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"Once upon a time... The end."

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I'm not here right now, im over there but when I get back, ill let ya know. ;)

Wed 27th Mar 2013

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Jinixi commented on Nintendo Teases Majora's Mask Remake Again, Again:

I have a huge pedestal behind my futon sitting there. I got it when I worked at gamestop the manager let me keep it. It was for the oot 3ds release. A life sized castle corner piece with link, ganondorf, and Zelda on the side. Now one side of the holder is holding oot and the other pocket area is waiting for mm. I have other classic zeldas stored on top of it that date way back to the nes and then some. So to make my collection more so complete i'd love for majoras mask to come out on the 3ds too. I think that Nintendo and its developers would diffidently profit from this as majoras mask is adored by millions upon millions of players world round. oot and majoras mask is the link that binds the oldest gamers with the newer genre of gamers making them together enjoy the series for all time. So I have high hopes that majoras mask will get a 3d make over as I look forward to seeing the faces of joy on bus stops, at hotels and even sitting at starbucks of kids enjoying the very video games I grew up with. So what do you say Nintendo? convince to remake?



Jinixi commented on Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drop In...:

For animal crossing push pack. I thought it was acceptable. After the first pushback. second. Got a little bit upset but patient. 3rd I started getting irritated but then saw it was pushed to my birthday and thought it was perfect. 4th. Now im raged. I am done waiting for this game. not even for a couple of months. I know that they'll just keep pushing it back so I don't care anymore. I'm done for AC. as much as I loved the game i'm disappointed in Nintendo now to the fullest extent.