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Sat 7th Jul 2012

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Jinxzed commented on Why the 3DS Will Not Use an Achievement System:

I can understand the point that many are making about the idea of achievements being some kind of gimmicky intangible reward that really has no use to them whatsoever. That there will be many individuals whom will put down a lot of cash, and spend countless hours to grind out painstaking achievements which will do nothing for them at all. Also the idea that they will be used for nothing more than bragging rights towards other individuals with that same mentality, and the fighting and bickering will follow. As a long time Xbox 360 player I can say that this represents a small portion of the gaming community, in my opinion not enough to completely justify the idea of omitting the achievement system from the Nintendo 3DS, I can also see why Nintendo would want to people to find their own motivation in exploring the games without the achievement motivators.

Personally, I enjoy the achievement systems, I'm a bit of a completionist. I will explore a game on my own terms and be sure that I am thoroughly satisfied with it until I begin working towards the achievements. The achievements provide me with new goals and challenges to work towards, something someone else has set for me. They greatly extend the replay value of the games that I dished out some of my hard earned cash to pay for, and being a twenty four year old student working two jobs, I have to live on a budget. I like to stretch out the life of my games as far as I can, So achievements for the Nintendo 3DS would be a welcomed addition for me. Of course the people who don't care about the achievement systems are free to play it any way they want to, but if it isn't affecting how those individuals choose to play the game, why withhold that experience from the people who do enjoy the achievement systems?