Tennis and the lag is as bad as it is on Brawl. Nintendo will go out of business before it gets Online right.



jkvasn commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Bowling (Wii U eShop):

That awkward moment when you're trying to explain to somebody how I used to play the old Wii Sports: Golf - involving sitting on the couch with my WiiMote turned sideways while flicking my wrist at just the right velocity...



jkvasn commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

Not too long before WW HD was announced, I decided to play through it again and one of my first thoughts was, "GOD I wish this was in HD!" NO JOKE! So I'm all for an HD remake. My ONLY problem is the full retail price. I would pick this up at $40 tops unless reviews and consumer feedback can convince me otherwise. I'll be eyeballin it though.